Pentagon reverses itself, calls deadly Kabul strike an error



WASHINGTON: The Pentagon retreated from its defence of a drone strike that killed multiple civilians in Afghanistan last month, announcing Friday that an internal review revealed that only civilians were killed in the attack, not an Islamic State extremist as first believed. "The strike was a tragic mistake," Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command, told a Pentagon news conference.


For days after the August 29 strike, Pentagon officials asserted that it had been conducted correctly, despite numerous civilians being killed, including children.


News organisations later raised doubts about that version of events, reporting that the driver of the targeted vehicle was a longtime employee at an American humanitarian organisation and citing an absence of evidence to support the Pentagon's assertion that the vehicle contained explosives.


McKenzie said the vehicle was struck "in the earnest belief" that the targeted vehicle posed an imminent threat.


"I am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to seven children, were tragically killed in that strike," McKenzie said. "Moreover, we now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K, or a direct threat to US forces," he added,



Pradeep Raghuraman

US is the only country that can murder civilians including children and get away with it and stil pretend to be noble and righteous.



Score Tybms

US please mind your business. Don’t interfere in other country affairs in any way. Understood ?




the biggest such tragic mistake was Iraq where you went searching for "weapons of mass destruction", found nothing, killed a million and came out with "ISIS"




My heart cries on hearing this, one of them a 2 years old kid. A child is a child be it India, Afganistan or US.




So sad and shameful, sitting at remote location and taking decisions with a click of mouse.But, it really need courage to accept your fault (fully respect and appreciate it) - now USA should introspect the error and punish the culprits if it was intentional.



Plain Facts

US keeps shamelessly doing these 'tragic' mistakes and the world pays for their actions. So that attack was just playing to gallery and showing that some action has been taken. Is there any accountabilities for crimes commited by big nations?




at least they have guts to accept mistakes



Prashant Mishra

Just imagine if any other country did the same mistake to US citizens what would Pentagon have done. My heart goes out to the innocent people who are killed mercilessly either by the Talibans or the American soldiers.




For them it is just saying sorry after killing so many innocent people. What is the definition of terrorist? They kill innocent people. Are they not doing the same thing. But no one calls them terrorist.

Dont they realize that it is their unfair actions which has created terrorism and terrorists in the world.

对在杀害了这么多无辜的人之后,只是说声抱歉。恐 怖分子的定义是什么?

恐 怖分子杀害无辜的人。美国不是在做同样的事情吗,但没有人称他们为恐 怖分子。

难道他们没有意识到,正是他们的不公平行为造就了世界上的恐 怖主义


Priya Saxena

It's always always a 'tragic' mistake for the US. But the next question is who will 'pay' for that mistake ? They always meddle in others affairs for their own selfish agenda, n then when their work is done, they withdraw leaving an absolute mess behind. US must be made responsible and made to pay for the clean-up activity too.






US is the leader of all terrorists. US can't survive without terrorism

美国是所有恐 怖分子的领袖。没有恐 怖主义,美国就无法生存


Jagdish Madan

A most expensive error for the family that got hit. The US has caused the region immense misery - both, by entering here and then exting in a most shoddy manner!



venkat abhiram

This is the hallmark of a mature de ocracy. Accept mistake and making amends.

承认错误并改正,这是一个成熟民 主国家的标志。


Markar Riba

The 'White Collared' Terrorists

“白领”恐 怖分子


Saturn Sputnik

US is the Creator of all Evil forces, War Hungry country, no ethics, only business, selling arms, if countries that don't favor them , they used the tool Sanction , even not allow other countries to trade .




And as expected, the international community, human ri hts organisations, liberandus will assume studied silence. Had India been in the US' position, all hellwould have broken loose.



Abbas Golaftab

USA a failed state


Rakesh Mitra

Visit the nearest US consulate and tell this to the people standing in the queue for hours to have their visa stamped.



Anil Thakur

Simply say Sorry or call it tragic and thats it...

Only Ametican lives are valuablable





US created a complete mess and a loss of faith in them by AF citizen and rest of people.



Bharat Patil

not acceptable


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