Delhi violence: Gt s ms US body, OIC for ‘misleading’ comments


NEW DELHI: After the US Commission on International Re gious F (USCIRF) raised “grave concerns’’ over violence in Delhi, India on Thursday hit back and asked the US body, which cms to mon or re gious fre m all over the world, not to make misleading remarks and po iticise the issue. The go nment also asked the Organisation of Is mic Cooperation (OIC) not to make irresponsible statements on India’s internal issue.

新德里:美国国际自由委员会(USCIRF)对德里发生的事件表示“严重关切”后,印度于星期四予以回击,并要求这个声称在全世界监督自由的美国组织不要发表误导性言论,不要将这一问题化。印度政府还要求伊 斯兰合作组织(OIC)不要就印度内部问题发表不负责任的言论。

“We have seen comments made by USCIRF, sections of the media and a few individuals regarding recent in dents of violence in Delhi. These are factually inaccurate and misleading, and appear to be aimed at po iticising the issue,’’ MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said.


“Our law enforcement agencies are working on the ground to prevent violence and ensure restoration of confidence and normalcy. Senior representatives of the go nment have been involved in that process. Prime minister has publicly appealed for peace and brotherhood. We would urge that irresponsible comments are not made at this sensitive time,’’ he added.



Later, at a media briefing, the offi al asked the OIC not to make inaccurate and irresponsible comments. “The statements which have come out of OIC are factually inaccurate, they are sive, they are misleading. There is an effort on the ground to restore normalcy, to create confidence," Kumar said.

之后,在一次媒体简报上,该要求ysl会议组织不要发表不准确、不负责任的言论。库马尔称:“伊 斯兰会议组织发表的声明事实上是不准确的,是有选择性的,具有误导性。我们正在努力恢复正常,建立信心。”

The OIC had made insensitive comments in the past too and had tried to comment on India's internal affairs, he added.



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K Mohan • Hyderabad • 6 hours ago

When India is not interfering with other countries affairs and they should also be away from India,



Arnab Gobarswami • 8 hours ago

The world has seen Delhi Police smashing CCTV Cameras so that Hindu mobs are not revealed. Bharatiya Jumla Party can only Fool Low IQ Indians with Iodine deficiency,.



Ramesh T M • Bangalore • 6 hours ago

We need to be sterner in telling these bodies to shut up & mind their biz. Let them keep focussing on the acts of violence in the 54 countries where the radicalism rules. Let them not get their nose bloodied by poking it in our internal affairs. We know pretty well how to deal with them.



Nutz • 8 hours ago

Modi and company have successfully done across the country what Pakistan was trying to do since 70 years. divide India on re gious lines



K Mohan • Hyderabad • 6 hours ago

When the violence is instigated how come the gt be made responsible.



K Mohan • Hyderabad • 6 hours ago

The International bodies should know that India is having formidable leadership to contain any violence



Vijay Kumar • Shimla • 6 hours ago

Thanks to all anti-Indians.



K Mohan • Hyderabad • 6 hours ago

This is uncalled for misleading comments from the International agencies who are not aware of ground realities



Sohail Choudhary • 7 hours ago

Such a Shame for our Nation that we are being Criticised for State Riots and instead of Introspection our Go nment is just going on Blah Blah Blah... isnt this giving our Nation a Bad Name...?



Suren Sukht kar • 6 hours ago

Mountbatten divided India/Kashmir and left.



Ajay • bhopal • 6 hours ago

Gt Slamming is only to pacify it's citizens, already huge dge is being done ,

The real Tukde Tukde gang lies in Modi-Shah-RSS ,shame that such a person is our PM.All are hiding inside their home now.



Dilip • Victoria • 8 hours ago

More misleading is the Indian media. I think that Shaheen Bagh, presting ag inst a law, pogroms in Delhi, all this is sailing India towards constitutional crisis. I repeat silent Modi is more dangerous than a vocal Modi.



Arnab Gobarswami • 8 hours ago

Make no mistake, Pakistan is very happy that Modi is ruling. He will complete destroy India's internal bnce and international reputation.



Jaspreet Singh • 1 hour ago

Only if Delhi Police had shown some se and ensured innocents are not killed.



iqbal ladha • 4 hours ago

Neither the OIC nor the Us dept have stated anything that is factually wrong. Not all of India but the BJP gt. is obviously sensitive because of their failure to maintain communal harmony.



Jay • 6 hours ago

The day Trump is out of office, India will have foreign relations dried up. These two Gujarati frauds already made enemy of neighbouring countries. In realty, India will have no single country to partner with as soon as Trump's tenure is over. The reason being Trump is an impeached presi nt and has iq less than a cow.



Kp Sharma • 6 hours ago

Opposition parties have accused the police of being a silent spectator to the riots in the national capital, where the death toll has reached 34.



Orhan Noor • 1 hour ago

Not wng Delhi ions, going back to roits route, this is how BJP strikes back delhites for not voting in their favour



Bchandran Nair V • Trivandrum • 2 hours ago

Why blame other countries? A section of our media and the so called secular intellectuals in this country has said far more than what these foreign countries said



Hindustani Mai • 3 hours ago

This is well organised voilence by AMIT SHAH BJP FOR PROTESTING ANTI CAA



Balinder • Tibba • 3 hours ago

When you let mob kill your own citizens under police supervision then why you cm it to be secular de acy



Rekha • 3 hours ago

India has lost re gious tolerance here itself and searching for the key somewhere else.



Manoharan Thangavelu • Tiruchchirappalli - India • 4 hours ago

Give up the arms' deal if the dare



Kp Sharma • 6 hours ago

whether the home minister could not handle the situation in the national capital .



Rakesh • 7 hours ago

I have never seen more fanatic media



Manu M • 2 hours ago

If these countries are so concerned, take these people into your country and make them your headache.



Times • 4 hours ago

we should start giving our commentary on gun laws and mass sh tings in the USA


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