Railways to decriminalise begging, smoking in trains


NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways has proposed to decriminalise begging in stations and trains and smoking inside coaches.


The provision of jail and fine for begging would be done away as the focus will now shift to prevention through higher penalties imposed on those found smoking in trains, sources said.



A top railway offi al said this has been proposed following a communication from cabinet secretariat to decriminalise certain offences. The railways may add a couple of more offences to the list for which spot fines would be increased, the offi al said. This exercise is being undertaken across ministries and many departments have proposed increasing fines rather than arrest of offenders.


“This doesn’t mean that railways will allow or encourage begging at stations and in trains. Decriminalisation doesn’t mean it will be legalised. Surveillance by RPF and other staff will be increased to prevent such activities,” said a ministry offi al. Smoking in public places, including railway stations, is already banned in several states.


Section 144(2) of the Railways Act says if any person begs in any train or at station, he is liable for punishment of up to one year jail or with fine of up to Rs 2,000 or with both. According to the proposed amendment to this section, none shall be permitted to beg in trains or at stations.


Section 167 of the Railways Act also specifies that anyone found smoking in a compartment despite prohibition or objection from a co-passenger is liable for a fine of up to Rs 100. The authorities can slap charges for further action.


Now the proposal is to increase the fine, though the amount has not yet been finalised, sources said. As per the proposed provision, if the offender pays such fine immediately, the officer authorised can compound the offence by charging the mamum fine. The violator would be discharged and no further proceeding would be taken ag inst him/ her.


The ministry has sought feedback from people.



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Murali Nair

What the heck. Are there still beggars in India? I thought it was eradicated by the congress as their slogan was Garibi Hatao. surprised, even after 73 years since independence, we have people living in on the streets, children going hungry, no clean water etc etc. Well, how will the po iticians get ves if they don't keep people poor. The commis cannot say they are living for the poor people nor the corgis. At leat we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and now there I hope for the poor. If Modiji is around for 10 more years, I am sure he will eradicate poverty.



ET on Earth visit

Also maintain smoking as a criminal act.



Nirupam Acharjee

The Railways must provide "smoking zone" at least in the long distance trains. Smokers aren't sinners. But to prevent passive smoking, "smoking zone" may be introduced in long distance trains.




First criminalise spitting in railway stations and trains.....

Before that, build and maintain clean toilets in all railway stations.....




Madan Mohan Siddhanthi

The heading was misleading I thought if it is not criminalised every one can smoke and beg , but they are saying huge fine will be imposed .Fact is who will mon or



Anilk Khan

Now 56 in Chestwalla will now cm that begging is "employment" and beggars are entrepreneurs. we will meet the Grand Chaddies US$5 Trillion economy in a few months!! Jai Modi!! Modi hai to mumkin hai!

莫迪将声称行乞也是“就业”,乞丐是企业家。!我们将在几个月后成为5万亿美元经济体!!莫迪必胜! !


Sekhar Iyer

Allow smoking in toilets only. That way no one is affected.This should be allowed only in long distance trains of over six hours travel time. There are still a lot of beggars and thieves. What to do with them as per law? Worse still are the gutka, paan chewing and spitting habit of many. Fine these guys heavily first before getting hold of smokers.



Vivek Shahi

Raise sries for the Railway police else all this would be a waste of time and energy.

They themselves are smoking and drinking liquor with passengers who feed their pockets according to their rank!! Wake up Indian railway.

Strict policing is what will make changes on real grounds.



V S Gogia

Smoking should attract heavy fine and should not be decriminalised. What if the passenger smoking again after paying fine?



Abhishek Sharma

Its good to see they have decriminalized begging as Modi has successfully converted many countrymen into beggars.


sanchaya dey

I hope you are begger aleady.Enjoy your new status.



Jagdip Vaishnav

Smoking in Train compartment is harmful for other commuters



True Indian

Railway compartments will become a haven for smokers and beggars leading to lung and other infections of otherwise healthy but silent majority travellers by these compartments



Abrakadabbraa Bk

ban cigarettes in the country or provide smoking lounge to the people



Anil Sah

firstly no vendor should be permitted to sell any tobacco,gutka product.it should be banned.2ndly passengers should be highly fined if found smoking inside train.heavy penalties should be imposed on spot.if any co passengers report about smoking shuld be paid 50%of recovered penalty amt on spot as reward.



Zokhuma Lushai

The truth is, most of the beggars in India would prefer to be in jail and have two meals a day, than to be hungry in the street night and day. As for smoking, let there be smoking compartments in every train.




smoking on platforms & in trains is almost gone, yes, begging is rampart but how can beggars be penalized?



piyush mandal

Why go nment is not banning production and selling of tobacco product?


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