SC: Structures of our society created by males & for males



NEW DELHI: In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court on Thursday allowed the pleas of women Short Service Commission officers to be fairly evaluated for permanent commission and quashed application of fitness standards of a 35-year-old male officer to women now in the 45-50 age group. The bench ned that the structure of our society is created by males for males where talk of equality is a farce.


The women officers had first moved the Delhi high court in 2003 seeking permanent commission, which was allowed by the court in non-combat units in 2010. On February 17, 2020, the SC upheld the verdict and asked the Army to grant PC to women SSC officers. However, 86 women officers were back in the SC alleging arbitrary rejection by retrospective application of standards.


In a heart-warming, 137-page judgment studded with analysis of various kinds of discrimination faced by women, a bench of Justices D Y Chandrachud and M R Shah said, "The evaluation criteria set by the Army constituted sy emic discrimination ag inst the petitioners."

长达137页的判词,对女性所面临的各种歧视进行了分析。法官D Y Chandrachud和M R Shah说:“军队制定的评价标准构成了对申请人的系统性歧视。”

“This discrimination has caused an economic and psychological harm and an affront to their dignity.”


The SC said it would be in the spirit of true equality to apply the fitness standards of male counterparts to women SSC officers in the same age group and not make women officers who are in their 20th year of service to show fitness akin to the 10th year of service in the Army. The SC said even in sion level posts for male Army officers, the fitness levels are much relaxed.


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Respected Judges, this decision should also apply to your judiciary sy em.



Sanjoy Pandey

Women should be given equal opportunities.



Vikrant Bakshi

what r the percentage of woman judges...lets correct from here



Venkatarnan Krishnan

The women are safe and equal to men as long as the society is in a peaceful stage and laws can be implemented. Once the society turns towards state of war, women are not safe and not equal to men. Only a coward man will allow the women to defend them before an enemy army.




Army decisions are best left to Army..Does SC understand the functioning n ethos of Army?



Yogesh Sharma

Army sy em should not be distributed by the judiciary. Army should be left to decide upon its own sy em. Judges don't know anything about the Army and frontiers. Women are not fit to serve in the army. Even in police force they are just show pieces. They do nothing.




neo bob

Wrong judgement. With poor consequences



Ginger Guru

Look how they are enjoying selfie time They are clueless about War and it's cruelty. Naukri mil gyi bas bohot hua



Nation First

To make everyone equal, it is mandatory to STOP all kinds of QUOTA. It only causes more inequality.



Monica Prasad

Are these idiots assuming out women soldiers will fight women soldiers of our enemies.. this is not olympics to have same bout and same gender duels..




What about having half the Judges from female gender?



John Harry

so another benefit on the platter for women ? So men have to prove through the ranks but women get things just because of their gender



India First

Males should not dominate.. true and every male has female within his family.

But why only female produce child. Males should also take the burden?







Women and Men can't be same they are created by God in different ways. it's like men asking supreme court to give them to give birth to kids.



India First

How many women judges do we have in SC and HCs Need some introspection within



Bhavesh Mehta

In battles only women must be sent and martyred


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