Woman, raped & assaulted in private parts, dies in Mumbai


MUMBAI: A 32-year-old pavement dweller died on Saturday almost 36 hours after being brutally sexually assaulted and suffering serious lacerations to her private parts with a sharp object inside a parked tempo at Saki Naka in Andheri, reports V Narayan.

孟买:据V Narayan报道,周六,一名32岁女子在遭受残忍性侵后36小时死亡,她的私处被尖锐物体严重划伤。

The crime took place early on Friday. The 45-year-old accused, a part-time driver from Uttar Pradesh and also a pavement dweller, was tracked to Kurla late on Friday with the help of CCTV cameras and was booked for murder, rape, unnatural offence and sexual harassment. On Saturday, the accused was produced before an Andheri court and was remanded in police custody till September 21.


“The woman had suffered severe injuries in her perineal area (the area between the thighs) and some of her organs, including intestines, were spilling out when she was brought to the hospital,” said a doctor.


The woman, assaulted in a tempo outside Rashid Compound, Saki Naka, was on ventilator support at Rajawadi Hospital for roughly 28 hours before her death around 11.30am on Saturday.

这名女子在拉希德大院Saki Naka外受到侵犯,在拉贾瓦迪医院接受呼吸机支持大约28小时后,于周六上午11:30左右死亡。

Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray called an urgent meeting of senior IPS officers and said the case would be tried in a fast-track court. He directed police to file a chargesheet within a month’s time.


“Police have been asked to be more vigilant and take steps to ensure that Mumbai’s image of a safe city is not tarnished,” said a senior police officer.


Around 3.15am on Friday, a security guard at Rashid Compound near Chandivli Studio had called the police control, saying a woman was being assaulted inside a parked tempo. A Saki Naka police team reached the spot within 10 minutes of the call and found the injured woman. The accused had fled by then.

周五凌晨3点15分左右, Chandivli Studio附近的拉希德大院的一名保安打电话给警方,称一名女子在一辆停着的车里遭到袭击。在接到电话10分钟后,Saki Naka的一支警察队伍赶到了现场,发现了受伤的女子。被告当时已经逃走了。

以下是印度时报读者的评论: 译者:Jessica.Wu


The name of the Culprit is not published. We know why. However, he came from UP is published.




These are psycopath boys



Silent observer

Had such incident happened in BJP ruled states, Didi, Kujli, Bunty n bunker, Sidhu, wd hv made bee line to highlight the failures of Modi, now unusually silent why??



Parsh Tejwani

whatever we may say or sing about glorious India the fact remains many of us are sex perverts and frustrated lot. it may sound violent idea but in my view legalising prostitution will address part of this problem



Siddharth Umesh

We have failed this lady again..what has influenced our culture to now treat women like this..really needs reflection! This is not how indic civilization teaches us to treat women.




Juan Carlos

Mumbai Police which has become a plaything of the anarchist politicians hel to setttle political scores..

People are no more safe in Maharashtra. Throw out this corrupt, incompetent and bumbling government and give justice to the people of Maharashtra




He should be A$$Raped with the iron rod that he used on the poor woman.... until his intestines and internal organs tear apart and he slowly bleeds to death.



Ashwin Manohara

According to reuters India is the most unsafe country in the world for women even afghanistan is 2. Go figure.



Mudi Magix

UP ka Bhaiya Mohan Chouhan responsible for this, why am I not surprised! It's high time Maharashtra and other states from south ban these UP and Bihari bhaiyas from coming to their states. Their entry should be strictly banned




Harsh Tewari

so when is pappu visiting the victims family?




Up bihar is one blot on country .




Law and order situation has become worse in Maharashtra during MVA rule. The government is busy extorting money and collecting bribes.



Avinash Babu

shameful and barbaric act. sad day!




Rapist is hindutva element from uttar pradesh.



Bala Raman

These perpetrators do not fear the law they know that they will be very old by the time they are found guilty most of the time let go free for want of evidence. Unless these sick persons are punished severely in public these acts will continue, the courts are responsible for this.



avijit hi

It's not UP or Bihar, Now most Worst L & O condition is in Maharashtra, followed by Kerala & West Bengal.




rapes and murders and attack on women plus mob lynchings are very common in India with Hindutva agenda by the PM Modi, Shah and BJP govt. from 2014.



Sumant Kumar

Absolutely shocked and appalled. From where these guys get the courage for such a heinous act. We really need some strict laws. These people should be stoned to death.


AK Sharma

The laws are already very strict. You can't change mentality and genetic make up of people with laws. Criminals will perpetrate crime no matter what you do to them.




Do same to culprit 247. Do fast track trial. Hang these animals immediately in all violent cases.


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