If Narendra Modi promotes "Make in India" then why does he use a BMW car for commuting?



Jayant Kaushik

When PM Modi was about to assume office for the first time, Mr. Anand Mahindra wrote to PM Modi requesting him to make Scorpio his official car. He also sought to make any changes demanded by SPG(Special Protection Group). There are many reasons as to why it did not go ahead.

First of it is that even after the modifications it was not considered safe by the SPG, as the Scorpio has a very high stance, and it would serve an easy target for snipers as it would stand out among the surrounding BMW X5's which carry the SPG men. The 7-Series on the other hand is low-stance car which is adequately protected from a direct shot by surrounding cars(X5's). Also, a car with lower ground clearance has it's center of mass more closer to the ground. It responds faster to sudden changes in movement and is easier to control & maneuver.

Second: The threat perception of PM Modi is much greater than the erstwhile CM Modi. SPG did the right thing by going along with a tested German system of cars known for reliability and used worldwide. Contrast this against the Scorpio without a convincing track record.




Third: They already had the BMW 7 series which were bought during the tenure of the former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee(before BMW, Indian PMs used to travel in Ambassadors). Also, there were talks that some other cars were also being considered other than BMW and Scorpio. But, the government refrained from spending extra unnecessarily and decided to use the exsting 7 series fleet which already had all the security features required by SPG for PM Modi's protection.

The idea is 'Make in India' not 'Make Indian'. India Inc.'s potential to invest is limited to a certain extent and have other bottlenecks like technology and expertise. Bringing in foreign money also brings with it foreign technology, experience and much better level of competition. This would help in lowering the fiscal deficit(benefits India), create jobs at a massive scale(benefits Indians), transfer of cutting edge technology(to India) and create a robust supply chain. All this will create an investment cycle in the Indian economy which will help us reach high growth phase(maybe double digit) and sustaining it in the long term. This is exactly what did and it sustained double digit growth for 30 years.

Let’s all keep working hard and smart to make the country proud!





Sathiyanarayanan Muthukumarasamy, works at Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

This question was put to Anand Mahindra (During the launch of new Scorpio )* and the answer he gave was SPG prefers vehicles with lower ground clearance . There are number of reasons for the same .

1.It is tough for attackers to target VIPs in a sedan compared to a SUV . Scorpio has 190 mm ground clearance and BMW 760 i has 152 mm

2.It is surrounded by BMW SUV offering him more protection

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在新版Scorpio上市时,Anand Mahindra被问到了这个问题,他给出的答案是特殊保护小组更喜欢车辆底盘低一些的车辆。原因有很多。

1.与SUV相比,攻击者很难瞄准轿车中的贵宾。Scorpio的地盘高度为190毫米,BMW 760 i的底盘高度为152毫米。



I think OBAMA also uses Cadillac and not an SUV



So this was the primary reason , but i will also add some links on how the media twisted this as always they do against MODI

Modi Ditches Mahindra (Typical NDTV)

Narendra Modi Ditches Mahindra Scorpio for an Armored BMW 7-Series

But they do not know when Modi went to meet his mother in Gujrat on September 17th he went in his Scorpio Silver Colored.

So the reasoning that he ditched Indian manufacturer or Mahindra cannot provide necessary security arrangements in his vehicle are all false. Infact Mahindra has its own Mahindra Defense company which gives armored vehicles to Army and Police

But you have to live with this , whatever Modi does our media will give a beautifully twisted story against him








Sanket Prabhu, Hate It..But proud to be Indian

I am beet confused about behaviour of us:

We Indian people(Proud to be indian)

Use: Puma shoes, Gucci socks, Levi's jeans, Armani watch, Pepe Tshirt

Eat: Pasta, burger

Drink: Chivas Regal , Johnnie Walker

Use all Hindustan Unilever product from ux. Lifebuoy, Liril , Hamam, Breeze, Moti to domex & still we have problem if Modi use IPHONE...Think about It with broad Mind.

Thanks for your support and be agree with me.... please read below if you want to know"what exactly 'Make in India is...'

Modi Government won the election by promising jobs galore through rapid industrial growth.

However, industrial jobs are not grow ing fast anywhere in the world. Modern technology is increasingly mechanizing industries, and manufacturing requires ever fewer workers per unit of output. Many US industries have moved to seeking lower wages somehow Apple too. Virtually all its products are assembled in , from components made in several countries. Obama, like Modi, would like Apple to do more manufacturing at home.

I would say that Apple phones are made in the US, and merely manufactured in . Historically , making and manufacturing meant the same thing. But not any more.






日常用品全都是印度联合利华的产品。Lifebuoy, Liril, Hamam, Breeze, Moti to domex,可是如果莫迪用IPHONE,我们就有意见……用宽广的胸襟去思考吧。





When Apple started selling smartphones for $300, ’s share from assembly was just $7. Apple got $150 of the value through innovation, marketing and profits. The remaining value was split among component suppliers, transporters, and other minor partners. If Apple gets $150 of a phone’s value and gets only $7, is the phone really made in ? No, I would say it is made in the US, and merely manufactured in .

The key parts of making goods is shifting to innovation design and marketing, not manufacturing components or assembling them. What matters is value capture, not just manufacture. Indian companies have begun replicating Apple’s approach. Micromax has ousted Samsung as India’s top cellphone seller. Other Indian cellphone companies (Karbonn, Lava) are using the same approach. They design their phones, which are then manufactured and imported from . As in Apple’s case, one could argue that Micromax’s cellphones are really made in India, and merely manufactured in .

Companies like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava may one day start assembling phones in India if Modi creates conditions that are conducive. Even so, going by Apple’s experience, this may add very modestly to their share of value capture.

Let’s be clear, traditional manufacturing is not dying. it will grow in volume and employment for a long time.The newcomers occupy only a small part of the economic space today. In traditional industries, “make“ and “manufacture“ may remain synonymous. But let us prepare for a future where, increasingly , “manufacture“ will be just a small part of “make“.


制造商品的关键环节正在转向创新设计和营销,而不是制造或组装零部件。重要的是价值获取,而不仅仅是制造。印度公司已经开始复制苹果的做法。Micromax已经取代三星成为印度最大的手机销售商。其他印度手机公司(Karbonn, Lava)也在使用同样的方法。他们设计手机,然后在制造、进口。就像苹果一样,有人可能会说Micromax的手机实际上是在印度制造的,只是在加工而已。




Kapil, MS Strategic Design Management, Parsons The New School for Design (2018)

Modi or for that matter any Indian PM doesn't choose his official car. The choice is made by the SPG (Special Protection Group) which has certain prescribed standards for safety and security. Modi is actually using the same car Dr. Manmohan Singh used to move in. BMW has expertise in making and customizing such vehicles for VVIPs. The package would include heavy duty engines, bulletproofing, run flat tires, secured communication and high impact resistance in addition to other gizmos. Mahindra on the other hand is primarily a jeep manufacturer with limited knowledge and expertise in making vehicles of this nature and purpose. They barely get their own SUVs right. Personally I would have preferred a Jaguar for the PM as it is now owned by Tata Motors and would fulfill the SPG criteria too considering even the UK PM rides in one of those.



Amit Gupta, Deep Learning Researcher @ Skymindlabs (2017-present)

BMW has a car plant in Chennai, India. That car itself symbolizes 'Make In India' campaign.

( Well, BMW 7-Series 760Li Security edition, the one used by PM of India, is a German produced car. These cars are not at all prduced in India. Infact, these are only produced at BMW's Dingolfing factory. One reason is to keep the security features a secret, which includes Material- Metal alloy and additional reinforcements, type of welding, glass and the electronics and gizmos. Only certain information is shared with the client or the security establishment.)




Hitesh Gowda, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology And Management (2019)

Let me keep this simple !

Mr. Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the most important person in the country. A special person like him needs a security cover like none other and our Prime Minister gets the highest possible.

The levels of security offered by his BMW 760Li Security Edition is just unmatched by his ‘Made in India’ Mahindra Scorpio.

Now , don't get me wrong. I'm in no way trying to demean the Indian brand , but BMW’s expertise in design and building of High security armoured vehicles for over 30 years speaks for itself.

Reasons why the 760Li Security Edtion was chosen over his humble Mahindra Scorpio.








Low stance

BMW 760Li Security Edition is less conspicuous in its presence as compared to the Mahindra Scorpio, which is a proper SUV and hence taller in stance. More the height, easy it is as a target. The BMW 7-Series on the other hand is lower and hence it is difficult for anyone to take a direct shot at. Low height also means that the center of mass closer to the ground. This results in easy maneuvering, quick response and immediately reacts to changes in movement.

Powerful Engine

BMW 760Li Security Edition is powered by a 5972cc V12 engine offering 544 bhp @ 5250 rpm and 750 Nm torque @ 1500-5000rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 6.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 210 kmph.




宝马760Li安全版采用5972cc V12发动机,544马力,5250转/分,750纳米扭矩,1500-5000rpm。该发动机采用6速自动变速器,可在6.1秒内从0加速至100公里/小时,最高速度可达210公里/小时。

Ballistic rating

The BMW 760Li Security Edition is certified with a BRV 2009 and VR7 ballistics protection. This means that the BMW 760Li High Security Edition is one of the safest vehicles in India (only the Mercedes S-Guard offers VR9 ballistic rating). High ballistic ratings mean the 7-Series can protect the occupants from almost everything thrown at it. Here's what all safety features the VR7 offers -

1.Protection from sniper shots

2.Protection from assault rifles like AK47 and M4 and INSAS

3.Protection from Rocket launchers

4.Protection from hand grenades

5.Protection from fuel tank explosion

6.Protection from poisonous gases

7.Protection from IEDs.

Don't you think this level of security is essential for our prime minster considering the kind of surprises our ever-so restless neighbours are capable of throwing ?


宝马760Li安全版通过了BRV 2009和VR7射击保护。这意味着宝马760Li高安全版是印度最安全的汽车之一(只有奔驰S-Guard能通过VR9射击评级)。评级高意味着7系列可以保护几乎所有射向乘客的东西。以下是VR7的安全特性









Edit 1 :

1.The official vehicle for the PM or even the president for that matter , is chosen by the Special Protection Group (SPG). The decision is made based on technical analysis and reports in the best interest of the PM’s safety and security . It is not his choice.

2.Contrary to what some of you think , Mr. Modi doesn't use the same car as Dr.Manmohan Singh.

This is the BMW that Dr. Manmohan Singh used.






And below is Mr. Modi’s car



Yes , they're both 760Li Security Editions but the one Mr. Modi uses is a 2014 facelifted version of the same car.

If you can look closely, the new one features full LED headlights and a revised grill and bumper. That'll make it easier for you to differentiate between the two.




Shiva Prasad, Designed and manufactured a F1 model car

It's because BMW 7 series is made in India (Chennai and Haryana plants)

The policy was "Make in India", not "Use Indian origin company products"


This car includes

Thick bullet proof glass windows

1.gas proof chamber (in case of gas attack)

2.Optimised armour plates

3.self sealing fuel tank, does not explode under any circumstances

4.An attack alarm and intercom system enable the occupants to communicate with outer world without leaving vehicle

5.high power engine for higher accelerations

Which Indian automobile company could make these cars , Maruthi ? Tata ? Nah! 

Play safe !!












还是要注意安全啊! !


Pranav Kalidas, Inter-Graduate from SIES College of Arts, Science, and Commerce (2019)

Well, when Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India, he can’t be treated as a common man even if he himself wishes to.

1.If Narendra Modi travels in middle classed car, there are some waiting to troll it.

2.If Modi ji travels in middle classed car, his security is compromised. Again, some are waiting it to happen.

3.Finally, BMW has participated in the ‘Make in India’ initiative and also has a manufacturing plant in Chennai.

In country where even the farthest relative of a politician is benefited, this man is such down-to-earth that his own brother is an auto driver.

Thank You








Jay Patel, Make in India is like a bus that we caught after decades before we lost it.

Add one more, that, why does he use iPhone...

See, the point is, it's all about managing the priorities rightly. He could have definitely opted for his favorite Scorpio putting the security of Prime Minister of India at stake. So, in such situation you have to see the bigger picture. And at this time BMW is providing all the required security features which Mahindra & Mahindra doesn't but again that shouldn't be seen in a wrong way. Security of PM is way more than the promotion of Make in India any day. And lastly, I do not think such decisions are taken by PM himself as these are the decisions which generally taken care by security agencies.




Bala Senthil Kumar, As required

Because it is made in India.



BMW India

It is a good way to encourage more investment and to support larger employment and economic growth.

The PM of India should travel in a nice car, too.

The above said, there is no doubt the Intelligence Bureau or Special Protection Group would have been entrusted with the job of choosing a robust PM vehicle that can be armoured, engineered to be bullet proof, fast, help if a getaway is needed, and be ultra reliable.

All this extra engineering work would have been done in India for our PM






Manish Kumar, lives in India

Prime Minister's security is handled by Special Protection Group (SPG). They decide and if deem it necessary that BMWs provide best security, the PM has no option but the abide to that.

Modi had expressed it desire to travel in Mahindra Scorpio, a made in India product and his favorite vehicle, after he won the elections but SPG didn't approve it. Many other answers also have pointed this out.




Dinku Singh, Engineer by education and anthropologist by profession

Apart from security and other technical things, one important thing to know is to understand make in India. It is make in India not made by Indian. If a foreign company setup its plant in India, it becomes a part of make in India. Their is nothing in make in india to suggest that it is for indian people only.

BMW is part of India for long and has a manufacturing plant in chennai. It can be another issue that whether the model used by modi is made in Indian factory or not. When Mr. PM gave the slogan of make in India, he also invited companies from other nations to come and make in India.




Deepesh Krishnan, Make In India Member

I think you don't know what "MAKE IN INDIA" means.... First of all its a marketing platform for Foreign MNC's or we can say literally its FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) which empowers Indian economy. Make In India never says that only Indian Origin Companies should be participated, moreover we are looking for Foreign Company's to Invest in our Country.

Now, to answer your question BMW have a Production Plant in Chennai, FYI, and after all Sir, Resp. Narendra Modi is the "Prime Minister" of India,

Prime Minister is the Chief of Govt and Chief Advisor to the President of India.




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