PM Modi not invincible, don't forget 2004: Sonia Gandhi



NEW DELHI: UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Thursday said that PM Modi was not invincible and warned the BJP not to forget the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was predicted to return to power but the Congress won the electoral battle.


When asked by media personnel if she thought PM Narendra Modi was invincible, Sonia Gandhi said, "Not at all. Don't forget 2004. Vajpayee Ji was invincible, but we won."


Sonia on Thursday filed her nomination papers from the Rae Bareli Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

She was accompanied by her son and Congress president Rahul Gandhi, daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and her son-in-law Robert Vadra.


Before filing her nomination papers at the collectorate here, the UPA chairperson held a roadshow and offered puja at the Congress central office here.



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Straight Bat - 2 hours ago -Follow

It applies to you also madam. Don''t forget 2014 !



Raj - 2 hours ago -Follow

This time we will take care and will vote for BJP only. thank you remembering 2004.



Don Devaiah - 2 hours ago -Follow

Modi was not PM candidate in 2004 ...but he was for 2014 ...he is for 2019 ... don''t forget that !!



Bala subramanian - 2 hours ago -Follow

Modi is the best bet for us to lead our country forward...given the current options that we have.



Dilip - 2 hours ago -Follow

Aren''t you satisfied looting the country 70 years that you still want to come back



Sandip Chatterji - Dallas, Texas - 2 hours ago -Follow

Wearing a sari and speaking Hindi in heavily Italian accent does maketh an Indian . Sure we will not forget that you’re a foreigner who’s living in India to steal from the Indian treasury and siphon off the funds to Switzerland

Do tell how having only passed Grade 5th you did not even complete High School yet you ended up on Forbes as the 4th richest woman in the world with a net worth of 17 billion . If you disclose this magical turnaround in fortunes I promise to vote for you




Dinil G - 2 hours ago -Follow

I agree completely with her.. people should not forget 2004 need to come out and vote in numbers for bjp



Jd - Kolkata - 2 hours ago -Follow

I will never ever vote for Congress till the time they get over with the GANDHI infatuation.



Latika Misal - 2 hours ago -Follow

Madam, u should also never forget He is Modi not Atalji...u better do pack up,ur political days are numbered..u even don''t deserve to make comment on NAMO! Scamgressi,hahaha...



Mera - 2 hours ago -Follow

Because this is 2019, not 2004.



Vishwas Mokashi - 2 hours ago -Follow

Does Congress have any plan for India''s progress? or it is just spreading negativity against Modi, Caste Politics, slogans of Garibi Hatao, Ghotala''s, decision making paralysis? and what not...



Aravindan - Kuala Lumpur - 2 hours ago -Follow

Sonia stupid, thinking of 2004, now is 2019 and the case is totally different.



Gaana User - 2 hours ago -Follow

Pls don’t forget to vote BJP : sonia Gandhi ( fake Gandhi)



Sunil Kumar K K - 1 hour ago -Follow

Yes we all remember the chaos and corruption happened for next 10 years



Achuta Bhat - 2 hours ago -Follow

Modi was not a PM candidate in 2004



Shailesh - 1 hour ago -Follow

fake gandhis are mafia. modi is the only person who knows how to deal with this mafia gang.



Baiju - 2 hours ago -Follow

India we need 100s Modi but sadly they are in short supply. We have only one, don’t loose him. Pappu aur uski mommy are enemies of the country, mainly of Hindus. Throw them out of parliament and subsequently into the jail.



Gunnam Krishna - 1 hour ago -Follow

Only a stupid can vote for you



Sundar K - 2 hours ago -Follow

NaMo is no AB and 2019 is not 2004. The voters are now super intelligent to know what is good and what is bad for them. The congress has fooled the voters for long. They should realize that they cant make fools of everybody all the time.

莫迪不是瓦杰帕伊, 2019年的情况和2004年也不同。选民们现在非常聪明,知道谁好,谁不好。国大党长期以来愚弄选民。


Shailesh - 1 hour ago -Follow

modi is not vajpayi. modi knows how to deal with fake gandhis.



Ramachandran Chidambaram - Location - 2 hours ago -Follow

Modi is the best politician to lead India..



utpal sarma - 2 hours ago -Follow

Mama is scared!! Pappu will fail again.



Ashwani - 2 hours ago -Follow




Thomas Cheenath - India - 2 hours ago -Follow

she is a decent woman , never slings mud on her political opponents.. not like the filthy leaders of BJP



Pgel - New Delhi - 1 hour ago -Follow

Let's start a movement to get India rid of this looter family! Jai Hind !!!!

让我们发动一场运动,让印度摆脱这个家族! 印度必胜! ! ! !


Jeetendra Bafna - 1 hour ago -Follow

Please my fellow indians kick these Italians out of the country



Tushar - 1 hour ago -Follow

Madam, yes Modi ji is INVINCIBLE.



Prady - 2 hours ago -Follow

wasn't she announced she is taking retired from politics long back ?



Manohar - Vadodara - 14 mins ago -Follow

2019 is not 2004.It is Modi who has worked wonders and will continue to do that.



Desh Premi - 1 hour ago -Follow

Corrupt congress is ho for a miracle



Think About - USA - 1 hour ago -Follow

it's India. anything can happen.


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