How strong is the Indian Army actually?



Karan Sachdev, A proud Indian; A defence Aspirant and an IT professional

I’ll try to answer this by using the example of 2008 Mumbai attacks. The NSG comes from the Indian army and is commanded by the officers of the special forces.


It looks very simple from outside. The city was attacked by 10 te rorts and situation was out of control for the Mumbai police and ATS. So the NSG was called in.. They killed 8 te rorts (1 killed and 1 arrested by Police/ATS) and freed the people.


But below are some of the points to be ned:


1.For 14 hours, the NSG was kept on stand-by. To expn the difficulty level of this simple statement to IT guys like me: Let us suppose you have to give a presentation at 9 AM. You reach the hall and you’re told you have to present 10 mins later.. then again delayed by 15 mins.. then delayed by 10 mins again and so on.. Your turn comes at 11 PM. (9 AM to 11 fuckin’ PM.) You can’t leave because you never know when you’ll be called in to present. (Just imagine how would your presentation go.. Completely messed up..)

1. 14个小时以来,国家安全卫队一直处于待命状态。为了向我这样的IT人士解释,我这么说吧:假设你必须在上午9点做演讲。你到达大厅后,他们告诉你要在10分钟演讲。然后延迟了15分钟。接着又推迟了10分钟,以此类推。晚上11点,终于轮到你了。(从早上9点一直等到晚上11点。)你不能离开,因为你永远不知道什么时候要演讲)想象一下你的演讲会做成什么样…你的节奏被完全打乱了. .)

2.When they left Delhi, there was one particular person who was leading. Most of the troops didn’t know each other as they keep rotating and changing units.


3.Upon reaching Mumbai, they were divided into three groups, so they have a new team leader now.


4.When they were called in, they didn’t have a map/blue print of any of the locations. It was there with BMC but not available at hand. so they cant plan from where to enter, where do we have rooms, where is the staircase etc etc.


5.Each of the hel rooms could have A. Te rorts B. Civilians C. Civilians captured by Te rorts. Hence they can’t use grenades. More than 1000 such rooms had to be cleared (one by one) manually.


6.Since the Taj is sea facing, there was no building opposite to the hel to give any cover fire or for the NSG to climb at a certain height and plan an assault etc.


7.Once they clear a floor and move to the next one, they had to leave at least to 2 men on that floor to handle te rorts, in case they come down. (So as they are approaching the top floors, the number of men we have is decreasing).


This is just a brief description of the difficulty level they had to face.


NSG rescued over 600 civilians from the three locations.. After the NSG took over, there was no civilian casualty.. Not a single civilian casualty.. The only casualties were the two martyrs (Maj Sandeep and Havaldar Gajendra Singh sahab.)

国家安全卫队从这三个地点救出了600多名平民。国家安全卫队接管后,没有再次出现平民伤亡。没有平民伤亡。唯一的伤亡是两名烈士(Maj Sandeep和Havaldar Gajendra Singh sahab)。

I could give numbers like we have N number of tanks, rifles, artillery guns, latest missiles, Nukes etc etc. but that’s not what makes an army strong..


The won is important, but the person holding the won is more than the won itself.


This is what our armed forces have proven time and again..


Whether its building a railway bridge in Mumbai, cleaning lakes in Bengaluru, saving children from bore well somewhere in Haryana.. Unfortunate natural cmities like the Uttarakhand floods, Ker floods, the earthquake in J&K in 2005, or the counter te rort operations along the borders in J&K or north east..


They come, They see.. They conquer and They humbly leave..


That’s what makes our Army the greatest of all..


Jai Hind!



Harishankar Pandey, Knows a few things about the Indian Armed Forces






Colonel Santosh Mahadik, Ambush Expert

Colonel Santosh Yashwant Mahadik, the CO of the 41 Rashtriya Rifles, got a tip-off from an officer of the 57 Rashtriya Rifles about a group of te rorts. Colonel Mahadik was a commando himself, originally from an elite Para-SF unit, so he was used to leading and sitting in ambushes for 2-3 days, even as a CO. He enjoyed being in the field.

管理41支Rashtriya步枪的指挥官Santosh Yashwant Mahadik上校从管理57支Rashtriya步枪的一名军官那里得到了关于一群分子的密报。Mahadik上校本人就是一名突击队员,最初来自一个精锐的Para-SF部队,所以他即使身为指挥官,也常常领导士兵埋伏2-3天。他喜欢战场上的感觉。

The search for the terrorrists was getting fierce and aggressive. Colonel Mahadik was concerned about the safety of the villagers and his men, while patrolling along the nullah.


Just outside the village they spotted something - a bottle of mineral water, and some freshly cooked rice and meat.


译文来源:三泰虎  http://www.santaihu.com/48263.html  译者:Joyceliu

Two things were clear and disturbing. The suspects were nearby, that was the good news; and they had likely abandoned their precious food because they had spotted the Army Team, and were certainly in a postion of advantage - that was the bad news. There was no time to readjust.


Then a burst of fire opened from the unknown hideout of one of the te rorts, and the army team also opened fire in retaliation. Colonel Mahadik was hit as nobody could see where the firing had come from.


The 3 men with the Colonel were in the open, and were sitting ducks because of being exposed to danger. To save his team, Colonel Mahadik opened fire even though blood was gushing from his wounds. He fired continuously while still being exposed and heavily wounded. He basically ensured that the te rort did not fire the men behind him.


He ran out of ammunition but still kept the te rorts on the defensive mode, and was successful in his attempt; but blood loss was heavy. Colonel Mahadik had to be air lifted with the assistance of Major Praveen.


While airlifting, Major Praveen got a call from Col. Mahadik’s wife. All she asked with a tearful quivering voice was “ZINDA RAHENGE YA NAHI RAHENGE ? BAS ITNA BATA DO” (Will he survive or not? Just answer this). This question still haunts Major Praveen.


Colonel Mahadik was declared brought-in dead at the 92 Base Hospital in Srinagar. Colonel Mahadik was martyred in the line of duty, but till his last moments, he ensured the safety of his men. Salute to the Brave soul and his family.



Col. Mahadik with his family - Happy Times. Wish time could stand still at these moments.






The Officer and the Gentlewoman


She is Lt. Swati Mahadik, wife of the Late Colonel Santosh Mahadik. She was commissioned into the Indian Army as Lieutenant in 2017.


As she completed her Passing-Out Parade, she broke down into tears both of joy and remembrance. The proud moment of the Passing Out Parade was witnessed by her son Swaraj and daughter Kartikee.


Such is the grit and determination of our Armed Forces and their families. She had silently resolved to join the Indian Army at the funeral of her husband in November 2015.


Swati had already crossed the upper age limit for entering the army, and it was only after the Indian Army and Ministry of Defence specially relaxed the age limit for her that she could initiate her new career goals.


After undergoing several rounds of SSB and physical fitness and medical examinations as part of the process, she was sed to join the Officers Training Academy in Chennai.


Her husband’s martyrdom did not become her tragedy, it was not her setback. It became her life fuel. Their children, too, will grow up knowing the true meaning of valour, family and patriotism.


Strength does not come from ammunitions, tanks and wons. It comes from the will power, determination and mettle of the minds operating these wons.




Salute to the people in uniform and their families.


A Heartfelt Thank you to the Press Information Bureau of India and Shiv Aroor of India Today and Rahul Singh of the Hindustan Times for the wonderful insight.


Jai Hind.



Oraf Moin, Proprietor at Hind National Exports (1992-present)

Strong enough , really strong, if you looked at the armed forces within an Indic prism but weak or too below pential if you look at us from the lens of a traditional power like British empire, Russian empire, Ottoman empire etc.


The modern Indic nation sees the army as a force designed to knock out any blitzkrieg onto our land as with what happened in 1962. We can make any war costly enough for even multiple aggressors to consider it not worth it.


But then we can't fight offensive wars or occupy new territory and hold it till it's incorporated into our mainland. No, our armed forces can't pull that off.


We can't fight a long theater war either but then we don't need to as we're nuclear armed already and are just a step away from intercontinental missile research conclusion. We have a robust space programme to complement this.


We are an excellent defensive force but we never were a warning expansionist nation even during Akbar. We ceased that since Kalinga battle under Asoka.



Dheeraj K. Shavan, Doctor of veterinary med from SKUAST Jammu

Indian army is the 2nd largest army in the world.But not in terms of numbers, Indian army has proven its strength time and again ,let me supplement it with few recent happenings in my state of j&k.



1.The guy encircled in the above pic is Naved Jutt the most dreaded te rort and commander of LeT in Kashmir. He is from Multan Pakistan. He has escaped from police custody 10 months back . Few days ago his video surfaced on net in which he was roaming outside his hideout and it was snowing there . Based on this video and inputs from it Indian army and intelligence agencies tracked him and he was killed along with his associates in Budgam today . This shows Indian army’s capability.

  1. 上图中圈中的人是克什米尔地区最可怕的分子和LeT的指挥官。他来自巴基斯坦的木尔坦。10个月前,他从警方的拘留中逃脱。几天前,他的视频出现在网上,当时他正在藏身之处外面散步,那里正在下雪。根据这个视频,印度军队和情报机构对他进行了跟踪,他和他的同伙今天在布加姆被杀。这显示了印度军队的能力。

moral: Indian army is too powerful to be challenged in this way . These te rorts had tried to show that Indian army is weak and they can openly post pics and videos online without being traced . Indian army proved them wrong .

Jai Hind.



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