I am from most backward caste: PM Modi hits out at Mayawati



KANNAUJ/HARDOI: PM Modi on Saturday emphasised his ‘most backward caste’ background as he went all guns blazing at BSP chief Mayawati for her acerbic comment dubbing Modi as a ‘fake OBC’.


At rallies in Hardoi, Kannauj and Sitapur, Modi said, “As you are playing the game of forward and backward caste politics and issuing my caste certificate, let me tell you I belong to the most backward caste, which is so miniscule you may not even trace a single house of my caste in a village.”


He recounted the renaming of a medical college in Kannauj, named after Ambedkar and rechristened by the Akhilesh Yadav government. “The previous SP regime even removed Babasaheb’s name plate from Kannauj Medical College. However, BSP chief Mayawati has forgotten this in her greed for power and is campaigning for SP,” he said.


He accused opposition parties, including SP, BSP and the Congress, of a single-point agenda of seeking power to amass wealth. “Inka mantra hai, jaat paat japna, janata ka maal apna,” he said. (Their mantra is to get votes on caste, and loot public money.)



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Mahila Utthan Samiti MUS• 1093 • Ordinary Common Man • 3 hours ago

Hard to understand the enthusiasm of many Indians for such a backward leader, who is making blunder after blunder.



Nitish Choudhary• 558 • Nitish • Delhi • 7 hours ago

Modi is the only person who comes after 70 year who can wish peace ,clean, robbers less country , village and choar



Mera Bharath • 6 hours ago

BJP Full of Buffons & chor, don;t talk who is perfect idiot.



Bhargav • 7 hours ago

Modi is more often than not flaunting his so-called backward caste status profoundly contradicting his Hindutva stance.  Modi is a fake OBC and represent the Ghanchi caste , who are primarily flourishing Oil merchants and belong to a sub-caste of Bania. It was included in the backward caste status only around the early 2000 in a caste reorganization measure.



Yashodhan • Mumbai • 4 hours ago

if you are from backward caste then why you did not show solidarity when Dalits were lynched in Gujrat and rest of the country.


Yashodhan Muzumdar • 3 hours ago

Dakota were lynched never before 2014?



Dreet • 6 hours ago

No one's talking about Ram Temple Demonetization Gujarat model these days



Dreet • 5 hours ago

Yep coz people have lost hopes as nothing turned out as development for the past 5 years. Dialogues won't work, we need man of action



Varaprasad Kodela • 3 hours ago

Perhaps one of the weak P.M India had, who always claims caste, religion, Airstrikes, India- Pak , destroying systems for his self goals etc



Vishnu • 6 hours ago

Most backward in thoughts and taking india to 20 years behind and reduce jobs and growth



vishnu varthanan • BLR • 1 hour ago

Yeah sure...India was the most advanced country in the world in 2014 before Modi became PM...



High T • Location • 5 hours ago

What a low level of campaigning as even the PM cites caste to get votes. Cant he talk of achievements if any? Pathetic.


Chennai • 5 hours ago

You are the pathetic one for being oblivious to the progress India achieved in the last five years.



Elias Ponodath • Pune, Maharashtra • 6 hours ago

Modiji - you are for only your few friends who are rich



Democratic Indian • 4 hours ago

Let us abolish caste system from our country so that fake leaders like him can not take advantage . But then he will divide people on the basis of religion. That is what he does best. He divides us to rule us.



Democratic Indian • 3 hours ago

Your hero worship Nehru/Gandhi family since independence has been dividing the country on the basis of religion & caste promoting illegal entry of muslims from B’desh into N.E states to create vote banks & now u have the audacity to blame & criticize Modi.



Rajdeep • 4 hours ago

Few days back i heard him saying i dont do caste politics.

Today he is saying i am from most backward class.




jsundeep • Location • 4 hours ago

Nothing else is working. So the useless crook is resorting to caste card.



Srini • hyd • 3 hours ago

After all Modi gimmicks failed, his true color is out. He is the biggest anti national.



Adi • 4 hours ago

Mayawati is high handed low minded scum. Its a travesty we have politiciansof such low calibre



Avtaar • Earthling • 3 hours ago

Forget caste ...feku is most backward in everything else too...



Srini • hyd • 3 hours ago

PM talking about caste before election.



Prem Anand• 13484 • Prem • 3 hours ago

Modi Ji you are a Hindu Nationalist.



Chowkidaar Chor Hai• 17082 • Chowkidaar • Gurugram • 3 hours ago

If yuo are also maha backward then you can marry Mayawati and live happily ever after.



Bharat • Bharat • Bharat • 3 hours ago

Been a huge fan of NaMo, never voted based on which caste he has come from; all I wanted is a strong leader but now I am very disappointed that I have been voting for a castist. At this age of mine, I have now realised that I will not be able see a caste less Indian society, very disappointing & depressing.



Chary • Mumbai • 4 hours ago

Modi becomes backward caste only during elections he at other times moves around in expensive clothes does not bother about backward castes


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