World’s highest rail bridge arch completed on Chenab



JAMMU/NEW DELHI: Indian engineers created history on Monday by completing the arch of the world’s highest railway bridge on Chenab river in J&K, which is 35 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower in France. The completion of the blast proof arch now paves the way for expediting the direct rail link to the Valley from the rest of India.


Officials said this was the most challenging project the railways had ever undertaken and the most critical portion of Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link, whose construction started in 2004. Ashutosh Gangal, general manger of Northern Railway, said what currently takes 12 hours by road (Katra-Banihal), will take half the time after completion of the bridge. He said the bridge is likely to be completed in a year and the entire rail link would be completed in two and a half years.

印度官 员们表示,这是印度铁路公司有史以来最具挑战性的项目,也是乌德汗布尔-斯利那加-巴拉穆拉铁路线最关键的部分,该铁路线于2004年开工建设。印度北方铁路公司总经理阿舒托什·冈加尔说,目前从卡特拉到巴尼哈尔走公路需要12个小时,大桥建成后只需一半的时间。他说,大桥可能在一年内完工,而整条铁路将在两年半内建成。

He said the arch consists of steel boxes in which concrete will be filled to improve stability while the stay cables which are presently holding the arch will be removed.


He said the overall weight of the arch is 10,619 metric tonnes and the arch work was done by overhead cable cranes for the first time by Indian Railways. PM Narendra Modi lauded the achievement and tweeted, “This feat of construction not only showcases the growing prowess of India in the field of modern engineering and technology but also is an example of changing work culture marked by the ethos of ‘sankalp se siddhi’.”

他说,拱桥的总重量为10619吨,这是印度铁路首次使用架空电缆起重机建造拱桥。莫迪总理称赞了这一成就,并在推特上写道:“ 这一壮举展示了印度在现代工程和技术领域不断增长的实力。”

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Gumnami Baba

I am a Punjabi from Kashmir. I never imagined that this super achievement will ever turn from a dream to reality. Amazing!



Anilk Khan

Congratulations to the engineers, project managers, equipment operations, welders, logisticians, drivers, caterers, and other personnel who carried out this most challenging task.!!



rajiv rajput

Indian Engineers are always best in their field, especially when Modi is leading the country towards a developed economy



Madhav Patil

WOW ! Congrats to the Designer who indeed created a history. One more Landmark for Indians. Very eager to travel by this Bridge when completed...



Subbiah Vaithianathan

Hats off atleast now India is moveing forward inspit it also feeds ungrate ful morons like sammychennai



Niranjan Solanki

Building of infrastructure was the biggest job that was neglected by the Congress for decades. Modi/BJP are doing it on a priority and double speed basis!




Commendable job. Salutes to the whole team ! But the GM's statement that it takes 12hours from Katra to Banihal is absolutely wrong.



Sowrirajan Pathravi

hats off




usually, the IT cell morons of BJP would have by now praised Modi for it...where are they now...so borig without those morons..lol..



Local Indian

The most important thing for India's economic progress is Infrastructure development and investments. Kudos to all those who are achieved this milestone.



Brahmin Converted To Muslim

The bridge must be named after Aurangzeb, the greatest ruler of India




superb work.... engineering marvel... brains and workmanship matters




There is no denying the capability of our countrymen, they are the best anywhere in the world.



S Hussain

this country will not remember modi in next 50 years as Islam will be the future



Terr orist

恐 怖分子



We are getting the news in bits and pieces, when the line will finally open and trains start ? This line is supposed to have the world's highest railway station (overtaking some one by quits some distance), and also, if I recall, one railway station within tunnel (which of course isn't unique).



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