SC: No evidence to prove 2002 Gujarat riots pre-planned, situation overran admin


NEW DELHI: Upholding the trial court and high court's order to give a clean chit to then CM Narendra Modi in 2002 Gujarat riots, the Supreme Court said that there was no evidence to prove the allegations that the Godhra incident and the subsequent violence was pre-planned.



A bench of Justices A M Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari and C T Ravikumar rejected the submission regarding build-up of communal mobilisations and stockpiling of weapons, arms and ammunition even before the Godhra episode and said that it is devoid of merits as revealed by extensive and thorough investigation by the SIT. It said that the concerned officials were vigilant, "but the situation as evolved post-Godhra incident, was unparalleled and had overrun the state administration".

法官A M Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari和C T Ravikumar驳回了关于社区动员和武器储备的陈述,甚至在戈特拉事件发生之前,并称:“经过特别调查委员会的广泛而彻底的调查,这是毫无价值的”,相关官员保持警惕,“但godhra事件后演变的局势是空前的,已经超出了邦政府的控制范围”。

"Suffice it to observe that there is no tittle of material, much less tangible material to support the plea of the appellant that the Godhra incident unfolded on February 27, 2002, and the events which followed, was a pre-planned event owing to the criminal conspiracy hatched at the highest level in the state" it said.


".... inaction in the response or even in a given case of non-responsive administration, can be no basis to infer hatching of criminal conspiracy by the authorities of the state government in absence of any clear evidence about the meeting of minds; and that, failure to respond to the messages sent by SIB (state intelligence bureau) was a concerted and deliberate act of omission or commission on the part of the state and other functionaries, as alleged. The SIT had recorded the statements of all concerned, including the officials before forming the opinion, as noted in the final report, to discard the allegation under consideration. The magistrate, as well as, the HC committed no error ...in accepting the final report presented by the SIT," the bench said.


Referring to the failure of the state administration in controlling the violence, the bench said inaction or failure of some officials of one section of the state administration cannot be the basis to infer a pre-planned criminal conspiracy by the authorities of the state government or to term it as a state-sponsored crime (violence) against the minority community.



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If Feku was active CM during the incident, during court proceeding if active PM, how will any investigation be impartial? If Feku did not do, then who did it? The person who claims is the only one who can save Hindutwa, how did this happen?






Looks like Feku promised Raja Sabha membership the mylords




This incident is a case of cause and effect. In India, minority communities are almost always the ones that start trouble. The biggest disaster was Godhra, where only innocent people perished due to religious dogma. The Godhra train fire occurred on the morning of February 27, 2002, when 59 Hindu pilgrims and karsevaks returning from Ayodhya were killed in a fire aboard the Sabarmati Express train close to the Godhra railway station.




V Lakshmana Rao

Killing of karsevaks were planned by Italion-barmaid Congress n Chara Chor Lallu.



User Parvez

if today in india undergoes a civilwar like situatation who will be responsible president or pmo of India




This drama will continue by seculars, liberals and freedom of speech champions. This brings money from abroad and bad to Modi or to country.

世俗派、自由派和言 论自由捍卫者将继续上演这出大戏。这能从国外吸金,对莫迪或国家而言都是坏事。


Natarajan D

indian judiciary is one of the worst. again they will appeal, what is to be done. once the judgement is given , appeals should be restricted for a period of say two years beyond which no appeals should be entertained, horrible lawyers can do anything for money.






Perfectly well planned, that's what it appears!



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How sad that Modi had to face media trial on behest of corrupt parties. All attempts were made to discredit him. False narratives spinned out regularly. But you cannot hide Sun. Truth wins. It's the God will that he would become PM and change face of India for better





Leon Fernandes

Aftermath result is that we have a great leader like Modiji to run the country. Riots are not good but sometimes it is necessary.more power to the Judiciary.




and Court took 20 years to determine this?



prasad sawant

The left liberal ecosystem, funded liberally by enemies of India put up the falsehood.



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Frankly speaking, Modi Sir was inexperienced and had left the job unfinished.



Ansari Naeemul Haque

Summary of judgement from layman's point of view no conspiracy and second inept Head of government in handling situation




It was infact preplanned by congress and some muslim jihadis and it was required to teach them a lesson that gujarat is not kashmir so that they dare not repeat the same thing again.


Anjula Saksena

' Teach them a lesson ' is called conspiracy




Thecase is finally closed.A person of Modi calibre who has taken India to new highlights worldwide was not inquestion in any case. Now action to be taken against person who tried their best to malign the image of New India



Sundar Rajan

The only conspiracy that I see is the trumped up charges filed against Modi. This was clearly pre planned by the legal luminaries of the Congress party. One should investigate the role of these people and the party for the truth to come out.




USA and UK must apologize from Mr. Modi. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi must be prosecuted for calling Modi "maut ka saudager and Gujarat maut ki kheti". Gandhi's are criminal mafia. Those people who blamed Modi must be punished. These shameless krouts justify 7,000 Sikhs murdered by Rajiv Gandhi.

美国和英国应当向莫迪道歉。索尼娅·甘地和拉胡尔·甘地必须被起诉,他们称莫迪为“mat ka saudager和Gujarat mat ki kheti”。





Punish the accusers, and their lawyers.



Sane Voice

so the court says modi is an incapable administrator.



User Left

Anti India forces of Congress will keep trying!



Aslam Khan

Supreme Court is also BJP's Parrot


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