US commemorates 9/11, head bowed literally and geo-politically



WASHINGTON: The United States on Saturday commemorated the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the most venal terrorist attack in history, with its head bowed -- literally and geo-politically.


As President Joe Biden led the mourning with stops at Ground Zero in New York City, a field in Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon, sites where four hijacked airplanes weaponized by terrorists killed 3000 people, a sense of regret, recrimination, and futility about a war gone wrong was palpable, particularly in the light of Taliban returning to power in Afghanistan.


The US President did not make any remarks at Ground Zero, but in a six-minute videotaped message released before by the White House, he reflected on how the terror attacks shaped America, saying that it brought about a “true sense of national unity”


“To me, that’s the central message of September11. It’s that at our most vulnerable, in the push and pull of all that makes us human and the battle for the soul of America, unity is our greatest strength. Unity doesn’t mean that we have to believe the same thing but we must have a fundamental respect and faith in each other and in this nation,” Biden said.


Biden was accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, former President's Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, and former first ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. President Bush joined him in Pennsylvania.


As is the usual practice, the names of the nearly 3000 people -- including at least 50 Indians or people of Indian-origin -- who perished in the attack was read out.


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Samik Nandi

Biden is incompetent … accept it and stop blaming trump … the writer is a de ocrat tool

拜登无能,接受现实吧,别再指责特朗普了,作者是民 主党的工具


Subhash Bose

It's a pity that USA didn't learn a lesson on terrorism in these 20 years after 9/11 . Had it learnt the lesson of human suffering and pain then it would have not withdrawn the US Army after 20 years from Afganistan and left the Afgan people at the mercy of the barbaric Taliban forces.



Rishi Vijan

Shame on Joe Biden.. Shame on USA



vasam L

A perfect example of what happens when an army of lions is headed by a retarded leader. Head bowed literally in shame after losing the war on terror to a bunch of mountain goats.



Manoj T

The way thz Americans purposely left behind arms worth billions of dollars to keep Asia destabilised, now started feeling that that they deserved 9/11




The worst President in American history was Kenyan origin converted mulllaah Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle Hussein Obama was the ugliest first lady in American history i.e If you even want to call Michelle Hussein Obama as a lady in the first place.




Trump is a very frank person and calls spade a spade. Biden on the other hand, at current times looks very incompetent and vulnerable. Never has USA looked so weak in perception after WWII. Now it has become laughing stock for the way it is handling things. Allies are losing faith and hybrid war is being carried out by nemesis. Unfortunately US doesn't even know who it's adversary is and rattles behind Russia who is economically weak and no way can challenge US domination, nor is Iran.








Nobody cares about US or 9/11 . The begng of the end of US is on the way.




 Read his remarks. Such shameful person is leading the greatest country on earth.



Rational Corp

India must stop being a US lackey. Our image and losses have taken a huge hit. If Americans are having to bow their heads in shame and humiliation, imagine what Indians are are in store for.



Ramesh T M

It's an insult to those who lost their lives 20 years ago due to extreme terrorist activity, US withdrawal. More terrorist organisations will get emboldened and start terrorising people.



JaiShri Rama

They have learnt nothing. History will repeat itself.



Shasti Brata

Slow Biden seems to have fallen asleep standing up in the above picture.




Two trillion dollars down the drain, many lives lost, 20 years of foolishness, 85 billion dollar donation to terrorist.Americans will never learn..Amen..!!

2万亿美元付诸东流,很多人失去了生命,20年的愚蠢,850亿美元赠给了恐 怖分子。美国人永远不会吸取教训,阿门!!



The sad part is it has given chance to create more Osamas . I do not want to elaborate what many Osamas can do when a single Osama himself created panic to the entire world by destroying the famous twin towers in USA itself.



Umesh Singh

Biden looks so weak and directionless today. But still it has responsibility to clean the mess it created in Afghanistan.



Ulhas Kulkarni

Time US decided how it's going to fight "TERROR". By invading entire countries, bombing them to smithareens? Or by targetting individual terrorists and doing them in? Like they eliminated bin Laden and Baghdadi?

美国是时候决定如何打击“恐 怖主义”了。入侵整个国家,把他们炸成碎片?



Dean Mishra

according so some media reports sirajuddin Haqqani took oath today celebrating 9/11. is that true??

据一些媒体报道,哈卡尼今天宣誓就职,以此庆祝9/11。这是真的吗? ?


No surprise.



M J Nagaraja

Even if, US dollar currency quoted under valued to Taliban Currency, I feel US agrees.



DF Dave

This was such a heart wrenching event to see so many innocent people die at the hands of terrorists.

看到这么多无辜的人死于恐 怖分子之手,真是令人痛心疾首。

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