India to get eye in sky to track planes over its ocean



NEW DELHI: Come next January and India will be able to know the exact position of aircraft flying over the vast stretches of Indian Ocean falling in airspace of its own as well as that administered by it, every 30 seconds. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has tied up with American company Aireon that with its partners provides space-based global air traffic surveillance sy em. On land, planes equipped with automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) sy ems beam their positions to ground-based receivers every few seconds.


India has 30 such receivers, which, in turn, send the positional data to connected ATC mon oring sy ems, giving exact position of aircraft. But when over the vast ocean, air traffic controllers (ATC) get only a rough idea of position of aircraft.


"From next January, aircraft with ADS-B sy em will beam their exact position every 30 seconds to satellites of Aireon sy em, which will then send the data to our ATC sy ems in real time. Thus even over ocean we will know exactly where an aircraft is. We will roll out this sy em in airspace that we mon or and offer it free of charge to airlines flying and overflying there. That will vastly improve the quality of service that Indian ATC offers," Vineet Gulati, member (air navigation services, and head of AAI's air traffic control told TOI.

AAI的空中交通管制负责人Vineet Gulati告诉印度时报:“从明年一月开始,装有ADS-B系统的飞机每30秒将向Aireon系统的卫星发送一次精确的位置信息,之后Aireon系统会将数据实时发送到我们的空中交通管制系统。因此,以后即使在海上,我们也能知道飞机的确切位置。我们将在我们的空域部署这一系统,并免费为在此空域飞行的航空公司提供服务。这将大大提高印度空中交通管制中心的服务质量。”


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ONE LINER Challenge • 6 hours ago

ThaT is Modi Ji''s THIRD EYE



ONE LINER Challenge • Sharjah • 21 mins ago

or is it Amit Shahs. This guys have no clue about such things besides fooling the people



ONE LINER Challenge • 1 hour ago

Pls use ur authority and force to close it if he opens 3 eyes all india nd world will be wiped out.....



Joe Jacob • 1 hour ago

When he opens his 3rd Eye- Congress and

Gyan-andhis will be WIPED OUT



ONE LINER Challenge • Byander • 1 hour ago




ONE LINER Challenge • 2 hours ago

70 years nothing has changed .nothing was done .IN FIVE YEARS WE become super power.qe dest yed Pakistan.we elimanated poverty.we are number one country in the world .our parents and grand parents suffered 70 years and lived a miserable life .IT WAS SO SAD 70 YEARS OF India .Modi modi modi modi

Modi is God .we all need to keep his photo in home




NE LINER Challenge • 4 hours ago

During these ions, Vers are interested in the State of the Economy and Job Creation for the millions Unemployed, not about war and satellites.



Sun Rise • 3 hours ago

If country is safe it will prosfer and living standard of citizen will improve.



ONE LINER Challenge • 2 hours ago

Tell one achievement of this gt



Jose Indian • 1 hour ago

PMO Coffee/Tea Bil under Modi Rs50,000 /Year- Under MMS same is Rs10Cr of your Money- Delhi CMO- 5 Cr- all your Tax Money- I have already saved 10Cr pf your Money _



Rai Saheb • 5 hours ago

India is doing well under leadership of Karmyogi and Yug Purush Modi Ji and BJP!! Modi Ji is inspiring all Indians to do their best without any discrimination. We are worried if Mus ms, and Congressi followers succeeded in bringing back Mus m Party Congress into power then that would be end of India. Same old things will return ....

在莫迪和印度人民党领导下,印度发展得很好! 莫迪激励所有印度人做到最好,没有任何歧视。我们担心,如果国大党重新,那印度就完蛋了。又会回到老样子,


Gopal Hingorani • Adede • 4 hours ago

Open up eyes and do not sell your Soul to Congress and Gathbandhan''s ; just for the sake of following blindly the DYNASTY without reasons.See the pride Modi''s policies are bringing to all Indian''s. Open Ur eyes & Soul before it is too late



Gopal Hingorani • 1 hour ago

Only time will tell who is selling whose soul and to whom.



Whadafa • Here • 3 hours ago

Purely because of BJP/Modi. If Scumgress had been in power, India would be common ground for te rort strikes, more scams, conversions to Is m/Chr tianity, and nothing for space/defence/grassroot welfare/economy etc.



Dan Shaw • 3 hours ago

Eventually India must have its own sysytem so that the US company cannot stop data flow during a war situation.



Arun Choudhary • 3 hours ago

It proves modi’s advanced vision for kee safe India ,,,



Election Fever • Delhi • 5 hours ago

can''t ISRO design own satellites to mon or air space over India and Indian ocean.



Mohan K • Hyderabad • 4 hours ago

There is a need to have more vigil through air as India has more enemies around and the new technology would give much feed to the armed forces to get ready in the event of sudden attack.



Vinod Aggarwal • INDIA • 1 hour ago




Vijay • 2 hours ago

A very good development



Swapan Chatterjee • Kolkata • 3 hours ago

Why cant India build the sy em indigenously?



Pradeep • 1 hour ago

Every Indian must feel proud and safe with Modiji at the helm leading the nation to become a fast develo super power.



Ash B • 1 hour ago

Modi hai to mumkin hai.. aim high, hit high.. even in a case of failure to meet targets, you achieve more than others...









Nriguy • New York • 5 hours ago

All these announcements during ion period, That too sive release to media. Haha!



Nriguy • Sydney • 4 hours ago

does ion time mean all news should be stopped? where did it mention that this was go nment initiative? it is a department initiative, Irrespective of the ruling



Subhash Shirke • 36 mins ago

Why American Satellites? Where are our satellites? Is Isro Satellites are not capable yo do this work? Or it is again a new ploy to fund US industry by Indian taxpayers hard earned money?



Gururaj Narayan • Bengaluru • 37 mins ago

I suppose this eye-in-the-sky also may have defence applications.


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