Tamil Nadu: Girl, 15, raped by dad, grandad, to abort pregnancy



MADURAI: Taking into consideration the well-being of a 15-year-old girl, who was sexually abused by her father and grandfather in Thanjavur district, which resulted in her pregnancy, the Madras high court on Tuesday allowed pregnancy termination, though the gestation period was 25 weeks.


The court was hearing a petition filed by the maternal aunt of the minor girl who sought to terminate her pregnancy. According to the petitioner, after the death of the girl’s mother, her father and grandfather sexually assaulted her. A case was registered under sections of the Pocso Act and both the accused were arrested.


Justice R Pongiappan observed that perusal of the provision of Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act reveals that termination of pregnancy is not permissible, if the length of pregnancy exceeds 20 weeks. The judge observed that however Section 5 of the Act lays down exceptions.

法官R Pongiappan指出,仔细阅读《医疗终止妊娠法》的条款后发现,如果怀孕时间超过20星期,就不允许终止妊娠。该法官指出,该法案第5节规定了例外情况。

The judge observed that pursuant to an earlier direction of this court, dean of the Thanjavur Medical College Hospital constituted a medical committee to ascertain if the termination was possible and if continuance of pregnancy would cause harm to the health of the girl.


The judge said that the committee in its report stated that the gestational period of the pregnancy is 25 weeks and termination can be considered by taking into account the social and psycho social aspects of the victim.


The judge further observed that the Supreme Court has also held that even though the length of pregnancy exceeds the statutory limit, termination could be allowed if there are compelling reasons.


Hence, the judge directed the dean to commence the process of pregnancy termination in the presence of a team of doctors in the medical committee by ensuring the safety of the victim during the procedure.


The judge also directed that the samples of the foetus shall be preserved since the criminal case is pending.


(The victim's identity has not been revealed to prect her privacy as per Supreme court directives on cases related to sexual assault)




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