Do Indian girls masturbate?




I am a 23 year old, Indian girl. I need to go anonymous since both my parents are active on Quora, and they have followed me. I don’t want to become a dinner table discussion for them.


Your question is very weird. But I would still answer this for you.


Indian girls do everything that is normal. And masturbation, for me, is pretty much normal. It is as normal as breathing in oxygen, in order to survive. Adults have sexual desires. Sexual desires tend to be stored in us in the form of sexual stress. And sexual stress should be frequently released. And that, my friend, is called masturbation.


I don’t masturbate daily. But I need to masturbate at least once in a week



Sphria Choubey, Health Expert

Not all, maybe some do. The main reason very less Indian girl would do that coz she has that kind of conservative upbringing and in India families are larger who live in smaller space so usually they don't get enough privacy and people usually have habits to interfere in other's privacy, for eg: siblings poking their noses in each other's lives is considered normal here and most of the time, no one find it annoying if their siblings or parents are poking their noses and not giving them privacy. Also girls here are engaged in household chores, watching tv etc. so maybe most of the time they don't get privacy and time and their mind always remain diverted in other things and the way they were raised, most of the time they had master the art of suppressing their sexual desire and live like that. This is how most of the Indian girls though exceptions could be there.


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What a question…. It's like asking do indian cows give milk?


Are you a foreigner who is asking this question? What if we masturbate?


Yes some of us masturbate. Everybody on this earth whether it's a girl or boy likes to masturbate. If we do not have sexual feelings we can't give birth to a child.


To masturbate we need to have sexual arousal, that's the primary requirement to initiate masturbation.


Indian girls masturbate depending upon each individual.



Ramya Chowdary, Indian

YES. Of course, it is very natural for a woman to masturbate. Indian girls are no exception.


I masturbate. Every friend of mine masturbates and I know that. We discuss it.


But, masturbation is still a taboo in most of Indian families. It is very embarrassing for many Indian girls to talk out about masturbating. If you ask a typical Indian girl, whether she masturbates or not, the immediate answer will be a big NO. The answer ‘NO’ is not the actual answer. She is so trained by her family, relatives that whenever she is asked anything related to sex, masturbation, periods, she will say a NO even without listening to the question completely.



Aman Sharma, studied at MCA

In India and everywhere-girls are just like guys. Yes, due to social inhibitions and fear of being labeled as "shameless" or "loose character" BS , they don't like to talk about their preferences or habits in India at least. But they are not different from the girls of any other part of the world.



Akshat Solanki, Some nights were full of this thing.

Should there be any restriction on Indian girls not to masturbate?

Of course not.

Yeah, like others, even Indian girls masturbate.

It’s been mentioned in the Kamsutra that this act used to be followed by women since ancient time for pleasure.

I read once that a 5 year old girls was worried about her vagina and felt like masturbating.

Her mom noticed that but how could she tell her about masturbation?

In university hostels, you would find number of sex toys and other things.

Indian girls are no different but like any other girl in the world.

Like boys even they feel like masturbating and I think talking of liberalism would not make a point.












I cannot talk about Indian girls, as I got to know just one Indian girl, and married her, and living with her for the last 17–18 yrs, and we have a 0 sex life from the begng. So this seems like an ideal case to masturbate and relieve yourself, doesn’t it? No, honey, it doesn’t! My wife can go sexless for yrs, without showing even a little sign of dissatisfaction, and if she catches me ever doing masturbation, she would file a 498A on me. So I am very careful doing it, and only do it when she is slee or away. Also, I come from a family where the males & females were uber-conservative, and even talking to a female was a great crime. So I grew up believing that females hardly look for sex, and was made to understand that if I need to get a female ever, I must earn a hell lot. So I consider that sex is a weapon in the hands of females, and they use it to extract things rather than enjoying it. By now, you might have found my beliefs to be weird and ridiculous, but with my very limited exposure to love and life, this is what I believe in. Thanks!




I don't know if I'd call myself conservative. I do have high morals for myself. I am approaching mid twenties and have never felt like masturbating and didn't think much of it either. But after reading a book or two which mentioned it, I began to think that was abnormal and asked my female friends (who grew up in different backgrounds). None of them felt the need either and told me that was perfectly normal. Looking at the answers here surprises me.



Gauri Aggarwal, Computer Trainer/ Teacher/Coordinator

The Indian girls are not an exception to this…in our society, these things are not considered good if we talk about it openly..


We lack sex education…what do we teach about sex in our school or colleges…


It doesn't matter if boys/males do/discuss certain things openly in the society…but if the same thing is done by girls, they are branded as shameless…they are considered bad girls …


In general, girls are not supposed to discuss such things and even in our society, in our families, no one is supposed to do or discuss such things…


Sex is very pleasurable and is enjoyed by all irrespective to age and cast…


If you can't enjoy sex, then what will you do? Certainly masturbation is there and is practiced by all, boys admit it easily and openly….but if you ask a girl about the masturbation, she will never admit it, she will say no…


But the fact is almost all the girls masturbate, they may or may not admit…the frequency if their masturbation may be different for all the girls…



Aamen Talukdar, a secular Indian

Just like the majority of women around the world who have attained puberty and have normal sexual urges, Indian women too masturbate. Though I could not give you the statistics of it yet it would not be wrong to say that some do not.


And as to how they do it....just as any other female does it. Simple.



Chloe Shani Malveaux, former Barista at Starbucks

I am not sure why I was asked to answer, but I do have a response so here it goes.


If Indian girls masturbate it depends on what they were told. I have two Indian friends who were taught to NEVER touch their own genitalia with their own hands. And it wasn't presented in an anti-masturbation way, just it isn't proper to touch one's self even in a non-sexual way. If you don't have toilet paper in-between your hands and your genitalia, then you shouldn't be doing that. And from what I know, at least one girl I know followed the advice. But as for what she does currently I am not sure if she masturbates or not now that she is more informed about sexuality.


So while I can imagine that there are Indian girls who masturbate, there are probably those who don't based on the instruction they were given, and if they follow or grow out of that instruction.




I am 18 year old, Indian girl. And the reason I am going anonymous is that my parents are on Quora and I don’t want to make things uncomfortable for them.


Oh yes, most of them do! I can’t speak all of them, exceptions are always there. But most of the Indian girls masturbate. Sexual urge is a very natural thing as soon as we human beings attain puberty. It is as natural as breathing, irrespective of gender, religion, etc.


I started to masturbate when I was 14 years old and I came to know about this wonderful thing through porn videos and a little bit of  search. And just as I completed my first ever masturbation session, I was already addicted to it. And there was no going back. I have been regularly masturbating for the last 4 years even though I am in a relationship and have a very active sexual life.



Pragya Rathore, studies VLSI Design at San Jose State University (2020)

Indian girls poop.

Indian girls have sex.

Indian girls drink beer.

Indian girls masturbate.





Oops, I answered more than what was demanded by the question and I hope it wasn’t scandalous enough.


**Waiting for my answer to be downvoted**




Yes. I am married to a women who enjoy masturbation and I really like to play a part in it. So yes, masturbation is very much there in women. pleasuring oneself is not that obscure as you may think, particularly masturbation, pre-marriage sex, male to male expoiltory sex in early teen years, etc.


I have been casual with at least two girl aside from my wife who told that masturbation is quite common and regular.



Vaughn Yanko, Creating unhelpful credentials since 2017

Like all human beings, yes. Indian girls who are of the age will masturbate like any other category of humans.


I'll bet you didn't know that African girls and European girls masturbate, too.Female humans actually need to find sexual release no matter what their skin color and heritage are! Woah!


Girls of all races and ethnicities masturbate. It is a 100% natural and normal process for both sexes.



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