Will make Delhi as clean as London, Paris: Arvind Kejriwal


NEW DELHI: In the first of his seven town halls scheduled over two weeks, chief minister and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday vowed to make Delhi as clean as Tokyo, London and Paris in the next five years if ved to power again.

新德里: 德里首席部长兼平民党主席阿尔温德·凯杰里瓦尔周四誓言,如果再次当选,他将在未来五年内把德里打造得像东京、伦敦和巴黎一样干净。

Besides unveiling AAP’s road map for the future, Kejriwal also presented his go nment’s report card, listing its achievements in the fields of education, health, power and water, besides the development work carried out in illegal colonies.



As a beaming Kejriwal walked on to the stage, holding the go nment’s report card, he received a rousing welcome. Kejriwal said no nation could progress if its people were not educated. He expned how the performance of Class I students in go nment schools had surpassed that of those from private institutions, adding that his go nment was providing free coaching for competitive exams and giving loans up to Rs 10 lakh to students without guarantee.


Referring to his role in demonstrations ag inst high ricity bills before AAP formed its go nment in the city, Kejriwal said now people were getting up to 200 units of free power and Delhi was the only state to have a 24-hour uninterrupted supply.


In 2015, only 58% of colonies in Delhi received tap water and the rest of the city had to rely on tankers. “Now, 93% of Delhi receives tap water. The remaining 7% will do so in the next 1.5 years,” he said. Kejriwal said his go nment has installed 1.4 lakh CCTV cameras and the installation of another 1.4 lakh would begin on Friday.



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Anil Aggarwal • 3 days ago

First clean your face which is full of dirt and lies



Mukesh Kalra • 3 days ago

How can he...This is his ve



C Kant • 3 days ago

Who has stopped you for last five years ? Modi Ji . Then he is there fo rnext five years also. You would not be able to do it again if ed by chance



Anil Thakur • 3 days ago

Yes - you said that 5 years back too. And then you say its Municipal corporation's responsibility not yours.Empty promiaes - we are not going to be fooled



Vishal Duggal • 3 days ago

Request you to please stop talking and start doing. Action should speak louder than Words. No Nautanki please



Gopal Chennai • 3 days ago

Somebody dreamed of making Mumbai as Shanghai...



Srinivas Siddarth • 3 days ago

What did this gutter guy do for Delhi in the past 5 years? Increased rapes, murders, pollution and congestion? Who would believe po itical beggers like these? People are not that stupid any more.






Manjeet Singh • Gurugram • 3 days ago

How can someone trust this guy who was desperate to join hands with the corrupt Congress just to stay in power?



Hat Hum Aap Aur Tum • 3 days ago

Biggest joke of the year...or pipe dream?



Achou • Imphal • 3 days ago

Useless promise how much improvement has AAP did in last five years about Air and Sound pollution ? Almost zero 3 years before. Recent Fire in dents show that No control mechanisms are place .




Rajat • Delhi, India • 3 days ago

you made delhi as Africa..... forget London paris



Madhu Kumar • 3 days ago

What have you done for the last 5 years? All you do Mus m appeasement, public should ve wisely .




Anirudh Vashisht• 3 days ago

again fake promise



Rag Ani • 3 days ago

Kejriwal .. can say n promise Anything.. after all his many apologies can follow with 1 more..



D V Amla• 3 days ago

What a joke of Year 2019, that this so called IIT graduate Delhi CM don't understand ABC OF London Environmental scenario, ha ha ha



Aam Aadmi • 3 days ago

What he was doing for last 5 years.....?



Shaleen Mathur • 3 days ago

Both London and Paris are filthy mess. London is run by Pakistani mayor and Paris is crumbling under pressure from refugees, urban naxals (yellow vests).



Chankya Shishya• 3 days ago

You can start by eting Delhi yourself. That should clean it enough.



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