Bihar has highest number of death of doctors due to Covid-19: IMA



PATNA: Bihar has reported the most number of deaths of doctors in the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic in the country. Altogether 90 doctors from Bihar have lost their lives till now in the second wave of the pandemic out over 280 doctors across the country so far as per Indian Medical Association (IMA). Bihar is followed by Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in terms of doctors dying due to the fatal disease.


Office- bearers of the IMA and other doctors have attributed several possible reasons for the high fatality rate among doctors in the state, including lesser number of doctors, exhaustion due to continuous duty for over a year now and lack of social distancing and other Covid appropriate behaviours in the state.


IMA’s national president elect Dr Shahjanand Prasad Singh said the deaths due to Covid among doctors were spread all across Bihar and in all age- groups, though majority were above 50- years old.

IMA主席Shahjanand Prasad Singh博士说,患新冠死亡的医生遍布比哈尔邦各地,各个年龄组都有,大多数超过50岁。

“Doctors come in close contact with patients, thus viral load is normally high in them in case they are infected. When the second wave was quite bad a few weeks ago, then many doctors in Patna could not get oxygen even for themselves owing to its scarcity,” Singh said.


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KSV srinivasan

Really wish bihar could be separated from india .this state is a real burden on India .apart from contribution to a laggard population ,this state has barely any contribution ,apart from pulling India down



agree with srinivasan.Bihar is cursed land filled with thugs,criminals and very rich zamindars.Everyone born in bihar tries to run away from it


gm badal

Are you from BJP? Do you want to turn Bihari anti-National?



Jay Boro

Doctors in Bihar have to overwork because of less earnings. But its shame of central and state govt that they didn't vaccinate every doctors at the first hand..



Dinesh kumar

Bihar is even more worst than Pakistan..


Anoop T Raju

who are you to disrespect my country ..


Jai Chand Bihar Wale

But more deaths occurred in your state and now u face black fungus. Moron



SJD bbbb

I really have a doubt if Bihar actually has any qualified doctors.


Vishal Kumar

Credits goes to caste based reservation. Donot worry.

Soon....every where in India. U ll get doctor like that only..



Vishal Kumar

BHASA and IMA ( Bihar ) are puppet of Bihar gov. These both organization never work for well being of Doctor in Bihar.

Now Ima is doing ..just to get media attention....



vijay krish

Our population is very huge.. we have bred like cattles....for covid hospitals have to separated into 3-4 zones....depending on the severity and cannot be mixed..this disease is too much to handle for our lifestyle or way of living...


buywhybuy buy

He is from no state , just a petty miscreant , antisocial element...

你只是一个小流 氓,一个反社会分子.....



why not "Hum darta hu kya " ..Must be the laxty of Doctors.



Anoop T Raju

God bless ..you will be remembered for your service ..Rest in peace



Antony Thomas

Check their certificates and college first




Bihar has total mismanagement and the Govt including Nitish are just slee and enjoying positions. Surely, the doctors might not have been provided with PPE kits and safety gears. All things are in chaotic state

比哈尔邦管理不善,官 员玩忽职守。医生可能没有获得个人防护装备,一切都处于混乱状态


Melman const

Does these doctors took vaccine as part of front line workers? Any records available? How many nurses and hospital staff died? Status of their vaccination records.






Londoner Time to make things right

Do not worry PM modi has his undivided attention for his 5000 crore new home and his office Central Vista. If you are an Indian, suffer and die due to Covid it is your fault. BJP RSS has been instructed not to help dying Indians but keep conflicting and blaming others for their mismanagement and mistakes



Jeetendra Makhija

Those who are supposed to save lives of people are themselves losing their lives. State and Central Government should take immediate action and see to it that no lives are lost due to virus including that of Doctors and medical staff.



Sci Geek

Very sorry to hear this. Doctors who are treating COVID19 patients should have first vaccinated.



Jai Chand Bihar Wale

Poor Indians


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