Drones spotted near Jammu Air Force station



JAMMU: Drone activity was detected near the Jammu Air Force station once again on Wednesday morning, less than a week after a flying machine was spotted along the Line of Control (LoC) in Pallanw area of Akhnoor.


“Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/suspected drones) were spotted at two different locations in Satwari sector in the early hours of Wednesday. Around 4am, a drone was found hovering over the civil airport and a similar object was seen flying over Peer Baba area in Satwari, near Jammu Air Force base sometime later,” said a source. Later, these UAVs disappeared and authorities concerned were informed, following which a massive search was launched to trace these flying objects.



On June 27, two bombs were drone-dropped at the Jammu Air Force station, leaving two IAF personnel injured. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is investigating the case. Following the attack, the district authorities had banned commercial/private use of drones in Samba, Ramban, Kathua, Rajouri, Poonch, Baramulla, Srinagar, Jammu and Ganderbal districts of J&K.

6月27日,无人机向查谟空军基地投了两枚炸 弹,导致两名印度空军人员受伤。国家调查局(NIA)正在调查此事。袭击发生后,该地区禁止在桑巴、兰班、卡图阿、拉朱里、蓬奇、巴拉穆拉、斯利那加、查谟和干德巴尔等查克什米尔地区商业/私人使用无人机。

On July 15, a drone was again spotted near the Jammu Air Force station, while another was spotted along the LoC in Pallanw. The two in dents were reported within 24 hours and on July 14, BSF had forced a suspected drone to return to the Pakistan side after it was seen hovering over Jammu’s Arnia area.


Expressing concern over the proliferation of drones, J&K DGP Dilbag Singh had earlier said that drones have added a new dimension to security threats from terror groups. In an interview in Srinagar on Tuesday, Singh said an investigation into the attack on the Jammu IAF station last month showed involvement of non-state actors, supported by state actors such as the ordnance factory of Pakistan.

查谟克什米尔地区人民党迪尔贝格·辛格早些时候对无人机的扩散表示担忧,称无人机增加了来自恐 怖组织的安全威胁。周二,辛格在斯利那加接受采访时表示,对上个月印度空军查谟基地袭击案的调查显示,非国家行为者参与了袭击,巴基斯坦军火厂等国家行为者也提供了支持。



after previous in dent, if we still cant track them today then we are clowns




Feku will do what he does best, cry like a little girl and compn in some UN office.

He lacks the round (oo) hanging down below.




Why is there a delay in installing the DRDO made anti drone sy ems which can shoot down these unwanted drones??




Why the PM Modi and BJP govt. just keep watching the enemy Drones like Sitting Ducks and doing nothing after they had already attacked Air force station on 27 June 21 in Jammu injuring IAF personnel.



Zainul Abedin

Come UP Elections and the anti India activities across the borders start ! Why ? Why are our Bravehearts not sh ting down the Drones or for that matter any flying objects trying to spy or attack our defence facilities from across the Borders ? Simply knock down the flying machines !







Looks like ion preparation



Lalit Sadhwani

This is India under PM Modi .




Population bill and drones in the news everyday means the UP ion is coming. Modi will burn our country to ashes because of his hunger for power.



Shobitro Chatterjee

I thought they have a strong surveillance sy em to track drones. DRDO had said they have those special radars with them. Really bad defence. Buck up guys.



abhijitpaul abhijitpaul

Why not reciprocate, and send few drones to check the Pakistanis.

These are all preparation for the next phase of ions. Po iticians have crippled this country and they have used different dog and pony shows to gather emotional support only to their own benefits.




Rinku Singh

Don't worry, now we have Son of the soil, Dankapati Harishchandran Shrimaanji Modhi ruling India. Since there were no wons before 2014, Dankapatiji is arming India. If we want strong armed forces, we should at the least make Dankapatiji ruler for another 15-20 years.



Not God

omg... Indian Army is scared of toy drones. Kids fly these drones everywhere in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and other countries.. Couple of years ago pigeon was caught by Indian Army. They said it was from Pakistan... Hahaha



Asok Datta

India will sit tight after lodging a compnt with the UN, crying in front of camera and give pompous advice to citizens doing nothing to destroy these drones



Paagal Guy

Let us hope that the security agencies get the tech to not only capture and neutralize the drone, but also capture the person operating the drone.



Mr X

Just shoot them down with guns. It can be used as target practice for the soldiers



P Narasiman

Need teach another lesson to Pakistan for sending the drones. Either by surgical strike or by sending troops.



Karthik Vijayakumar

worlds third largest arms importer..



Sanjoy Pandey

these must be part of Pakistani te rort activities.

这肯定是巴基斯坦恐 怖活动的一部分。


Gundchedilaal Parose

OTH radars did not work ?



Vibhu Bansal

Why weren't they shot down?


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