Why is the Indian Army so weak?




Rahul Jhabak, Full Time Enthusiast

Yes. Indian army is weak.

1.Indian Army is weak because it ranks 4th among the World’s Top Army Rankings.

2.It is weak because it has won 4 consecutive wars ag inst Pakistan and 1 war ag inst .

3.It is weak because it has the world's fastest Cruise Missile BrahMos. It's range is approx. 450kms and travel between speeds 2.8 and 3 mach.

4.Indian army is weak because it has one of the longest range missile group AGNI. AGNI VI, which is currently under development, will have an undefeated range of around 12000 km.

5.Indian army is weak because it controls the world's highest battlefield, Siachen Glacier, which has an altitude of around 5000m Above sea Level.

6.Indian army is weak because it doesn't recruit people by force, thus having the largest “Voluntary” army in the world.

7.It is weak because our Army suffered only 2 casualties in the battle of Longewal, despite being heavily outnumbered. Such is the valour of our army.

8.Indian Army is weak because it carried Operation Rahat, the largest civilian rescue ever carried out by any country. A total of more than 20,000 people were successfully airlifted.

9.Last, but not the least, Indian army is weak because thay have never ever involved into any military coup, unlike Pakistan or Chile.

Our army is not Weak. So please don't ask such silly questions from next time.













Alcatraz Dey, Human, Endurance Biker & Author (2018-present)

Me: Sometimes I feel so bad that I cannot reply befittingly to everyone who question the capabilities of the Indian Army.

Coursemate (Captain in 9 Para SF): From the past 70 years, we have kept the enemies away giving up our lives day after day. A few attacks hyped by the media are shown here and there and everyone loses their mind. Tell any one of these incompetents to spend one day with me in Siachen without food holding a rifle, roaming around the border to safeguard it. Let me see how many will point fingers then.

Despite having enemies on all sides, the army has kept us all safe for so many years and assisted in so many rescue operations selflessly.

It is not weak, it is tolerant because it gives us the to open our phone, log in on social platforms and point fingers at it.






Bhagyesh Gayakwad, Btech Mechanical Engineering & Defense Aspirant, ITM (2020)

1 U. S..

2 Russia.

3 .

4 India.

So you can say we are weaker than above 3 countries but overall there are 195 countries in the world among which our position is number 4. Do you still think this is a bad position? If yes then have a look on the following things which shocked the whole world and make the Indian army, one of the deadliest army in the world




4 印度。



Alok Kumar, This is where I desire to be!

Let me just narrate you a small in dent.

A school headmistress (H) calls the father (F) of a student.

H: Hello Sir, this is Mrs.*****, the principal of ***** school where your son ***** studies.

F: Hello.

H: We are pleased to inform you that we have started a new sy em of accessing the progress of students during the class tests which allows the parents to get to know their childs' performance as an when the test is taking place.

F: All .

H: I am now going to transfer this call to the Maths teacher, Mr.***** who is about to conduct a test for your child. Please stay connected!

The Maths teacher (M) takes up the call and introduces himself to the father of the student and tells him that he should stay connected as his sons' performance will be accessed in front of him. The test starts!



H:先生您好,我是***** *夫人,您儿子*****就读的****学校的校长。






译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/48542.html 译者:Joyceliu

M: Ma'am do you think he (son) will be able to solve this problem?

H: I doubt.

M: Actually I think he won't. He is useless.

H: I guess, he is not at all attentive in class.

M: You can leave this one, don’t waste time.

Hearing all this, the father of the student gets furiated.

F: What sort of teachers are you. You aren't letting him try even and overall discouraging him badly. He won't know his real pential unless and until he tries.

M: Mr.***** this is exactly what you have been doing since past one month on the social media.

Sharing posts and commenting that our defence forces are nowhere close to that of and in case an urgency arises we won't be able to counter them. Isn't that discouraging your own peers and mates who are selflessly ready to sacrifice their life for people like us. Shouldn’t we motivate them and stand alongside?

The father of the student feels ashamed and dejected on hearing this.

I think, you must have got your answer. It’s the common people like us who make the Indian Defence strong or weak.













Kunal Singh, B.tech ECE from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore (2020)

Ohh Man! you made me laugh.

We are 4th largest army in the world and you think we are weak.

Man there is a psychological problem with this world if you are “peace loving” then they think you are weak that’s why you don’t fight with me.

May be we have less defense budget that doesn't mean we have a weak army.We have less budget because we have 10 times cher technology.






Anup Singh, works at Indian Air Force

Well, you must either be stupid or really stupid to put up such a question on a really useful forum. I did not say that you are acting stupid because no one can be so stupid.

Do you know anything about indian defence forces? Or you think you know anything about defence forces of or Pakistan? Only a stupid idiot, such as yourself would dare comparing armies. We lost 1962 because of idiocrisy of Mr. Nehru. Similarily, we won 1965 and 1975 because our leaders gave the top brass free hand to go about.

But, it is a different situation altogether. Battles are not only won by wons, it is also won by strength of our backs and tactical leadership, which I am sure you know nothing of.

My sincere suggestions is that you should check yourself for Iodine deficiency. It can cause brains to respond slowly. And pls stop asking such foolish questions or people would mistake your identity with that of Rahul babas






Deepak Tewari, Trainee at KPIT Technologies (2016-present)

My sympathies are with the one who asked this question. Indian Army is weak because of the type of people who ask these type of question.

It is weak because:

1.It uses SSB procedure to s officers. SSB is regarded as the toughest exam in the world. (Yes you heard that … world). So to become a part of the weak, you have to clear a damn tough exam. (Offf butthurt)

2.It is the fourth strongest armies in the world.

3.It currently has 14.5 lakh active personnel and 11.5 lakh reserve personnel. Ranked second in terms of active personnel. (OMG so weak)

4.It actively engages in help activities during natural cmities( only a weak army can coordinate well in all kind of terrains and situations)

5.Last but not the least, it gives us soldiers who say the following kind of weak words:








If death strikes me before I prove my blood, I swear I will kill death.

-Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey.

If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha.

-FM. Sam Manekshaw.

These soldiers not only said it, they proved it.


-Manoj Kumar Pandey。


-Sam Manekshaw。



Major wars/conflicts India has fought after independence are:

India- Military conflict of 1967:

It was not a war, but a conflict. Result: Indian victory.

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965:

Result: Inconclusive. Ceasefire. No boundary changes.

Indo-Pakistani War of 1971:

Result: Indian victory. No boundary changes.

Indo-Pakistani War of 1999:

Result: Indian victory. No boundary changes. Pakistan was pushed back.

Even knowing the history of mighty Indian army, asking this question is looking silly from you. Hope you I cleared your doubt.













I would like to mention one more thing here :-

Do you ever heard about Siachen ?

- Siachen is the worlds largest battle ground, at a height of over 7,000 meters, is located in the Kashmir region of Jammu and Kashmir. For years, India and Pakistan have been fighting over the region of Siachen.

Presently India holds two-thirds of the glacier and has commands over two of the three passes whereas Pakistan controls Gyong La pass.

The Indian Army controls a few of the highest peaks. The situation of the area is as such that Pakistani Army cannot get up to the glacier.

And you're saying, Indian Army is weak army!

(A Proud Indian)






目前,印度控制着三分之二的冰川,并控制着三个通道中的两个,而巴基斯坦控制着Gyong La pass。





Umang Kheria, Budding Entrepreneur

I won't provide you with facts to prove how true your cm is.

But this one question tells us a lot about you.

1.Most probably you are not an Indian . You are from a country which has an army weaker than India and you are jealous of this fact.

2.Maybe you once had some kind of altercation with this weak army , where you were thrashed /beaten up (punished)for committing a crime.

3.This weak army had a surgical strike once in a country which is known to harbour te rorts , maybe you are a proud citizen of that beautiful country(no hard feelings for the innocent ones) .

4.Also , maybe one of the pellet gun shots hit you hard. But it was your fault , why did you throw stones ?








Abhilash Kesav, Sr Designer at Dell EMC India (2018-present)

Nope Indian Army is not weak nor their men are weak.

They are thin compared to American or European counterparts because of the re gien & diet that they undergo. Please remember this doesn't mean they are weak.

What Indian army lacks when compared to US is infrastructure to project power across the world.

Couple of the answers pointed out that we are ranked 4th in world after , which is dumb stupid reply, we are better than because our military is Battle Hardened and experienced thanks to the Pakistan.

Hypothetically only county that could defeat India in an conventional war is US, even they would probably spiral down economically and disintegrated due to the war.

Yes due to undue stress coupled with worry of their family leading difficult life in India, they have high rates of deaths due to exhaustion or heart attack.








Krishnan, studied Master of Business Administration Degrees at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Who told you that the Indian Army is weak ? It is among the best in the world. Of course, there are areas in which other armies have relative strength in terms of wons sy ems. Fortunately, thanks to and the new po itical dispensation, the military is being given its due attention.



Dhruv Singhal

Hey! Are u completely illiterate?? If so, go commit suicide away. There is so much information available on the web. Read it in case u r barely literate or better. In case u r from an under developed country like Pakistan, I can easily forgive u for being illiterate. But in case u r from , well, God help that country becoz I thought they have a satisfactory education sy em (not as good as Singapore, Western Europe or the U. S.). The difference between India and the war loving countries of the world is that we approach defense from the perspective of maintaining our sovereignty & peace, not for creating trouble for other countries in the neighborhood & beyond. Do not forget the defeat gifted by the Indian forces to Pakistan in the 3 - 4 wars the latter initiated, just becoz Pakistan is now using demons (asuras or te rorts) instead of soldiers to fight a scattered war ag inst India & other countries.

嘿!你是大字不识一个的文盲吗?如果是这样,赶紧自杀谢罪吧。网上有这么多的信息,好好读一读吧。如果你来自巴基斯坦等欠发达国家,我愿意原谅你的无知。但是如果你来自,那么,上帝保佑那个国家,因为我以为他们拥有令人满意的教育系统(虽然比不上新加坡、西欧或美国)。印度和全世界爱好战争的国家的区别在于,我们是从维护国家主权与和平的角度来进行防御,而不是为了给周边国家制造麻烦。不要忘记印度军队在巴基斯坦发动的3 - 4次战争中给巴基斯坦带去的失败打击,巴基斯坦现在用恶魔(阿修罗或分子)代替士兵进行针对印度和其他国家的战争。

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