Agra: Unable to pay medical bills, couple ‘sells’ newborn to hospital


AGRA: Babita, 36, underwent a C-section to deliver a baby boy last week. The procedure cost Rs 30,000, her medicines Rs 5,000. Neither she nor her husband Shiv Charan, a 45-year-old rickshaw puller, had the money. The hospital, the Dalit couple alleged, asked them to sell the baby to settle the bill — for Rs 1 lakh.


“This is a serious matter. It will be investigated and suitable action taken ag inst those found guilty,” district magistrate Prabhu N Singh said after TOI reported the allegations to the district administration. Municipal ward councillor Hari Mohan said he was “aware that the couple had to sell their child for not being able to pay hospital bills.” Shiv Charan, he added, was facing a severe financial crisis.


The hospital dismissed the allegations and said the baby had not been “bought” but "given up" by the couple for adoption. “These cms are wrong. We didn’t force him to give up his child. He did so of his own accord. I have a copy of the written agreement signed by the parents, expressing his willingness,” said Seema Gupta, manager of JP Hospital in the Trans-Yamuna locality.

医院否认了这一指控,并表示这名婴儿并不是“买来的”,而是这对夫妇自己不要的,然后医院收养的。跨亚穆纳地区JP医院的经理Seema Gupta说:“这些主指控是错误的。我们没有强迫他放弃自己的孩子。他是自愿这样做的。我有一份父母签署的书面协议的复印件,写明了他的意愿。”


Shiv, Babita and their five children live in a rented house at Shambhu Nagar in Agra. Shiv makes no more than Rs 100 a day — not every day — and his eldest son, 18 years old, used to work as a labourer at a shoe factory until it closed during the Covid-19 lockdown. No Asha worker visited them, they said, and no one helped them figure out where they could get free treatment when Babita was pregnant. “We are not covered under the Ayushman Bharat scheme either,” Shiv told TOI.

希夫和巴比塔夫妇育有五个孩子,他们住在阿格拉Shambhu Nagar的一间出租屋里。希夫每天的收入不超过100卢比。他的大儿子,18岁,曾经在一家鞋厂当工人,直到该工厂在疫情封锁期间关门。他们说,没有基层卫生工作人员拜访他们,也没有人告诉她们,孕妇在哪里可以获得免费治疗。希夫告诉印度时报:“我们也不在Ayushman Bharat计划的覆盖范围之内。”

When Babita went into labour, Shiv said the hospital told them she needed a Caesarean section. “At 6.45pm on August 24, she gave birth to a boy.” But they didn’t have the money to cover the costs. “My wife and I can’t read or write. We gave thumb impressions on all documents, as the hospital asked. I didn’t get discharge papers, bills or any other papers,” Shiv said. They parted with the baby for Rs 1 lakh. Sources said such transactions are usually followed by babies, always boys, being “sold” to parents looking for easy adoption.


Child s activist Naresh Paras said the explanation does not fulfil the mandate. “Every child adoption has to be done through a procedure d down by the Central Adoption Resource Authority. The hospital administration’s cm of having a written agreement for adoption of a newborn holds no value. They have committed a crime.”


Babita, meanwhile, wants her child back. “We just needed some money,” she told TOI. Paras said addressing gaps in access to affordable healthcare would have prevented the entire in dent. “The pregnant woman didn’t receive any benefit under the Integrated Child Development Scheme, the local anganwadi centre didn’t help, nor did Asha workers point her to the community health centre. The district administration should make sure this doesn’t happen again.”



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Prateek Trivedi

Doesn't deserve any help. Already five children and he went for the sixth one. He himself is responsible for his poverty.




Is there no one to advice them on family planning?


Sachin Agarwal

They won't listen...



Dilip J

Why don't poor adopt family planning methods and have a small family, sterilization is so cher and even free in many centers



Maya Mahant

No sympathy, no empathy whatsoever. Five children and then a sixth one! Population control act is the need of the hour. unethical activities. Must be penalized.



Ginger Guru

These bhakts breeding like mice



Faiyaz Ahmad

Theze thpe of doctors are really criminals



Rene Fernandez

It is time for go nment to enforce family planning once and for all and it should be applied uniformly for all re gions without exceptions . After 2 or mamum 3 kids the couples should be forced to undergo the operation and an incentive can be given



Melman const

Why can't we have a rule to stop reproduction after two babies . Let both man and women do sterilization.




But they are Hindus, how can they have six children




What is the family planning department doing?



Saravanan M

See north Indians because of their sheet illiteracy they go on give birth to child. Even they will not give education to their wards.



PS Kumar

Nothing is serious in India. Thousand cases when people not able to get the dead body from hospital due to not able to settle the bill is common in India.



Leon Fernandes

the couple have to be punished severely. when they cannot make ends meet, why breed. the go nment has to impose 1 child policy very strictly.



Hiren Dabhi

how can we help them financially.do you have his bank account info.if you have then give us so that we can help them.



ersanjeev Koul

No money nut still make babies one after another ?



Desh Bhakt

What a shame



yojo john

Why didn't mention the hospital name?

R you afraid of?

This is the plight of the poor.



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