Army women break another glass ceiling



NEW DELHI: Five women officers from "combat-support arms" have for the first time been cleared for promotion to the rank of Colonel (time-scale) in the Army after completing 26 years of service like their male counterparts.


The Army on Monday cleared the promotion of Lieutenant Colonels Sangeeta Sardana (Corps of Signals), Sonia Anand and Navneet Duggal (Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers), and Reenu Khanna and Ritcha Sagar (Corps of Engineers) to the Colonel (time-scale) rank.

周一陆军宣布,陆军中校Sangeeta Sardana、Sonia Anand和Navneet Duggal(电子和机械工程部队),以及Reenu Khanna和Ritcha Sagar(工程部队)晋升为上校。

An officer becomes a "sion-grade" Colonel in around 15-17 years. The "passed over" male officers become Colonel (time-scale) after completing 26 years of service.


The promotion of the five women officers is the outcome of a Supreme Court order to the 13-lakh strong Army last year to end gender bias and grant permanent commission (PC) to women officers in eight more branches, in addition to previously esting legal and education wings. Consequently, the Army has till now granted PC to 424 of the 615 short-service commission (SSC) women officers (who can only serve for a mamum of 14 years) e gible for it.


The Supreme Court had last week also allowed women to take the exam for the tri-Service National Defence Academy this year.


Women officers, excluding the medical stream, number just about 1,650 in the 43,000-strong officer cadre in the Army. Till now, women officers could reach the rank of Colonel only in the medical, legal and education streams.



shiv p

If there is kargil war again Can the nation depend on these 5 colonels to defend us??. Who will feel safe under them? The judges sit in ivory tower they don’t understand life.





Abhijoy Mitra

Go nment and Judicial sy em of India both turning a blindfolded supporter of feminists.



bodh ramdeo

Misogynists and male chauvinists are afraid their patriarchal, paternalistic, male-dominated world will come tumbling down if women allowed their s.

厌恶女性者和大男子主义者担心,如果赋予女性权利,他们男性主导的世界将会崩 溃。


Abhijit Sharma

Women in army are good for nothing. For feminist equality means opportunity, sry, promotion, pension but never in work or risk. Can this women combat with ji di mujhadeein or  Chinese. Wastage of people's tax.



Semms like you are no different in your thought process from those Mujahideens. I feel pity for the women in your life.



Banbir Das

Congratulations Lt Col Reenu Khanna on your promotion to the rank of Colonel with Corps of Engineers

恭喜Reenu Khanna中校晋升为陆军工程兵团的上校


Jagdish Madan

Congrats to all newly promed women colonels! That said, isn't 26 years a bit too late to prome army officers to the rank of colonels?




Arunava Biswas

If narendra modiji wants to become immortal in history, he should first give all types of facilities to Brahman,cows and women.



Arunava Biswas

It is very good.i think at least 50 percent posts of all the go nment and private offices should be secured for women including in the minister or mp or mla candidates posts.


Sampat Kalyan

LOL reservation for women leave the nation to idiots like you and it will be dest yed by women.



sanjay kumar singh

Sad day for the armed forces and country.Rights and equality issues are taking precedence over national security for ego satisfaction .



Need More Land

Army men should be on the border capturing more land. Peak by peak. Leave the women to do the other things.


Mister Sir

Army does need clean toilet, ironed clothes, tidy rooms.


Shyam Kumar

They should work also at par with male



Aditya Bhuyan

The court and socialists want social engineering everywhere to amke it mess.



Abhijoy Mitra

Because being women they are not freed from natural problems like periods, applying for pregnancy leave etc compared with their male counterparts.



Arunava Biswas

The bjp should keep their promise of free education and traveling to all women.



Abhijoy Mitra

It is not the issue that Women are not capable of joining higher offi al rank in armed services but because of media highlighting the topic



Bhanwar Awat

Women are now working with all Army in UK/USA and many advance Countries, Women sharing 50% of Population need to adjust them with quality working in supporting Army /IAF/Navy/BSF etc.



Abhijoy Mitra

We don't think news medias in Western nations prome these sorts of news related with women offi als getting promotions in defense forces and Go nment (mainly the ruling ) taking credits out of it.



Nirmaldeep Singh

Salute to the Great Indian Army



Aashi Gahoi

A big step taken by the Indian Army to prome women officers, even if it takes place with the order of Supreme court. It's high time we start recognising army women who deserve every bit of respect as their male counterparts.



Prabhakara Rao

Congratulations to all the Women Officers on getting their promotions to the rank of Colonel.


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