PM Modi holds first bilateral meeting with US Presi nt Joe Biden: Key points



NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday met US Presi nt Joe Biden for their first bilateral meeting at the White House. He thanked Biden for the warm welcome accorded to him and his delegation at the White House.


"I thank you for the warm welcome accorded to me and my delegation. Earlier, we had an opportunity to hold discussions and at that time you had d out the vision for India-US bilateral relations. Today, you are taking initiatives to implement your vision for India-US relations," PM Modi said after interacting with Biden.


What Biden said:

* Mr Prime Minister, we're going to continue to build on our strong partnership.


* Biden also made a reference to Vice Presi nt Kla Harris's Indian heritage during the opening segment of their meeting, the first in-person meeting after he had become Presi nt.


* Four million Indian-Americans make US stronger every day. I believe US-India can help us solve a lot of challenges.


* We are watching a new chapter in India-US ties.


* Relationship between India and US, largest democracies in world, is destined to be stronger, closer and tighter.


*PM Modi and I are going to talk about what more we could do to fight Covid-19 and ensure stability in indo-pacific.


* I've long believed that US-India relationship can help us solve a lot of global challenges. In fact, back in 2006, I had said that by 2020 India & the US will be among the closest nations in the world.


What PM Modi said:


* Your leadership will certainly play an important role in how this decade is shaped.


* I see that under your leadership the seeds have been sown for India-US relations to expand.


* Today’s bilateral summit is important. We are meeting at the start of the third decade of this century. Your leadership will certainly play an important role in how this decade is shaped. The seeds have been sown for an even stronger friendship between India and USA.


* Technology is becoming a driving force. We have to utilise our talents to leverage technology for the greater global good.


Modi is visiting the US for the 7th time after assuming office in 2014. He had said his visit would be an occasion to strengthen the Indo-US Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership and exchange views on regional and global issues of mutual interest with Presi nt Biden.



Balhans Jayaswal

Hmmmm. ...... Biden talked in a lot of cliches.

Nothing concrete so far. ...




Don't trust democrats. They support Pak, Indian pseudo-seculars, leftists etc.

不要相信民 主党。他们支持巴基斯坦、印度的伪世俗主义者、左翼分子等。


Anjan Kesh

"abki baar trump sarkaar" - blunder by pm 2019. We should never have interfered in US ions. This is why local staff and not biden came to receive our pm at airport.



Syed Shahnawaz

Am sure presi nt Biden has given a few lessons to PM modi in how de ratic govt should act and behave, when their is a re gious intolerence and discrimination.



Ashwin Manohara

Feku is talking about seeds after cutting the whole jungle....



Nilesh Majmudar

po itics have no permanent friends and no permanent enemies..... everyone is selfish and hungry for power......our PM has campaigned ag inst Biden and Kla..... now can he get any favors from them ???



Vineet Khanna

Excellent intiative and collaboration by two biggest democracies of the world

Well done Modi

Proud of your achievements





Many people forgot before chai motu became pm America and UK rejected his diplomatic visa 4 times calling him a te rort in Gujarat riots. Once he is thrown out of pm seat all countries will treat him again the same

很多人忘了,在莫迪当上总理之前,美国和英国曾4次拒绝他的外交签证,称他是古吉拉特邦骚乱中的恐 怖分子。一旦他被赶下总理宝座,所有国家都会再次拒绝他的



Biden will offer nothing to Fekendra as Biden himself is drowned in domestic problems. Nothing will change after this visit.



Ashok Shetty

our PM spend some time on grooming for his US trip..moved from the image of Tagore



Jai Hind

visiting USA by Indian PMs always is wastage of Time and money..



Syed Shahnawaz

Hmmm! But presi nt Biden eats beef, how come chaddi gang is ok for PM modi to shake his hands with beef eater? Something is not !



Field Marshal

United States Of America again using India to tackle for its selfish means that is buying its old aircrafts.



Vinay N

Good to see that today we didn't cry about Pakistan in front of the US presi nt... Sometimes it's so disheartening to see the country with the 2nd largest army in the world to cry about Pakistan in front of other countries.




USA is India's friend only till India keeps on splurging vociferously on US won buying and keeps on doling out huge financial incentives for US corporations. The day India starts thinking about its own people and starts spending this huge amount of 100s of billions of dollars on people welfare, USA will dump India and ally even with India's enemy for market's sake.




A warm welcome from Ob to biden is common to indian PM, but nothing of strategic benifit will transpire for India after returing from US, Everything will be as usual



Farida Shaukath

Where is the hung of howdy modi nobody noticed his arrival even no headlines about his visit



ashish tiwary

USA is a backstabber…. France ko kya muh dikhoge Modiji. France has been India’s all weather friend…



Dayanand Babu

Few comments clearly show that these anti-nationals are rattled at Modi's brilliant interactions with powerful global leaders.



mohit chaturvedi

natural allies



Uday Gohil

Now after seeing and talking with Biden Modiji will be tension free!


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