Lucknow cops stop interfa th wedding just before rituals



LUCKNOW: Citing violation of the new UP ordinance on re gious conversion, an interfa th wedding in Lucknow was stopped by city police on Wednesday evening just as the Hindu bride and Mus m groom were to be joined in wedlock in a ceremony involving rituals of both re gions.

勒克瑙:由于违反了北方邦宗教皈依条例,周三晚,勒克瑙的一场跨宗教婚礼被当地警方叫停,当时印度教新娘和穆 斯林新郎即将举行一场包含两种宗教仪式的婚礼。

The police intervened in the wedding of chemistry postgraduate Raina Gupta (22) and pharmacist Mohammad Asif (24) on the basis of information provided by the district Hindu Mahasabha chief. No FIR was lodged as both families agreed to postpone the wedding till they received the DM’s permission, as mandated by law. The earliest that Raina and Asif can marry is two months from the date of serving notice.

警方根据印度教大马哈萨巴地区负责人提供的信息,干预了化学研究生Raina Gupta(22岁)和药剂师Mohammad Asif(24岁)的婚礼。双方家庭都同意推迟婚礼,直到他们获得有关部门的批准。Raina和Asif最早可在2个月后(收到通知后)结婚。

"When the police reached the venue (in Lucknow's Para neighbourhood), they found that preparations were under way to conduct marriage rituals as per Hindu traditions. Later, the wedding was to be solemnised through Mus m rituals. The wedding was taking place with the consent of both families, but the planned re gious ceremonies couldn't have been conducted without conversion," said additional DCP (South Zone) Suresh Chandra Rawat.


Triloki Singh, station house officer of Para police station, said Hindu Mahasabha district presi nt Brijesh Shukla had submitted information about the wedding in writing.


Vijay Gupta, the bride’s father, told TOI that there was no forced re gious conversion for the marriage and that both families had unconditionally given their consent to the union. "I was unaware, until the police told us, that even after consent from all the parties, an interfa th marriage can be held only with the district magistrate's approval," he said. "I will comply with the police’s directive and seek the DM's permission before solemnising the marriage."


他说:“ 警方告诉我们后,我才知道,即使在所有当事人的同意下,跨宗教婚姻也只能在地方行政长官的批准下才能举行。我会遵照警方的指示,在举行婚礼之前先征求有关官员的同意。”

The groom’s family declined to comment.



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Gaana User

now she will be used as a child producing machine will give birth to a dosen minorities who will grow up and spoile our society



Nitin De

Need Strict 2-Children Laws!! if broken no ration , no gas subsidy, no medical free




Donald Trump

no one will stop them had they given undertaking that the bride wouldn't be converted.. but that doesn't happen ? every such interfa th weddings ends up in other person losing his re gious status





What is wrong with Hindu girls?




Some Hindu women and their families have no dignity and self respect.




they cover their own women in burqa and hunt for other women



C S Maurya

Why theses Hindu Girls are fools who prefer such Jih-is and after marriage repents for whole life.



POSitive YTD

So the gullible idiot Hindu bride's father nods his head like a buffalo with absolutely no idea of what's in store for his foolish daughter but the groom's wily and cunning family declined to comment.Oh when will Hindus wake up?



Ramesh Kumar

This is what happens when stupid hindu parents and oldies do not educate children about cultural values and self esteem snd teach them to distinguish from wrong.



Only Facts

Given the open disapproval for inter fa th weddings ,why should u still go around doing it.



Sankar Chouhan

Wtf is wrong with Hindu girl why intentionally diving into fire, knowing their fate in mu-m family.




I just wonder if there is any shortage of Hindu grooms to marry.



Amit Goel

“Grooms side declined to comment “ or whatever , why ? Their agenda wuld be exposed !!!!



K Mohan

By the way the cases should be investigated whether such marriages were forced on girls



K Mohan

Nevertheless UP has created history with this new law that prevent interfa th marriages



Jitendra Desai

Young lady will regret her decision after 5 years.



charanjeetbhai charanjeetbhai

Human s abuse




We have passed 21 century and still talking about interfa th marria


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