Delhi woman alleges rape in bus as 45 others 'slept'


AGRA: A 30-year-old woman from Delhi was allegedly raped by a man on a bus headed for Delhi on Saturday. There were 45 passengers on board at the time, who said they were asleep at the time. The woman was on her way from Lucknow to Delhi. Around 7pm on Friday night, Ravi Gupta, a helper on another bus, took a lift from Gonda.


"Early in the morning, I was woken up by a lot of noise. I went to the passenger's aisle and saw a woman beating up Ravi," said Indrapal, one of two drivers, who had handed the wheel to the second driver, Shivraj, when this happened.



The woman had called the emergency helpline, 112, and told police that she had been raped on the bus. "This happened near the Maant toll plaza (on the Noida side of the Yamuna Expressway) around 5.30am," said SP (rural) Shirish Chandra. So when the bus went past Milestone 65, police caught up and stopped it.

这名女子拨打了紧急求助电话112,告诉警方她在大巴上在强奸了。“这起事件发生在Maant收费站附近(位于亚穆纳高速公路诺伊达一侧),时间大约是凌晨5点半。”因此,当大巴驶过Milestone 65时,警察追上并把车拦了下来。

Police filed an FIR against Gupta under Section 376 (rape) of the IPC. "I had taken the double-decker bus from Lucknow to Delhi. At some point, Ravi got on the bus. I was asleep on a sleeper seat when Ravi forced himself on me, tore off my clothes and raped me. There were 45 passengers when this happened," she said.


The SP said the passengers were all asleep and did not wake up until they heard a commotion. Gupta denied the allegation.



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Ravi Singh

If she could beat him . Why wait till she was raped? I think in this case an attempt have been made. Also the lady is exaggerating . Lets not have her ruin a man's life like that



Himansu Sekhar

Not possible to rape in bus while 45 other passengers are there in sleep.



Who is to say that they were pretending to sleep while they held their phone pointed to capture the rape in a video?




Woman was beating Ravi and making lot of noise after alleged rape. But she kept silent during the rape. So why she made no noise during assault??


Ahmed Jawed

He refused to pay after fun..



Ashok Kumar Nayak

Strange...she did not shout? There was no vibration in bus during rape?



Prateek Singh

Ridiculous allegations!!! It's simply not possible



Sanjoy Asem

hard to believe..,

is undressing a woman against her wish that easy...? that too inside a moving bus with 45 co-passengers.. moreover the passenger just next to her might be hardly 1 or 2 feet away from her..



ramu ramu

hard to digest the news.....



Guess Who

This is a baseless charge. Is ra a woman so easy, that too on a moving bus, cramped space, passengers...and all of them slee???



Ahmed Jawed

A beautiful girl was sitting next to me once in bus and I was scared of looking at her too



Anurag Srivastava

looks strange..... some molestation or some unwanted filthy act I can still digest but a proper rape in a bus of 45 passenger looks a bit eyebrows raising.... anyway the police will see to the truth




the woman's story shud be thoroughly investigated...of late there have been attempts at extortion




all bogus allegation... how is this possible... all setting went wrong... there should be strict and timely punishment for wrong all



Vincent Rajkumar

Seems fishy.



Amrit Bindra

Didn’t she scream loud enough to awake any of the 45 passengers asleep? Or were all of them reincarnation of Kumbhkaran? Moreover, she didn’t say if the accused had a weapon to threaten her with. Without a weapon to threaten someone it will take a superman to be able to rape a woman!



Amit Jain

there were 45 passengers and I am sure someone could have helped her out if she shouted for help, unless she was subdue somehow.



Surendra Singh

why did she did not shout as he touched her?




It could be a case of sexual harassment but it doesn't seem to be a rape case.



Paramjit Singh

It may be by consenses only.



Tony Stark

Strange... people did not hear any shout?? How come?? None of them???

奇怪,其他乘客都没有听到一点动静吗??怎么可能? ?他们都没有听到? ?



Wait wait woman can beat rapist but allow him to rape silently! My mind is just fused!


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