For first time, 9 Supreme Court judges take oath in one go



NEW DELHI: Nine new judges, including three women, were on Tuesday administered oath of office as judges of the Supreme Court, taking its strength to 33.


It is for the first time in the history of the apex court that nine judges took oath of office at one go.


Chief Justice of India N V Ramana administered the oath of office to the new judges in a swearing-in ceremony held in the auditorium of the Supreme Court's additional building complex.

印度首席大法官N V Ramana在最高法院大楼的礼堂主持了新法官的宣誓就职仪式。

With the swearing-in of the nine new judges, the strength of the Supreme Court would rise to 33, including the CJI, out of the sanctioned strength of 34.


The nine new judges who would be administered oath of office as apex court judges include Justice Vikram Nath, Justice Jitendra Kumar Maheshwari, Justice Hima Kohli and Justice B V Nagarathna.

9名将宣誓就任最高法院法官的新法官包括Vikram Nath、Jitendra Kumar Maheshwari、Hima Kohli和B V Nagarathna。

Besides them, Justice C T Ravikumar, Justice M M Sundresh, Justice Bela M Trivedi and senior advocate and former Additional Solicitor General P S Narasimha would also be administered oath of office by the CJI.

除此之外,法官C T Ravikumar,法官M M Sundresh,法官Bela M Trivedi和高级律师兼前副检察长P S Narasimha也将由首席大法官主持宣誓就职。

Justice Nagarathna, the daughter of former CJI E S Venkataramiah, is in line to become the first woman CJI in September 2027.

Nagarathna法官是前首席大法官E S Venkataramiah的女儿,她有望于2027年9月成为首位女首席大法官。

以下是印度时报读者的评论: 译者:Jessica.Wu

Prabhakar R

Worlds worst judicial system.. Unaccountable, don’t take criticism, corrupt..



Dilip Parekh

If appointment delayed, so many so called nationlist will start criticizing the government.




Let us hope, they go beyond deciding on the usual bail applications of the rich & mighty and stop overstep in the realm of the executive branch.



Yogesh Sharma

Now the judges should reduce the number of vacations, holidays and increase the daily working hours. Judges should learn to work from the bank employees and primary teachers.




During last 7-8 years, lot of things happening for first time since independence. Not a surprise



Myth Buster

They will deliver justice.



Amrutlal Tank

Hope, All these 33 SC judges will work relentlessly to reduce Backlogs in Apex court and common man will get justice faster. People also expect transparency in their working..



Vinod Kumar

Hopefully they will look into the nuisance created miscreant protesters on Delhi borders for the last nine months - all in the name of peaceful protest. During their peaceful protest, they have dug up roads and parks, captured over bridge, vandalized Toll Booths , laying siege of Government offices, thrashing elected representative and have made life of thousands of non protesters as hell.



Prabhat Patnaik

Judges are supreme authority and no one can challenge them.



Rana Pratap

All useless blood sucking parasites feeding on taxpayers money and delivering injustice or delaying cases



Scl Premi

Court judges are a privileged class of people that works the least



Phoenix Wilson

Soon after taking oath all of them went on much deserved vacation




what about Hon. High Courts --- left high and dry -- with over 40% vacancies of Judges therein --- kept deliberately politically unfilled for long time..




I hope they all dont dream of giving verdicts to secure a rajya sabha seat..or plum positions post retirement....



Colonel JS Bhullar

Most Important decision required is to segregate and prioritise the cases so that speedy justice is rendered.



Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla

Some improvization after realization, still a longway to go in judicial reforms.




CJI should be appreciated well for administering the oath simaltaneously to all 9 new judges bcoz whobecomes next CJI depends on who was sworn in first.




Half the guys who post comments have no knowledge how court functions I doubt whether they are able to do there jobs or out of work



Kamal K

Please read as 'There is No Transperancy'.



Achint Dass

worst ever judicial system, but we at Large still respect our Judiciary due to some of the good Judgements and some good Judges. Otherwise, it is the same system since British times.




supreme court bench strength should be reduced to 15 as they all speak in different voices confusing the system. Retirement age should be increased to 105


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