Unmarried girls in India don’t do carnal activities for fun: Madhya Pradesh high court



INDORE: The Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh high court has denied bail to a man accused of 'rape on the pretext of marriage', observing that unmarried girls in India “do not indulge in carnal activities for the fun of it”.


“In the considered opinion of this court, barring a few cases, India is a conservative society. It has not yet reached such a level (advance or lower) of civilization where unmarried girls, regardless of their religion, indulge in carnal activities with boys just for the fun of it, unless it is backed by some future promise, assurance of marriage,” observed Justice the bench of Justice Subodh Abhyankar, adding: “And to prove her point, it is not necessary every time for a victim to try to commit suicide as in the present case.”

法官Subodh Abhyankar说:“本庭经过慎重考虑认为,除个别案件外,印度是一个保守的社会,还没有达到这样一种文明水平:未婚女孩,不管她们的宗教信仰是什么,不会为了取乐而与男生纵欲,除非有婚姻承诺。但受害者没有必要每次都试图自杀,就像本案。”

The complainant had taken poison on June 2 this year, a day after she was allegedly denied marriage. Police took her ‘dying declaration’, but she fortunately survived.


The accused faces charges under IPC sections 376 (rape), 376(2N) (repeated rape of the same woman), 366 (kidna or inducing woman to compel marriage) and various sections of Pocso Act at Mahakal police station in Ujjain. His counsel, Umesh Sharma, submitted before the court that the accused had a two-year affair with the complainant and they had entered into a physical relationship on their free will.

在乌贾因的Mahakal警察局,被告面临IPC第376条(强奸)、第376条(重复强奸同一名妇女)、第366条(绑架或诱骗妇女强迫结婚)和《Pocso法案》各条款的指控。他的律师Umesh Sharma在法庭上提出,被告与原告有两年的恋情,他们是在自愿的情况下建立了关系。

Sharma argued that the complainant is 21 years old and had falsely said, under the pressure of family members, that the incident took place around three years ago. The parents of both the accused and complainant were against the marriage because of their religion, so it can’t be said under these circumstances that the accused committed rape, advocate Sharma said.


The government counsel opposed the bail, saying that the accused had repeatedly raped the woman since October 2018 on the pretext of marriage, and on June 1 this year refused to marry her because he was marrying elsewhere. This led to the suicide attempt, he pointed out.


After hearing both sides, the court denied bail to the accused and observed that in majority of rape cases, the defence of the accused is that the “prosecutrix was a consenting party and in most of the cases the accused gets the benefit of doubt.



Go Corona Go

Judges should go to parks, gardens and beaches in India to see the carnal activities in public. Which imaginative world do these judges live in?




Pathetic. This is Indian judiciary.



Aditya Sharma

WTF!!! Where is Gender equality???

They should stop moral policing and focus on judicial system of equal rights.

Rape and cheating are two different things, judicial system should not mix it





Sudhi B

Honorable judges are still living in stone age. They should visit star hotels or oyo rooms




Judges live in 19th century it seems! Now we know why India is so backward.




Not God

We are in 2021 not dark ages. No wonder we are so far behind in million ways than the world.




If this statement holds true for girls, the same is applicable to boys also. Does the honorable judge means that Unmarried boys can do carnal activities for fun. The situation is changing. There are some boys/ girls who does all these things but to make swee statement and always blaming boys is not right



Santano Fernandes

Even if the girl wants it the boy should refuse knowing that the girl will also enjoy but the fault will be of the boy, so why simply do something and take the blame just masturbate.



Akarsh BN

well said! somewhere, these constitutional courts still have some sense & humanity left!




D K Dubey

Good, some sensible positioning of cort




Though the law enshrines equal rights to both the sexes but the so called the weaker sex know fully well how to exploit it to their advantage.



Praveen .Kumar

This kind of judgement will bring disrepute to the judiciary.




Real comedy happens in courts these days.



Saurabh Agarwal

This judge is stuck in mediaeval era and is clueless about modern times. He should be removed from judiciary for being regressive minded. His judgement is his personal opinion. Has he conducted any country wide survey of girls?




Indian justice system lives in 14th century



Cool Sidd

In which century or era these judge are living there life....??



Anil Dharan

LOL ! Talk about living in Ivory towers ! Which World do these Judges live in ?





hahaha..this shows the shortsightedness and ignorance of justice system.....little do they know the modern woman!



Vaneet Gupta

These judges destroy boys life



Prakki Satyamurty

Good that Indian girls (and unmarried women) do not indulge in carna activity. Already the population in India exploded to nearly one and a half billion, 1/5 of the world´s population. We need to enforce drastic measures to reduce India´s population and ask and encourage our muslim neighbors to contain their population also.


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