Road rebuilt for PM Narendra Modi's Bengaluru visit chips off in a week


BENGALURU: Kommaghatta Road, one of the roads re-laid in the Jnanabharati-Kommaghatta corridor two days before PM Narendra Modi's Bengaluru visit on Monday, has now chipped off at a few places. State minister ST Somashekar has blamed "short notice" given by the PM's Special Protection Group (SPG) personnel for the shoddy work on the road that the PM took twice while driving from Kommaghatta to Dr BR Ambedkar School of Economics (BASE) University and back.

班加罗尔:Kommaghatta路是Jnanabharati-Kommaghatta走廊的一条重铺道路,就在莫迪总理周一访问班加罗尔的两天前,现在该路段已经有几个地方开裂了。邦部长ST Somashekar指责由于总理特别保护小组(SPG)人员是“临时通知”修路的,造成了道路施工粗劣,总理车队经过该路段两次,从Kommaghatta到BR Ambedkar经济学院(BASE)大学,然后返回。

For the PM's visit, the BBMP had repaired 14km of roads at multiple stretches spending Rs 23 crore. Following the CM's directive, BBMP chief Tushar Giri Nath has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

为了总理的访问,BBMP花费2.3亿卢比修复了多个路段,14公里公路。按照首席部长的指示,BBMP负责人Tushar Giri Nath下令对该事件进行调查。

He said a report will be sent to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) through the state chief secretary as the same had been sought by Delhi.


He said appropriate action will be taken against officials found responsible for the shoddy work. The BBMP chief engineer issued show-cause notices to an executive engineer, an assistant executive engineer, and an assistant engineer in RR Nagar sub-division.

他说,将对那些相关责任官员采取行动。BBMP总工程师向RR Nagar分部的一名执行工程师、一名助理执行工程师和一名助理工程师发出了说明原因的通知。

Somashekar told TOI they had to redo roads because SPG did not give clearance for the use of a helipad built at BASE for the PM's arrival due to security reasons. "Three days ahead of Modi's visit, the SPG, after inspecting the BASE helipad, directed the administration to ready the road for him to commute from Kommaghatta to Ambedkar School of Economics," said Somashekar, who represents Yeshwantpur assembly constituency in which a part of the affected road lies.




Somashekar said if there are some issues with the road, it would be immediately fixed by re-asphalting. The stretch falls in Yeshwantpur and Govindarajanagar assembly constituencies. "The other roads in my constituency were developed as part of regular development works," he said.


这段距离落在Yeshwantpur和 Govindarajanagar 集会选区。


The civic agency spent Rs 11.5 crore to repair a 7km stretch of Kommaghatta road and Rs 6 crore to fix Bangalore University road.




Rajashekar Reddy

BBMP and Govt( BJP Congress JDS) all these parties and it's members are most corrupted politicians in entire world they are squeezing people of Blore all the way. If Central govt acts on BBMP employees and Local Polictians one can run entire 2 yr budget for Karnataka...that much is the level of corruption...





Dear PM, Can you please go around bangalore and also my area, there is no road in our locality, even if we get a bad road for 2 days we are ok



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Hope your wishes got fulfilled



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This must be the case of all roads in India. Blaming each other and siphoning money is the order of the day.



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Everybody seems to like chip at the present leadership. Strong n,dedicated leadership is always traveled on rough tides




Our indians have become so innocent that they will vote for the only party that say M



Pappu Pass

With 40%...commission...in all work.



User Jaanu

citizens money. let it vanish. who cares??

花的是市民的钱。就算消失了,谁在乎呢? ?


Rational Corp

PM cares?



Rational Corp

The road is reflective of Hindutva policies and politics. Shiny, chest thum announcements, followed by duds.



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Strict action must be taken against the culprits.



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there may be a scam. better to put a case and investigate.



User Prabhu

PM visited to Bengaluru to innagurate development work don by the previous Govt



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seems that is legacy of previous govt and sup gulllllams



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across the country roads chips off. even road constructed a month ago chips off in 3 days



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for building madivala underpass with road it took 16 27 = 43 crore in 2010,Now for 14km of asphalt ( filling a layer or closing pothholes) it took 6 to 23 crore,Where crore go and sit when lakhs are spent on roads.,now crores are more fashionable word than giving tenders in lakhs




Stop sending files, investigate, and prosecute the contractor and disqualify him for the next 5 yrs, let this be a lesson to those who want to play with safety of public who use the roads.


Rational Corp

Great idea, but won't work. In India, a contractor cannot ever win a tender, without promising the responsible minister, his cut. All it takes is for IT department and ED to follow the money trail, to nab the top most culprits.



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Ohh So they must have borrowed BMC technology from Mumbai-but not used enough Glue.




Sometimes I really wonder, can the BJP and it's leaders take the high moral plank of a corruption free and performing government. Feels like the rot has finally started setting in.



Hari Sud

Hang the contractor


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