Delhi could reach 5.5 lakh cases, need 80,000 beds by end-July, says Manish Sisodia


NEW DELHI: Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday claimed the number of Covid-19 positive cases in the city were likely to reach 5.5 lakh by the end of July and at least 80,000 beds would be required to provide treatment to the residents of the city as well as those coming from other states.


Talking to reporters after acrucial meeting of the state disaster management authority, Sisodia said the doubling rate of Covid cases in the national capital was around 12-13 days.


As per the government’s estimates, there will be aro und 44,000 Covid-19 cases by June 15, one lakh by June 30, 2.25 lakh by July 15 and 5.5 lakh by July 31 while the number of beds required on these dates would be 6,600, 15,000, 33,000 and 80,000, respectively. Public health experts, however, pointed out that the doubling rate tends to fall as cases rise since the base gets progressively larger. The LG’s office said several ideas had been discussed, including using Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Thyagaraja Stadium, JLN Stadium and Pragati Maidan, apart from banquet halls and marriage places, to augment capacity.

根据政府的估计,到6月15日,确诊病例将达到4.4万例,到6月30日,将达到10万例,到7月15日,将达到22.5万例,到7月31日,将达到55万例,而对应这些日期所需的床位数量将分别为6600、15000、33,000和80000张。然而,公共卫生专家指出,由于基数越来越大,随着病例的增加,翻倍率往往会下降。副邦首办公室表示,已经讨论了几个想法,除了宴会厅和婚礼场所外,使用英迪拉·甘地室内体育场、Thyagaraja体育场、JLN体育场和Pragati Maidan,以提升接诊能力。

Sisodia, who attended the meeting on behalf of CM Arvind Kejriwal, claimed he asked lieutenant governor Anil Baijal how he proposed to arrange 80,000 beds, and the latter said he “did not know”.

西索迪亚代表首席部长阿尔温德·凯杰里瓦尔参加了会议,并声称他问过副邦首Anil Baijal打算如何安排8万个床位,后者说他“不知道”。

Sisodia also said that he asked the LG to reconsider his decision to overrule the government’s notification reserving state-run and private hospitals for the residents of Delhi but he refused to do it. Baijal’s office, however, said in a statement that the LG had reversed the order as it violated the constitutional rights of “equality and right to life” which "included right to health".




Manohar Sharma

It is now proved beyond doubt that AAP Leaders were behind the RIOTS in Delhi.



Roop Chandel

As expected, Keju has declared himself sick to avoid the questioning and kursi greedy Sisodia has to face the music.



Shekar Natesh

Does Sisodia expect funds from the centre to set up 80,000 beds so that he can loot from this also?


aman Sekhon

is Sishodia Modi or Shah who has screwed Indian economy?




AAP is group of gangsters & frauds working against Delhiites & India.




AAP is bunch of anarchists and jokers headed by the most crooked person on earth.




The Constitution of India must be amended to enact that Delhi, being the capital of India, must always be governed by the party ruling the country (whoever it be), for better coordination and administration, ensure that the residents of Delhi (and all of India) get a fair deal




These losers always play the blame game If you are not capable of governing Delhi, just quit



Sagar Patkar

and to handle 80,000 patients, how many doctors delhi has?



Manohar Sharma

The Delhi Government headed by an Anarchist Kejriwal is miserably failed.



Ajithlal Gangadharan

Feku is the sole reason for all the infection and deaths as he was busy in conducting namaste trump event and toppling mp govt when he had to act. A case should be filed against him and he shpuld spend his rest of life in jail for his utter irresponsible act.


Gary S

Who is a CM of Delhi ? It’s Keku & not Feku. Being in Delhi, I know, till the time he was collaborating with center, things were in control, later after states were left to decide, this is what happened.




Is he an idiot or insane? He is deputy CM and he is asking LG for arrangements of beds?



Alien on a trip here

What about train carriages which were touted as a possibility earlier ? If the situation is so alarming and State is unable to arrange beds in advance, invite the Army and take their help. They are the finest and have always come to the rescue of people.



Sanjoy Pandey

One journalist has been infected with his full family and two members died. He clarified that there is no medical facility in Delhi.



Rajeev Goel

Shameless govt.

Can abuse and blabber.

No constructive work done.

Look at Kerala, Karnataka and even UP.




Kagazi Phool

Keju went through vividh test in the morning and afternoon his test report was out negative. On the contrary test report of common people not coming out for days. An old man went through test on Friday and he died on Tuesday without test report. His relatives still waiting for cremation. This is fate of aam admi in delhi. Cm getting his report in hours and dead bodies waiting for reports for days.



Kc Garg

Garrulous - Sisodia is neither a doc or epidemiologist ?!?

Dont scare people !

Work to help people !

Wild guess - a cheap publicity !





Anand Kumar Sharma

Look Delhiites now that your Aaptards the shameless people have given up on idiots like you. As you sow so you reap Dilliwalo. Throw these Aaptards out before they ruin you.



Yogesh Sharma

Kejriwal government should be dismissed immediately and President rule should be imposed. It has failed completely..




With this calculation, India will be on topmost Covid 19 affected in the world surpassing even the USA. No system will be able to save the country in that situation



Rahul kumar Kumar

AAP has already prepared grounds for excuses and blame it on Center. Their usual strategy!



Gary S

Delhi among the first to open sale of alcohol, where social distancing was not being followed.


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