Will 'convert' 1,000 allopathic doctors to Ayurveda, says Ramdev



HARIDWAR: In the backdrop of controversy over his comments on the adverse role of allopathic drugs in the treatment of Covid-19, yoga guru Ramdev said during a yoga session at his Yog Gram centre in Haridwar that he has set a target of converting 1000 allopathic doctors to Ayurveda during a year’s time.


Addressing participants assembled from across the country to participate in a yoga camp with him, Ramdev said that several allopaths holding MBBS and MD degrees were also attending the yoga camp. “These are the doctors who have faced the side-effects of allopathic drugs and have now turned to yoga and Ayurveda. Some of them have taken voluntary retirement from their practice and decided to follow our path. In fact, I have decided that in the next one year, our target would be to convert over 1000 allopathic doctors to naturopathy,” he said. Taking a jibe at IMA presi nt Dr JA Jayl, he said that he is “not aiming at re gious conversion of the doctors like the IMA head is doing but looking at a transformation of their beliefs.”



他嘲笑IMA主席JA Jayl博士,说他“并不是要像IMA负责人那样让医生们改变,而是着眼于他们信念的转变。”

He added that “if people give just 2% of their earnings as donation to propagate these therapies, a lot more can be achieved.”


A couple of days ago, while conducting a morning yoga session at the camp, the yoga guru had said that “parents who cannot keep their children healthy should be penalised and so should rulers who can’t keep the people of their country disease-free.”



Nick Kumar

He is just another ch businessman, trying to prect his turf. Clearly, this semi-litterate man has no idea about the global dominance and accompalishment of the advance medical sy ems in the world.




Seriously, this guy has gone nuts. Is he stupid to give statements like this. Ayurveda is good for external pain but it can't treat cancer, bacterial and viral infections. Just to sell his products and make money, don't manipulate and kill Indians.




Because of people like him people will lose fa th in actual ayurveda which is beneficial and practised since ages. e



Vilas Durge

Stop buying this dhongi baba’s products and he will learn modern science and medicine.



Anjani Abhishek

He is also corrupt and is not a yogi but a businessman.You can see the ever burgeoning prices of his products meant for boosting immunity ever since corona has hit the country.

他也是个腐 败分子,他不是瑜伽修行者,而是一个商人。自从印度疫情爆发以来来,他的产品就标榜旨在提高免疫力,价格不断上涨。


Rajdeep Hooda

People of India are with you sir. Only leftsist and fake intellectuals who are on the pay rolls of western medicine brands are there to defame you.



wake up All

Kaamdev Baba has gone berserk. He is mad.



kunal banerjee

Someone in the Go nment MUST act ag inst this covidiot..



Nageswara Rao S

neither docs nor pharma companies are a, they r in business.



Vijay Sharma

Why, no one is joining your institute?



Kumar Manoj

learn the Ayurveda first and then talk about it. you dumb head, arrogant & Dhongi baba!!!



Sivasankaran AV

But the reverse has been happening, with many BAMS doctors opting for MBBS, wasting precious years. Knowledge of Sanskrit is a prerequisite for success in Ayurveda, which is absent in our curriculum .



R Shetty

Cheater baba, if this dhongi suffers from stroke or heart attack, Pls do not admit him in a allopathy hospital and treat him only with herbs



V Natarajan

There are lots of real benefits from yoga and Ayurveda . Prolonged use Allopathic drugs do definitely have side effects . The pharma lobby is trying to demean Ayurvedic science as they fear of losing business and profits .



Adrian Roy

not bad if allopathy is mixed with Ayurveda more good things can be achieved but this babaji is nuts



Aditya Nesarikar

This Guy Is getting on the nerve’s now



shailesh srivastava

Somebody should convert this joker into a belly dancer with all his acrobats and tummy movement he will be very funny



Lalit Killedar

Ramdev ji stop speaking like Rahul


Prosenjit Biswas

He is speaking like Moodi



Ashish Dl

Shameless BJP thug ramdev

无耻的人民党暴 徒

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