Karnataka: Japanese steals chair to expose 'corrupt' cop

卡纳塔克邦:为揭露警察“腐 败”,日本留学生偷椅子


BENGALURU: Foisted with a case that was quashed later by the Karnataka high court, a 31-year-old Japanese man stole a plastic chair from the office of the JC Nagar assistant commissioner of police (ACP) in RT Nagar past Saturday midnight, took selfies of his “crime” and took the “booty” to his BTM Layout home. The reason: He wanted to expose the cop as the authorities had asked him to leave the country by February 28, and he thought the best way to stay back in India was to get arrested.

班加罗尔:周六午夜,一名31岁的日本男子从JC Nagar警察局副督察(ACP)的办公室偷走了一把塑料椅子,自拍了“犯罪国产”,并把“战利品”带回家中。原因是:当局要求他在2月28日之前离开印度,他想揭发警察索贿,他认为留在印度最好的办法就是被捕。

Hirotoshi Tanaka, a Japanese student, came to Bengaluru in 2019 to learn English. Later, he was confined after a ‘false’ case was filed ag inst him. The high court quashed the FIR ag inst him, but the FRRO (Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office) set February 28 as deadline for him to et India.


Tanaka says he wants to et with dignity. The son of a retired Japanese cop is now demanding that the cops arrest him, but police are yet to file a compnt.


I ’m not in a position to afford my stay in India. I need medicines, and it takes about Rs 30,000 every month to meet my expenses. It would be better for me to fight from prison so that I get food and medicines free,” says Tanaka.

田中说:“我负担不起在印度逗留的费用。我需要药品,每个月需要3万卢比开支。对我来说,呆在监 狱里会更好,这样我就能免费得到食物和药品。”

A few days after landing in Bengaluru, Tanaka had an argument with a man and allegedly assaulted him. Though he was asked to give a written apology, police allegedly demanded bribe from him to ‘close’ the matter. A week later, he was told that an FIR was registered ag inst him and police arrested him. After spending 10 days at Parappana Agrahara central prison, he was released on bail.


一周后,他被告知,警方对他进行了立案调查,逮捕了他。在帕拉帕纳阿格拉哈拉中央监 狱呆了10天后,他获得保释。

Tanaka approached the high court, which quashed the case ag inst him in November 2020


However, Tanaka’s intentions were not just to get clean chit from the court but to show he turned out to be the victim in the episode. In December 2020, he filed a compnt before Karnataka State Human Rights Commission ag inst then RT Nagar police sub-inspector Hanumantharayappa (now retired) for demanding bribe. “I could have got back to my country after the high court quashed the case. But I want to fight the human s case and show the true colours of this corrupt officer and show how the cops labelled me as a ‘criminal’,” he says. “I want the police department to bear my traveling expenses and punish the corrupt offi al,” he says.

然而,田中不仅仅是要在法庭上证明自己的清白,而且要证明他是这一事件的受害者。2020年12月,他向卡纳塔克邦人 权委员会投诉当时的RT Nagar警察副督察Hanumantharayappa(现已退休)索贿。“他说:我本可以在高等法院撤案后回国。但我想打这场官司,揭露这位腐 败警官的真面目,揭露警察是如何给我贴上‘罪犯’的标签的。我希望印度警察承担我的差旅费,惩罚腐 败官 员。”


Biju Kurian

Hats off to those officers who helped him without any hesitation. The corrupt ones should be punished and they should bear Tanaka's expense till he reaches his home town.




I love this guy..Japanese are zing at solving problems with simple approach..



Ravindra Konanur

put the cop behind bars

把那个警察关进监 狱


Surendra Shetty

There are persons in police departments with humane heart. But the problem is corrupt ones defame the whole department. Thanka's fight for his cause seems . The policeman who demanded the bribe should be punished. If he is retired his pension should be suspended till he comes out clean.



Amar Deep

Tanaka should join po itics in india and fight co ption.

田中应该加入印度政界,打击腐 败。


Biranchi Narayan Acharya

I think Tanaka is fighting for the cause. All help should be extended to him.



Narendrababu K Rkrishna

When the case ag inst him has been quashed by HC , his demand for action ag inst the police officer who filed false case is justified. The senior offi als should take action ag inst the police officer, though retired, to show that this country stands by the honest people. He wants to go home unscathed. Our authorities should respect his request.

当针对他的案件被高等法院撤销后,他对提出虚假指控的警察采取行动的要求是正当的。高级官 员应该对这个退休的警官采取行动,以表明国家支持诚实的人民。他想清清白白地回国,我们的当局应该尊重他的请求。


Tukaram B

We must show compassion to Japanese nationals.



Ullatt Subhas

This man is trying to expose the corrupt Police Forces in India. This mans compnts should be be thoroughly investigated by the CBI as it is the name and prestige of India and Indians at stake. In my oion there is no reason for this Japanese to lie for sympathy. The Home Minister of the BJP Go nment should immediately become involved in this case as a matter of National prestige.

这个人试图揭露印度警察的腐 败。这名男子的控诉应该由中央调查局彻调,这关系到印度的名声和威望,关系到印度人民的利益。在我看来,这个日本人没有理由为了博得同情而撒谎。印度人民党政府的部长应该立即介入这起事关国家声誉的案件。


Gc g

Just can't stop laughing. I am really embarrassed by our corrupt offi als. But if all non-corrupt Indians unite and take steps, we can make a great nation. Hirotoshi is the real Hero.

我忍不住笑了。腐 败官 员让我感到很尴尬。如果所有不腐 败的印度人团结起来,采取行动,我们就能建立一个伟大的国家。田中是真正的英雄


shiv singh

It is a disgrace for the country . Why are these top cops lenient in such a case. If this foreigner was punished unfairly then the police department should be held accountable





This isn't country for hardworking and honest people. This country is filled with filthy corrupt people.

Sorry for your bitter experience.




Raja Rizwan Reddipalli

Nice approach. Cor ion has become part of our lives, culture and genes for ages. Unless we are shamed by other nations it won't change.



Bchandramenon Vengasserry

Foreigners shall not be allowed to fool Indian establishments especially law & order departments.



Raj S

Why the Japanese embassy not hel him



Prakash Legal

India should help Tanaka in every possible way.


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