Covid-19: Fresh cases breach 25,000 in a day for first time



India recorded its biggest single-day spike on Wednesday with 25,530 fresh Covid-19 cases, breaching the 25,000-mark for the first time, even as the toll raced past the 21,000-mark with the country recording over 400 deaths for the sixth consecutive day.


The spike in fresh cases — fifth record single-day peak in the last seven days — comes amid increased countrywide testing in the last few days. While 1.8 lakh people were tested on Sunday, this rose to 2.41 lakh on Monday and 2.62 lakh on Tuesday.


With 493 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours — the second-highest in the last five days after a record 608 deaths on July 4 — India’s cumulative toll reached 21,122.


The country’s total caseload reached 7,68,322 — just two days after crossing the seven lakh-mark — while 4,75,849 people have been discharged so far, translating into a recovery rate of 62%.


After a drop on Tuesday with 5,134 fresh cases, Maharashtra saw a surge on Wednesday with 6,603 testing positive, taking the state’s caseload to 2,23,724. With 198 fresh deaths, the toll reached 9,448. Also, a day after Mumbai reported just 785 cases, the lowest since May 12, the city reported nearly double on Wednesday at 1,347.


Tamil Nadu, the second worst-affected state, added 3,756 cases to the state’s tally and 64 more deaths, taking the cumulative toll to 1,700. Chennai recorded new cases less than the 2,000-mark for the fifth consecutive day on Wednesday with 1,261 testing positive.


Delhi reported 2,033 fresh cases, taking the tally to 1,04,864, while with 48 deaths, the city’s cumulative toll reached 3,213.


Karnataka recorded its highest single-day spike with 2,062 fresh cases, as did Gujarat (783 new cases), Bihar (749), Kerala (301) and Goa (136). Karnataka also recorded its highest fatalities in a day with 54 deaths, taking the cumulative toll to 470.


Gujarat recorded its highest daily case tally for the eighth consecutive day. The state recorded 16 more deaths, taking the toll to 1,995, within touching distance of the 2,000-mark. Other states to register deaths in double digits were UP (18), Telangana (11), Bengal (23), Rajasthan (10) and Andhra Pradesh (12).




Pankaj Talwar

We really need an educated leadership who talks of peace and not war. Who knows what is healthcare.

Please get better person as P M may be Nitin Gadkari.





The moron Feku liar PM has to be kicked out ASAP. He is a disgrace to humanity. Save our Bharat, please.



Abhijit Sharma

Pangong gone to , India forced to withdraw in its own territory, corona creating havoc. Moti literally failed in everything.



Anjan Kesh

Its a shame that a country that provides doctors and scientists to the entire world is led by an illiterate liar



Akash Sarma

Don't worry It's just starting. Our government still feels there is no community transmission. Our HM still thinks the situation in India is very good. But today I studied an article written by MIT university,US and said there will be 2.7 lakh cases per day from march 2021 only in India if no vaccine arrived.

Then don't know what will happen to our country.



real modi

In order to divert attentions of frustrated Indians from his failures in un-planned lock down, hundreds migrant deaths, ruined economy and total chaos, Modi decided to provoke at the border but got checkmated by . Modi has done nothing right.



modi the great

It would be fantastic if Modi can create jobs for Indians at this rate; 25K every day, even his best buddy Trump can't do it.


Harjot Singh

Dream on....




Our prime leader thought, 3 week lockdown will be sufficient to win war against virus....even said mahabharat was won in 18 days... All miscalculation.... Total failure...



Kay Chappar

Now ICMR will come out and say “We are still not in community transmission stage”. Lol




Only corona virus can save us by getting rid of these uneducated brainless morons who are ruling India today. Once they are eliminated we can hope to elect some sensible educated people to handle the pandemic.



Narender Singh

France is going to conduct an inquiry on outgoing PM who has resigned regarding response to corona virus. I wonder if that is possible in india.



Von Hippel Lindau

A study by MIT recently suggested that there will be close to 3 lakh cases per day in India by 2021 February. Jai ho Modiji



Rahul Bhardwaj

The numbers are going up exponentially and it's just starting.



HappyTimes User

This feku govt is making records everyday. This is the punishment for all those Indians who voted for and elected India's worst pm ever.



Ajithlal Gangadharan

Please dont mock modi govts achievement. After all in the last 6 years this is the only thing which they have to show as an achievement. Why mock it?



Indi dreamer

Don't worry. India will have a vaccine by August 15, as ordered by Modi. With the vaccine India will save the entire world and earn billions upon billions $, making India an instant 5 trillion $ economy.




Amongst the South Asian countries, India is faring the worst.



Sanjoy Pandey

Numbers are increasing everyday continuously making new records, how to control the pandemic ?



K Mohan Hyderabad city

With 25000 and more new cases being registered daily where the country is heading for?


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