Modi wave alone will not help BJP win local ions in Karnataka: BS Yediyurappa



DAVANAGERE: Former chief minister BS Yediyurappa said Prime Minister Narendra Modi wave alone cannot win ions in Karnataka.

卡纳塔克邦前首席部长BS Yediyurappa表示,单靠总理纳伦德拉·莫迪无法赢得卡纳塔克邦的选举。

“Let us not be under any illusion that we can win all ions by using Modi’s name. It may be easy to win Lok Sabha ions but in the state, we cannot bank only on that. We must reach out to people with development work,” he said on Sunday.


At the state executive meeting here, he said the litmus test is to win the Hangal and Sindagi bypolls.


“We know what will be the message if we lose these ions. We shouldn’t think these will be easy wins. The opposition is strong and we should give due credit to them and their calculations,” he said, adding that the next two years are packed with ions.


“No doubt BJP will retain power at the Centre after the 2024 Lok Sabha polls under Modi’s leadership. However, one must strengthen the to ensure success in all ions. We should take leaders of the SC, ST and other backward communities into confidence and form teams of youths and women at the booth level,” he added.


He said: “We’ve learnt that KPCC presi nt DK Shivakumar has contacted two of our MLAs. I told workers to be cautious as Congress leaders are actively seeking power and warned them not to underestimate opponents.”

他说:“我们了解到KPCC主席DK Shivakumar已经联系了我们的两名议员。我告诉他们要谨慎,因为国大党领导人正在积极寻求,并警告他们不要低估对手。”

Later, chief minister Basavaraj Bommai praised Yediyurappa and credited the four-time CM for BJP coming to power for the second time in 10 years.

随后,首席部长Basavaraj Bommai赞扬了Yediyurappa,并称赞这位四任首席部长帮助人民党在10年内二次。


Purshottam Agrawal

Modi wave is there across the country. All opposition leaders are clearly seeing it and putting on their life guards.



HoMely Meals Kitchen Vlog

hahah originally he said Modi wave is no more... please do not take modi name at all .. show your development work and ask for ve



Inderjeet Dhawan

Exactly, BSY is 100% correct.State govt will have to show their developmental work.Modi has done enough but in states it is the state govt who has to perform.



Suresh Kumar

Well said Yediyurappa. Most Indians cant see anyone else than Mr.Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. At present , he is the most suitable as a sincere, resolute and visionary leader. In states , BJP has to find good leaders to win ions. Had BJP could find one in Bengal in the recent ion, they could have won that state.



Mukesh Sheladia

Words are correct. However, it's difficult to imagine his motive behind this statement. Whether, he is expressing displeasure about his et or other reasons. It seems he is indirectly threatening that without him, would lose.



raghav Rao

Look at this old heart, who thoroughly indulged in nepotism, co ption, dged BJP' image



Faiyaz Ansari

Bjp creating divide amongst people


Veeraiah Vanla

Better say "BJP is trying to take advantage of divisions in the society"



Nilamkumar Buch

Wave can not last too long. State and local go nment have to look after problems of the public. National issues are different from locals.



akash76 y

only sensible man in bjp


Harish PK

in that case you should be insane



Deepak Behera

After handling of corona Modi ji can win anywhere.



K Ritesh Bits

Modi can not WIN without Local corrupt leaders




Kolkata got metro during early eighties where as po itical leadership in Karnataka mainly non BJP failed miserably on this aspect. Now BJP go nment must proactively take up this and bring in Metro Rail to important cities of Karnataka, by following example set by Yogini in UP.




everybody now knows that modi is a jumlebazz



raja suri

All po itical leaders including PM are highly selfish and self centred.



V For Vendetta

totally agree with BSY, I used to hate him, now I'm begng to like him, for having the courage to speak the truth




these bjp stooges get an enlightenment only when they are thrown out of power.




Please keep quite and see Modi wave in 2024 which will surprise many




BSY is finished po itically. India needs Modi for 100 more years.


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