Sensex crashes over 1,100 points amid global spread of coronavirus; Nifty below 11,300


NEW DELHI: Equity indices crashed on Friday with the benchmark BSE sensex plunging over 1,100 points amid rising concerns on global spread of coronavirus. Sensex dived 1,140 points or 2.87 per cent to 38,605; while the broader NSE Nifty cracked 348 points or 2.99 per cent to 11,285.


Hopes the coronavirus would be contained to China vanished as infections spread rapidly around the world, countries started stockpiling medical equipment and investors took flight in expectation of a global recession. There were concerns about how India would cope with a widespread outbreak.


Top losers in the BSE pack include Tata Steel, Tech Mahindra, Bajaj Finance, Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra and ONGC with their stocks falling as much as 5.31 per cent. On NSE, all sub-indices were trading in red with Nifty Metal and Realty sliding as much as 4.07 per cent.

在BSE成分股中跌幅最大的包括塔塔钢铁(Tata Steel)、Tech Mahindra、Bajaj Finance、印孚瑟斯、Mahindra & Mahindra和ONGC,它们的股价跌幅高达5.31%。在印度国家证券交易所,所有分类指数都是红色,金属和房地产下跌4.07%。


Stocks wiped nearly Rs 5 lakh crore of investor wealth with the total market capitalisation of BSE listed companies falling below Rs 150 lakh crore-mark. This is the sixth straight slide in which investors lost around Rs 10 lakh crore so far.


The carnage in the equity market wiped out investor wealth worth Rs 4,65,915.58 crore, taking the total m-cap to Rs 1,47,74,108.50 crore on the BSE. The m-cap of BSE-listed companies stood at Rs 1,52,40,024.08 crore at the end of trading on Thursday.


“The coronavirus now looks like a pandemic. Markets can cope even if there is big risk as long as we can see the end of the tunnel,” Norihiro Fujito, chief investment strategist at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities told news agency Reuters.

三菱日联摩根士丹利证券公司首席投资策略师Norihiro Fujito对路透社表示:“冠状病毒现在看来已在全球传播。只要我们能看到隧道的尽头,即使存在巨大风险,市场也能应对。”

Investor sentiment also remained sluggish amid reports that GDP (gross domestic product) growth is likely to stay flat at 4.5 per cent in October-December 2019.


Further, relentless selling by foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) spooked retail investors, traders said.


According to provisional data available with stock exchanges, so far this week, FPIs have offloaded stocks worth a whopping Rs 6,812.57 crore on a net basis.



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BJP IT Cell Keeeda • 1 hour ago

Cov19 is just minor reason. Weak fundamentals and feku policy is the real reason. Even China did not see such crash.



aaaa bbbb • 1 hour ago

We don't fear Corona virus! We have cows and Sadvi praghya Thakur! She will tell touching which part of the cow will cure or prevent corona virus!.





SUBRATA • 1 hour ago

Sensex was propped up/weak earlier (Now down 1000 points) so the fear of recession due to coronavirus is partly true.



Hrv • 1 hour ago

Game plan of the Big Players. Within a day or two it will bounce back. It's all a ploy of these players to earn big.



Gaana User • 1 hour ago

Ultimately this corona virus has also effected sensex and we don't know how much more damages will be done in future due to this deadly corona virus. Let hope for the best.



Ashok Banakar • Bangalore, India • 1 hour ago

The crash of sensex is not only due to coronavirus but also mainly due to MODI-Virus which has already taken 40 tolls in Delhi and is spreading all over India in coming days due to negligence of the decease by Central Government.




First Modi and then coronavirus, Indian economy will suffer greatly.



Jigar Shah

Jawaharlal Nehru & Gandhi Family are the reason for the massive loss. Right Modiji ??

贾瓦哈拉尔·尼赫鲁和甘地家族才是造成这种巨大损失的原因,对吧,莫迪? ?


Arnab Gobarswami • 1 hour ago

Since Trump arrived in India, only bad stuff happening.



Ramesh • Bangalore • 59 mins ago

Even for this the Opposition members might blame Modi go nment.



Deepak Soni • 1 hour ago

It was expected and still worst to follow. The Indian economy on verge of total collapse under leadership of ignorant PM and the Finance Minister and bureaucrats in the Finance Ministry who are arrogant and ignorant and corrupt and have expertise in drawing rosy picture.



Siva K • USA

unless Modiji appoints a very good economist as Finance minister India has no futute.


Siva K • Chennai

Feku himself is a failure then what Finance minister does



Sunny Ahluwalia • 1 hour ago

Does India need Corona virus when our political system kills thousands every year.?



Ye Bharat Desh Hai • 1 hour ago

US $ going to be Rs 80 due to Delhi violence



Ashok • 1 hour ago

it seems the WW 3 has already begun. Corona virus is the first indefensible weapon.



AR • 1 hour ago

Chinese are real culprit



Ye Bharat Desh Hai • 1 hour ago

Delhi violence is the reason, not coronavirus


doshi jenisha • 1 hour ago

It did be due to Delhi violence effect.



Mujeeb Iqbal • 17 mins ago

If China sneezes, the whole world catches fever.



Gatothkach • India • 41 mins ago

Stock markets are manipulated. MFs and brokers with big money book their profits by sell offs. Then they buy these fallen shares again and sell them off again.



Shaik • Chennai • 49 mins ago

In India already summer started and no virus will sustain in this climate including Corona



Swapnil • 51 mins ago

Killing Eating Animals is a Sin. Had World Adopted Sanatan Dharma Hinduism Buddhism Jainism Nonviolence way of life such a catastrophy wouldn't have happened



Subbu India • Bengal • 1 hour ago

Recession fear was already there It is now increased after corona virus out break.



narasarao • Hyd • 1 hour ago

US markets crashed too.



Ashwani Kumar • 1 hour ago

Indian economy/GDP is already in severe crisis and now Corona Virus will add more fuel to this fire.



Sitaram • 5 mins ago

Good thing about being poor and unemployed - you do not lose money in stock market.



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