Bhopal techie s t dead in US, hate crime suspected



BHOPAL: Sharif Rahman Khan, a 32-year-old software engineer from Bhopal, was s t dead in the US last Wednesday by a local resident who allegedly had a “romantic fixation” with a girl who was Sharif ’s friend, say local media reports.


A section of the media had raised concerns that it was a ‘hate crime’. Sharif ’s family has expressed deep reservations about these media reports.


“My younger brother has been s t dead in St. Louis (Missouri). That’s all I know. I had called the University City police for details, but they refused to share any information unless I showed up there. They say it’s their SOP. None of Sharif’s colleagues have told us anything close to what’s being reported in the media,” Sharif’s elder brother Mukeem told TOI. Sharif ’s mother and brother live in Bhopal’s Subash Nagar area. They have decided to have his last rites performed in the US considering the Covid-19 situation in both countries. Indian diplomats in Chicago have assured all possible help and tweeted: “The consulate team is in contact with HR head of the company Birlasoft for which he was working, and will ensure expeditious requisite assistance.”



The techie was found with gunshot injuries on Wednesday at the University City apartment, where the girl lives, and died during treatment at a hospital.


University City police arrested a 23-year-old suspect named Cole J Miller from a bar on South Big Bend Boulevard in Maplewood and charged him with murder, armed criminal action and receiving stolen property, say US media reports. A .380 Ruger LCP pistol — reported missing / stolen — was found in his truck.


“Miller had ‘expressed a romantic fixation’ with Sharif ’s friend and the two men apparently argued before Miller opened fire,” says a report published by St Louis Post-Dispatch. Two .380-caliber shell casings and a cellphone belonging to Miller were found on the crime scene.



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The story does not show any hate crime. The title is an attempt to mislead.



elangovan elangovan

This is the country Rahul Gandhi ask to intervene the affairs of India



Identity Hidden

He should have stayed away from the girl's personal life. And if she really had a problem, should have approached the police



Za Elegans

This group of ppl is always trying to be over smart with everyone. As such, most of their antics are tolerated by other quietly in India

But US is not India




one less ji di for the world to bear.

这个世界可以少忍受一个圣 战分子了。


Indian Hindu

Whereas the US Police did not speak anyrhing, this paper is shaking with its reporting diarreah.




these ji dis lay their hands on innocent americans to further their delish cause.

这些圣 战分子对无辜的美国人下手以推进他们的事业。


crusoe rob

And this country talks about h an ri hts in other countries and prection of minorities. So many bigots roaming the streets with deadly weapons!

美国谈论其他国家的人 权,谈论保护少数族 裔,但在他们那里,很多人拿着武器在街上游荡!


Shaun Singh

USA is for Americans and not foreigners. He should have stayed in his country and be alive.




Wake up, pseudo human-s specialists and preachers of the world..

醒醒吧,伪人 权专家和传教士们。


Treshe Singh

To live in USA is simple thumb rule mind yr. own business.




This is American style of presting love jihad.

这是美国人抗议“爱圣 战”的方式。


Vijay Naidu

The caption for the article is wrong. It was a love affair about the techie and Miller going after the same girl.




It shows the pathetic condition of USA who always spend time in finding fault of other countries.



Sahaya Raju

When you are in a foreign country you should mind your own business only instead of intervening in such matters risking life. In a country like USA where gunfire is the order of the day one should be more careful to prect one's own life instead of meddling with goons and strangers.

当你身处国外时,少管闲事,不要冒着生命危险去干涉别人的事。在美国这样的国家,应该更小心保护自己的命,不要和暴 徒、陌生人发生冲突。



Day by day USA is turning into an unsafe country.



indi M

very sad

condolences to the family





These things do happen everywhere but for some in India US is an ideal place to live. If so why complain?


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