I have several friends in opposition, Mamata still gifts me kurtas every year: PM Narendra Modi



NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday revealed that he shares a warm relationship with many opposition leaders, including West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee.


In an interview to ANI with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, the Prime Minister said that the Trinamool Congress chief still sends him kurtas and Bengali sweets “once or twice” in a year.


"I have several friends in opposition parties. You will be surprised to know that Mamata didi even now will personally select one or two kurtas for me every year," he said.


The Prime Minister also revealed that the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina started the trend of exchanging Bengali sweets. "When Mamata didi came to know about it, she too started sending me Bengali sweets," he added.


When Prime Minister was asked if he longs to live with his family, the PM said that he had detached himself from his family at a very young age.


"If I had become Prime Minister and then left the home then naturally I would have wanted to stay with them. However, I left my family at a very young age," he said.


"Since I left them at such an early stage in my life, I have lived a detached life. It is difficult to leave the house after a certain stage in life. It might have hurt when I left but now I have got accustomed to living this life," the PM added.



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Kumar krishnan • 2 days ago

Love you dear Modiji & wish you long life & all the best wishes



Kumar krishnan • BLR • 2 days ago

Modi was extremely mature for his age to realize that his "marriage" was really child marriage and it was unlawful to start with. Besides, he realized that it would interfere with the path he sought - One of service to humanity and that''''s why he went Ramakrishna Ashram and sought to become a monk there like Swami Vivekananda, his idol. Monks at Ramakrishan Ashram advised him to follow the path of politics to serve the humanity and he pursued that goal by serving people through RSS. Just as Budha left his wife to pursue purity, realization to serve humanity, Modi left his wife to serve humanity and the country...Strangely enough Gautam Budha''s wife’s name is Yashodhara and Modi''''s "wife''''s" is Yashoda (spelled Jasodha) too...Country is blessed to have Modi as the leader indeed...



Hariharan K.Krishnan • 2 days ago

A GREAT Preson will remain GREAT iirespective of what a handful of opposition propogates about him. We can be proud of our Prime Minister. I really feel for him hearing the false propoganda against him by the Opposition.... In the last 5 years have we ever heard of him speaking anything communal?? He Always speaks of 130 Crores Indians....



Hariharan K.Krishnan • 1 day ago

Each one of us should make at least 10 people to realize the importance of Modi coming to power again.



Hemant • Mumbai • 2 days ago

The humblest politician in India interviewed by the Humblest actor of Bollywood..



Sandeep Bhandarkar • 2 days ago

when Modiji gets elected as PM again,he needs to deliver more than the last 5 years.All the best Modiji. Wishing you all the success.



Sandeep Bhandarkar • 2 days ago

We have lot of expectations from his second term .Let us see how will he do



Love your heritage • 2 days ago

Modiji, keep a safe distance from this lady who essentially has destroyed the true spirit and culture of Bengal!!!



Love your heritage • Pakistan • 2 days ago

Modi has kept his own house safe by even kicking out his own wife from his culture and spirit.



Arhaan Dey • 2 days ago

As a proud Bengali, I would like to warn PM Modi NOT to accept any gifts from Mumtaz Begum. Mumtaz has made life hell for Hindus in West Bengal.



Pradeep • 2 days ago

Whether you love Narendra Modiji or hate him, it is your choice. He is unique - only one - person in the country, all Indians are discussing about, on a daily basis.



H E L L O • 2 days ago

Modiji left home for serving country.

Raul Vinci ditched own country for Swiss account.




Ankit Sehrawat • New Delhi • 2 days ago

Definitely among the best PM India ever had



Truth • 2 days ago

Modi is a very nice person! Hard working!

莫迪是一个好人! 工作非常努力!


Deadsoul • 2 days ago

He need new enemies, the old one are becoming his fan!!!



mahendra thakar • 2 days ago

very honest and straight forward in replies, no hypocrisy, 100% dedicated to the nation, no personal ambitions, no family or personal friends God bless you and may give you long healthy life



Sunny • Noida • 2 days ago

Modi ji will be re elected and lead the country to another India.. a better



Love your heritage • 2 days ago

This lady is a snake which can bite anyone.She has created an ecosystem of co ption, illegal activities with police, mafias using state machinery through hate and fear. She can do anything to win!!!



prateek Modi • Jaipur, Rajasthan • 2 days ago

good luck Modi ji



Indian • Mumbai • 2 days ago

In today's politics hardly there is such a multi talented and with great humour individual exists.

After long suffering India is truly blessed with Great Leader to pull the Nation out of Pit.




Madan Mohan Siddhanthi • Mumbai • 2 days ago

but I know modi ji has been trying to resurrect this country which was led to rot under co ption and low value systems



Spidey • 2 days ago

He has time to give interviews but no press conference .



Ajay Gupta • 2 days ago

East or West Modi is the best.



ranjan vohra • 2 days ago

love you modi ji . India needs you as a prime minister for another 20 years . i will pray to God for your good health



Arun Choudhary • 2 days ago

Modi ji is very true ,,,honest ,,hard working leader of India who helps to lmprove India ,,,not their own family & relatives



Philipose Sunny Philipose • 2 days ago

Jay modygy you are the last hope for India



2 days ago

VOTE for MoDi



Bhanoo dwivedi • 2 days ago

We are with you sir



Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata • 2 days ago

We need Modiji as our PM for a very long time for the development of a strong nation.



Bharath Reddy • 2 days ago

Modi spent Rs 4343 crores on publicity and advertizing. RTI

This is part of it


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