PM has time for US trip, but not for presting farmers: Priyanka Gandhi



VARANASI: Highlighting the recent violence and deaths at Lakhimpur Kheri, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday said her will “fight BJP like it fought for fre m from the British.”

瓦拉纳西:周日,国大党领袖普里扬卡·甘地强调了最近在Lakhimpur Kheri发生的死亡事件,她说其政党将“效仿从英国人手中争取自由一样,和印度人民党战斗。”

With her forehead smeared with the trademark sandalwood paste from Kashi Vishwanath, a beaded rudraksha and vermilion thread around her wrist, and a Goddess Durga incantation on her lips, Priyanka sought to convey the mix of po itical signals.

普里扬卡的额头涂着Kashi Vishwanath的标志性檀香木膏,手腕上戴着珠饰rudraksha和朱砂线,嘴唇上画着杜尔加女神符咒,她试图传达正确的政治信号。

The Congress leader set out a scathing criticism of BJP and PM Narendra Modi, alleging that Dalits, tribals, women, and marginalised were all feeling harassed under the BJP go nment.


Flanked by Congress leaders, including Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel, Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Hooda, and former Union ministers Salman Khurshid and PL Punia, Priyanka asked people to introspect about whether ‘Vikas (development and progress)’ had really come knocking at their doors as was promised by BJP.

在包括恰蒂斯加尔邦首席部长Bhupesh Baghel、联邦院议员Deepender Hooda、前联邦部长Salman Khurshid和PL Punia在内的国大党领导人的支持下,普里扬卡要求人们反思“Vikas(发展和进步)”是否真的像人民党承诺的那样来到了他们的家门口。

“It is these farmers and their children who are precting our frontiers... Modi ji has time to visit US and Japan, but no time to meet and talk to the farmers presting 10 kms away from his house... He who calls himself a ‘Ganga Putra’ has insulted all the other Ganga putras,” she said.



Shankar Pradhan

No matter how much dr she do or khangress do, we will not ver either her or her khangress. whatever the problem india is facing today is due to her father, forefather, grandmother done. Mixture product of hindu, mus m, parshi, fake Gandhi.. Modi and bjp came like God



Rahul K

no one has time for fake po itical farmers. first priyanka should tell the nation 1. how can a farmer survive by presting for continuous 2 years. 2. how the prestors get 1000 rs. daily 3. who is paying for the biryani and food for over 1000 farmers.Middle class people cant effort food if they dont work for few months, how farmers are doing it.



uma gupta

Priyanka or her current family, never had a position, forget being respondible, in the Govt. so she has no clue what are important and bigger issues in the daily routine of a PM.It will be a good idea for her to speak about her mission and objectives in her po itical life towards nation building. She had until now a priviledged life which is coming to end soon.



Prashant Suryawanshi

That's lady, coz PM is doing actual work and you are good for nothing. You are just trying to garner mileage out of the situation. That's what your family has done since decades, mileage/profit outta situation I mean.



Maverick K

we just got fre m from your from last 7 years




At least PM doesn't go to Thailand on holidays for sandwich massages.



Rao G

This lady has no experience even as a small time clerk in a go nment department, is advising the PM of country……and her CMs and leaders ,are flanking her as if she is a visionary, coming straight from the heavens …




Wow the same gandhi’s were in the business of loot of farmers lands in Haryana and NCR area and batting for farmers, bravo.. The double standard can be renamed after the nakli Gandhi’s..



Devanshu Shakya

Just like her baby bro, we don't her seriously too.



Ji Pran

Mrs Vadra is now blindly for Sikhs and her grand mother and father were directly involved in killing not four to five Sikhs but in thousands.



B Srinivasan

Priyanka must be desperate to join her brother RAHUL's "STUPIDITY GANG"to utter such nonsense.




Opportunist trying to capture front page without doing anything. Drop the gandi in the name you are no body, exploiting and misusing gandis name to get milage.



Prashant Suryawanshi

You are lady, that's coz PM is busy doing actual work. whilst you just trying to garner mileage out of the situation. so you have total free time and PM doesn't. Also not to forget that he is the PM and you aren't anything much....



Vinod Kumar

If he starts visiting each and every location , every in dent / accident location, then what people like you will do. He has "outsourced" such visits to you, Pappu, Sidhu and Akhilesh.




More clowns showing up from scamgress



Sonia Arora

yes because he is is the prime minister of the country and has to represent the country on the world stage , a task that he is doing so well, where as you are just a opportunistic gandhi who thrives on sensationalism and wants to bring the whole country to its knees




Rao G

This lady little understands that, the small crowd gathered to listen to her, have come out of curiosity, to see her……



Ravi Narayanan

kiji! Modiji doesn't have time for thugs, miscreants and Khalistani mobs. His time will be better spent on Quad meeting in the US




Because PM has better things to do.....prests are congress's creation....Thank God our PM is sane enough to understand this and had gone to US and is taking the nation forward and not visiting the presting middlemen from Punjab ...who are being funded by anti-nationals to pull down the country...



venkat abhiram

Both these Gandhi siblings are a curse to the nation. neither would they work nor would they allow someone else to do something for the nation!!




Italians never fought for Indian independence.


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