Are 57% ‘doctors’ quacks? Govt says no, then yes



Are a majority of those practising allopathy in India quacks? The go nment said no, it now says yes. A 2016 WHO report on the health workforce in India had shocked everybody by stating that 57.3% of those practising allopathic medicine did not have any medical qualification. Then Union health minister JP Nadda had rubbished the report as “erroneous” in January 2018 while responding to a question in the Lok Sabha. But the data has now gained offi al approval, with the same health ministry using it to argue the case for allowing community health practitioners (CHPs) in the National Medical Commission Act just notified.

在印度,大多数行医人员是庸医吗?政府之前否认,现在却承认。2016年世卫组织关于印度医疗人员的一份报告震惊了所有人,其中57.3%的行医人员不具备行医资格。当时的联邦卫生部长JP Nadda在2018年1月回答人民院的一个问题时,将这份报告斥为“错误的”。但是这一数据现在已经得到了官方的认可。

The FAQ on the Bill (as it then was) issued by PIB on August 6 said 57.3% of personnel currently practising allopathic medicine do not have any medical qualification. According to the WHO report based on the 2001 Census, barely 20% of those who practised medicine in rural India had any medical qualification. It also estimated that 31% of those who cmed to be allopathic practitioners were educated only up to Class 12.



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Manoj•2 hours ago

The figure 57% is surely wrong.



Sachin Wazi•2 hours ago

What are students doing in an exam hall? They are just copying without studying. Because they think that studying is a big crime so just catch hold of a scholar. Later these copycats pay bribe to the govt. employees and get a high pay job. Do you know what will be the outcome of this? This is why there is such a high difference between America and India or even Pakistan.





Godfather Senior•Mumbai•2 hours ago

Now people will trust Ayurved, Homeopath & Siddha than the reservation category doctors !



Gaana User•2 hours ago

Quacks, quota and capitation based doctors are a great threat to indian health sy em.,Direct and bold Govt approach can only clear up this mess.



Ramesh Sachdev•3 hours ago

On top of this there are "QUOTA doctors" who get bare marks and become doctors.,GOD save India.



D•3 hours ago

What do you expect with reservation. Ultimately, it will be 100% quacks.



Proud Indian•3 hours ago

Sir, if you keep reservation for such a high skilled requirement job, you will have only quacks.



S G T Bhat•Mangalore•3 hours ago

The report appears misleading or is the health ministry making a misleading statement? It doesn’t speak about the status of Ayurveda degree and post doctorates in this scenario? Has the Govt not consider them as doctors and classified them as “quacks”?




Kunal•3 hours ago

Obviously.. What do you expect when there are so few seats in medical? Doctor patient ratio is one of the worst in the world.. Quackery will flourish



Das•UK•3 hours ago

The result of 70 years corrupted rule. Do you still want the corrupted ?



Deshpande•3 hours ago

Let me comment frankly. Qualified doctors have no social responsibility.even rtd doctors are not,ready to work in rural area.,



Manoj•3 hours ago

One of these days the middle East countries will chuck out the Indian doctors the same way as the Pakistani doctors a couple of days back.


Anil Gupta• manoj moharana•3 hours ago

Gulf countries are surviving because of asian skilled and unskilled workers and among them Indians are majority. Same with doctors. Qualified Indian doctors are well respected everywhere except in India. If they disqualify them, there healthcare will be disrupted. Bet, they don''t want that.



Dirghayu•3 hours ago

if you got admission in medical college by paying 1crore rupees and neet score. is just 120 then what can we expect. The present Govt is also doing nothing to check this menance. Govt should think and no admission should be given to such students. qualifying marks should be 400 at least for all categories.



Rambharosey•De•3 hours ago

100% of po iticians are quacks.



Prafs•Unknown•3 hours ago

CON(g)RACE d the FOUNDATION of QUACKS, it failed to Give good Medical Facilities throughout INDIA and failed to have sy em to Check the Quacks.,Have these 57% quacks grown in last 5 years?



JaiShri R•Planet Earth•4 hours ago

Even the qualified doctors are quacks. Take a look at states where 70% reservation is practiced. They cannot clear NEET exams. Just imagine the quality of doctors they have produced these many years.



Kulbir Singh Bhogal•4 hours ago

Almost all Pvt Hospitals are robbing the patients brutally,no mercy ,and po iticians are precting their masters by all means, common man is crushed with medical bills.,GOD save common man . Govt Hospitals are in shabby conditions.,Only GOD can save



Brahm•4 hours ago

Even MBBS doctors that you go to: assess how much money they can get out you before they detect what's wrong with you? They will tell you what's wrong with your health depending on their assessment of your financial situation.



Sasapu r prasad•4 hours ago

This is India sir , any thing will happening with money and power. This is universal fact .. Fake doctors fake hospitals ...fake fake.


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