Railways announces fare hike effective from January 1



NEW DELHI: On New Year's eve, the railways announced fare hike across its network, excluding suburban trains, effective from January 1, 2020, according to an order issued on Tuesday.


While suburban fares remain unchanged, ordinary non-AC, non-suburban fares were increased by 1 paise per km of journey.


The railways also announced a two paise/km hike in fares of mail/express non-AC trains and four paise/km hike in the fares of AC classes.


The fare hike is also applicable to premium trains such as Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto, according to the order.


In the Delhi-Kolkata Rajdhani, which covers a distance of 1,447 km, the hike at the rate of 4 paise per km will be around Rs 58.


The railways in a statement said the revenue generated by the "marginal" increase in fare will be used for the modernisation of the network.


The hike will have no effect on the catering charges, offi als said.



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Srpit • Bhubaneswar, India • 5 days ago

Fare hike is justified.... We r seeing a healthy transformation of Railways.... Indian Railways is the chest carrier over the world..



uday sharma • 5 days ago

Right mind Indian welcome such decision because it's for national. Looser will compn and cavil.



Bounty Hunter• 5 days ago

It's ok about fare hikes. But are rail services gonna improve?



Baba GAGA • 5 days ago

it's just Rs10 for 1000km, why people are still compning  now don't say poor can't afford Rs20 more for a round trip of 1000km



vp • Pune • 5 days ago

God bless the helpless people of this country!!! Jai Shriram!!!



Mark Quinn • 5 days ago

Last time the fares were hiked in 2014-2015. Read the line- "In the Delhi-Kolkata Rajdhani, which covers a distance of 1,447 km, the hike at the rate of 4 paise per km will be around Rs 58". The hike is quite reasonable.



The Horizon II• 4 days ago

Isn't that another masterstroke from Modiji



Agb • 5 days ago

Yea.. and tell people to learn some civic rules that they dont destroy public property.. as fares will go up again.



Goath Krishna • 5 days ago

Destroying does not only mean of railway property dge, it also means to spit on the roads, throw garbage on the roads, smoking, loud speakers, polluting rivers, using vehicles lavishly, being too much selfish etc. All are part of destroying.. We have to improve to improve the nation.



Ramesh • Bangalore • 5 days ago

I expected this when the foolish presters torched train coaches without understanding CAA. Though I welcome the fare hike, the problem is even those who are not part of the agitation need to foot the fare hike. Highly ridiculous!!

当愚蠢的者在不了解公民法修正案的情况下焚烧火车车厢时,我就料到了这一点。虽然我欢迎票价上涨,但问题是,那些没有参与破坏的人也要为票价上涨买单。非常荒谬! !


A V Thomas • 5 days ago

Fare rise was inevitable. The running cost had gone up a lot in recent years. Besides the wages were raised recently. So one should welcome the raise.



Bji B• 5 days ago

This increase is nothing as compared to the increase in Bus fares prevailing in Tamilnadu or Maharashtra.



anurag mishra • 5 days ago

this is new year gift for dumb bhakts



B • Chennai • 5 days ago

I support the hike. With amount of changes seen in last few years we should pay a fair price for its services. Good move



yvs_sravan • 5 days ago

Passenger fares have not been increased for long. This moderate increase should be supported. For long, Passenger fares have been subsidised by freight charges.



Rswami • chennai • 5 days ago

in paise



Guest • 5 days ago

New Year Gift from Modiji



Guest • 5 days ago

Only beggers want free things.



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