France recalls ambassadors to US, Australia over sub deal



PARIS: France has said that it was immediately recalling its ambassadors to the United States and Australia after Australia scrapped a big French conventional submarine purchase in favour of nuclear subs built with the US technology.


Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a written statement on Friday that the French decision, on request from Presi nt Emmanuel Macron, "is justified by the exceptional seriousness of the announcements" made by Australia and the United States.


He said Wednesday's announcement of Australia's submarine deal with the US is "unacceptable behaviour between allies and partners."


Earlier on Friday, a top French diplomat spoke of a "crisis" in relations with the US.


The diplomat, who spoke anonymously in line with customary go nment practice, said that for Paris "this is a strategic question concerning the very nature of the relationship between Europe and the United States about the Indo-Pacific strategy."


He would not speculate on the effects the situation would have on France's relationship with the US. "There's a crisis," he stressed.


Macron has not commented on the issue since Presi nt Joe Biden's announcement of a strategic Indo-Pacific alliance with Australia and Britain, leading France to lose a nearly $100 billion deal to build diesel-ric submarines.


France has pushed for several years for a European strategy for boosting economic, po itical and defence ties in the region stretching from India and China to Japan and New Zend. The EU unveiled this week its plan for the Indo-Pacific.



User Ashwin Mehta

Large number of readers have commented that you can not trust usa etc. In my oion India can not trust anyone country . We have to have trust in ourselves. That is what is Shri Modiji ' Atmanirbhar Bharat'. In this monetized world only thing that can be trusted is dollars.




Believe it or not but USA is the biggest te rort financer. Whatever chaos happening in this world is because of US only.

信不信由你,美国是最大的恐 怖主义资助者。不管这个世界上发生了什么混乱,都是美国造成的。


Pavan Gupta

India has no illusions about America or anyone else including UK. Modi is nobody's fool.



Ajjampur Rdas

USA and UK, as it is well known and also proven from their past, are nations with self centred, looting and back stabbing attitude. Further, Australia is any way a nation built of theives from UK. Now, we all know that their very DNA itself, they want to survive at the cost of others somehow. For heaven sake, never believe these three nations.



Alok Singh

Good snake Biden playing games again...he learns from Pakistan day by day..that's Biden..biding his time..taking usa down the drain .



shaleen mathur

For benefiting defence contractors US po iticians can go to any extent at the expense of allies and even US national security. US po iticians are corporate sl ves. Independent minded countries should keep America close but never trust them. America is still useful in UNO.




Biden is destroying USA day by day!



Nick Kumar

France’s stand is quite princiled. This ‘Ameria First’ policy shall end up alienating many US allies




Can anyone trust Australia, USA or UK ? They will negotiate with one country and sigh with other country. USA has not implemented "nuclear deal" with India, nor it has any intention to do so. Do not trust Anglo-Saxon countries. France and Russia are India's time tested friends. Australia's 8 nuclear powered submarines will deter China ? A very sick joke.







Rajat Sharma

So they've now formed a Anglo-Saxon alliance excluding non English speaking France. America is a highly untrustworthy ally which India should realise. What's more amusing is this unholy alliance for Indo-Pacific region which includes USA, AUS and UK has conspicuously excluded major stakeholders like India and Japan.



Indian Pratap Singh

USA always acts in its self interest but France is not far behind either. The example set by France in Indian Rafale and Scorpene submarine deal shows their shrewdness.



Scl Premi

Cancellation of a super big 100B USD order is a big loss to France. OZ has ly chosen the nuclear subs, but should have discussed it first with France. It should try it's best to mollyfy France.



Need More Land

Uk was built by thieves and pillagers of the saxons and vikings. US and australia was built by criminals that left UK and europe. All three countries have a long history of stealing, pillaging, conquering, using and abusing. Their only goal is to take and give very little in return. Bharat is the only country and people that gives 100 times more than it takes!




Unpredictability is something that runs deep in the DNA of Americans.




Business interests is the dominating factor




Unity among these countries USA, UK, Australia, Japan, India, France is very much needed. Russia should be included also for peace efforts. Any country has to decide who gives the best deal. Friends should understand each other in anon-imposing manner.



North Shore SR

Bidens new policy seems to be “America backstabs everybody”…



Swatantrate Bhagawati

Australia as a country itself was started based on convicts. Earlier this island land mass was used as a jail. All dreded convicts from UK like murderers, theives, dacoits etc were just let-off on australia, instead of spending money on feeding them in European jails! Present day australians are afterall the offsprings of these convicts! May be their culture and DNA dont make them keep their word about any deal?





Vidyanand Shetty

France is Right in its decisions




US, UK and Australia are well known thieves joining together!


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