Uttar Pradesh: Cow only animal that inhales, exhales oxygen, says HC



PRAYAGRAJ: Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav of Allahabad high court, who had recently ruled that cow should be declared the national animal, also observed that scientists believe that cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales oxygen.


In his 12-page judgment written in Hindi to deny bail to a person from Sambhal accused of cow slaughter, Justice Yadav said that it is a tradition in India to use ghee made of cow milk in each oblation at yajna. "This gives special energy to sun rays, which ultimately causes rain," he said.


Further elaborating the importance of cows, Justice Yadav said: "Scientists believe that cows are the only animals which inhale and exhale oxygen. Panchgavya which is made of cow milk, curd, ghee, urine and cow dung helps in the treatment of several incurable diseases."


Quoting Arya Samaj founder Dayanand Saraswati, he said that a cow in her lifetime contributes to one meal of over 400 humans but her meat can feed just 80 people. "Jesus Christ said that killing a cow or an ox is like killing a human," Justice Yadav added.

他引用Arya Samaj的创始人Dayanand Saraswati的话说,一头牛一生能为400多人提供一餐,但她的肉只能养活80人。亚达夫大法官补充说:“耶稣基督说,杀一头牛等同于杀一个人。”

Cows are part and parcel of the culture of India and consuming cow beef cannot be considered the fundamental right of any person, he observed, adding that the parliament should bring a law to make cow a national animal and make strict laws against people who talk of harming cows.



Reena Alexander

What an idiot. How did this moron become high court judge.



Kiran Kanoria

Soon he will be CJI. Watch this space.



Chacha Chow

This is a High Court judge? Hahaha



Kiran Kanoria

And buy a law degree and become a judge like Yadav.



Sham Chopra

How can you discuss anything with an idiot who believes cows exhale oxygen. He is working as a judge? Lord have merci on India



md alam

Hindu Talibanisation is in full swing.



Saji Abraham

God save UP from this moron judge



S k

This judge should be barred from entering Court, his qualification should be checked if original, his judgement is only based on hypothetical things.Where is this country heading, it's very easy to imagine.




Killing is their fundamentals right. Cow, women, children, own mother,father , brothers, sisters they are not bothered. They should have right to kill when they feel to kill.



Sachin Bhagat

Is this, also true for fish or chicks, goat. They also have fundamental right of life.



Eugene rent

Trees all take in carbon dioxde and give out oxygen... We don't seem bothered about protecting them though!!!



Pramod Misra

Such a sharp brain !



Raz Patnaik

This JUDGE like all BJPwallas are brainwashed in the RSS UniversityPM Narendra Modi had seriously referred to Ganesha as an example of plastic surgery in ancient times.




His mindset is different from judicial mind. He should be transferred elsewhere or he would create havoc.




All animals do exhale some amount of oxygen. However, after the inhaling and exhaling oxygen is net reduced.



Manoj Barhela

He want promotion


Gautam Kar

What a blunt ignorant joker are you, as stop release of an illegal cow slaughterer is allowed by Indian penal rules, where, in India, a cow is a sacred animal by Indin constitution ...



A Stupid From The Core

Feel Sad that, with such Enviable Ignorance, he is a part of Judiciary, AND he.collects his salary, borne by the Taxpayer !!



Christopher Dawes

How in the blooming heavens was he elected to such a post on the government.?



Maneesha Goel

None of these experiments have shown that cows exhale Oxygen. This guy needs to go back to school and read some Zoology. Somewhere we need to draw the line between beliefs and nonsense.

Even we grew up loving cows and their calves but we never inhaled Oxygen from them.


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