99 docs died of Covid, 1,300+ affected



MUMBAI: At least 99 doctors have died of Covid-19 and 1,302 were affected in India, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said on Wednesday. The doctors’ body said the case fatality rate stood at a significant 8%. Maharashtra accounted for over 20% of the deaths in doctors, highest among states.

孟买:印度医疗协会(IMA)周三表示,目前印度至少有99名医生死于新冠肺炎, 1302名医生确诊。该机构表示医生的病死率高达8%。在医生死亡人数中,马哈拉施特拉邦占20%以上,是各邦中最高的。

IMA said it had created a database to document infections among healthcare workers. According to IMA’s National Covid Registry, 74% deaths were in the 50 years plus age group, while 19% were among 35-50 years. There were seven deaths of doctors younger than 35. IMA’s numbers are limited to private sector and do not reflect the burden of infections among doctors in public sector. Of the 1,302 infected, 586 were private consultants, 566 resident doctors and 150 house surgeons. “If Covid mortality has to be reduced, it has to start with doctors and hospitals,” said IMA president Dr Rajan Sharma.


In Mumbai, 1,000-plus healthcare workers have been affected in public and private hospitals. KEM and Sion hospitals have seen over 300 infections each. The city has also seen nine deaths among doctors.


IMA president (Maharashtra) Dr Avinash Bhondwe said the state had neglected the safety of private practitioners and left them vulnerable by failing to streamline availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensuring their prices were capped. He said many smaller hospitals were arbitrarily taken over without ensuring they had resources. “Many of these hospitals were unfit to become Covid centres but were coerced,” said Bhondwe, adding that private doctors were not even extended the Centre’s insurance cover.


Maharashtra Medical Council president Dr Shivkumar Utture said issues on availability and quality of PPE were unresolved even after four months. “Only fabric used for PPE is checked for standardisation and not the complete kit,” he said




Rishi Vijan

Really sad.. No words to express.. God bless them and their families

很伤心. .无以言表。愿神保佑医生及其家人


Akash Sarma

That's extremely sad for our corona warriors. If we loose such a huge number of doctors then who will treat the patients. Hope our Health Department takes this seriously and not make a illogical comments on this.



WB New

Medical field not free of corruption either. I have seen how the Med reps run after doctors and behind closed door affairs in big hospitals. Those who take money to issue death cert



Jafar Fareedy

RIP.....Many infected and later died at the begng of Pandemic when there was a shortage of PPE and basics to operate health systems..Thanks to the slee Govts

安息吧 .....疫情开始时缺乏防护装备,很多医生感染病毒死了。这都是因为不作为的政府。


Dilip 4 Caa

Extremely shocking



Sashi kiran

The word corona warrior in India is a big joke. The health care workers are not armed enough. The PPE kit is substandard. Health care workers being soft targets are abused time and again.The salary is reduced to less than 50%. Is this the way a soldier is treated in times of war?



Ashish Jain

India should be very careful now with covid numbers since Israel after bringing it down is seeing a second wave. What is worrying is second wave is stronger than the first wave and that's why we need to be super super careful now.



Suneet Sood

Those doctors who agreed to treat COVID 19 patients: they are no less brave than our soldiers on the borders. My head bows in respect.



K Mohan Hyderabad city

Doctors need to take care and their life is precious to everyone and we cannot afford to lose them



K Mohan Hyderabad city

More 1300 doctors are affected and IMA should ask the govt to give more attention to doctors welfare



K Mohan Hyderabad city

Mumbai has been the worst affected and the doctors who are rendering the treatment are also died




WHO is a useless NGO type death watcher . All employees enjoy hefty salaries and sip wine . Do whatever ( earlierUS) would say.



Vishal Kumar

NO ONE is talking about .. Health system of India. Why we donot have system like NHS(UK) ?

Massive corruption in the Heath system.

Stop caste based reservation in the Heath system..... Or be ready for worse..........





The government has just pushed the doctors to do work without even providing for adequate safety kits, not giving timely payment, threatening time and again with various draconian Acts, etc..Government has only done one thing. Labelled the doctors as corona warriors and allowed them to fend themselves.



aaaa bbbb

Need to protect this frontline warriors.



Desh Premi

Super Hero Doctors!




All around the worl, the health care workers are the real super hero's during this pandemic who all deserve a special recognition. Politicians deserve NO credit at all for the mess created by their ignorance.



HappyTimes User

What a pity !



puja Sharma

it is sad and heart breaking. government should atleast provide all safety kit them. but our dear government only say and give explanation rather than action.



Kartic Krishnan

In India and Pakistan anything is possible



Decay Shoe Kamar

Test the vaccination and provides to doctors, Nurses and other support workers first.


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