Farmers prest: More ‘jathas’ from Punjab join stir to infuse fresh blood



AMRITSAR/BATHINDA: A large number of ‘jathas’ or groups of farmers from various districts of Punjab are leaving for prest sites at Delhi border to keep the agitation going strong.


A large number of farmers are leaving for the sites as many presters, who have been cam in prest for over a fortnight, are returning home to work on the fields. Hundreds of activists had left for the Delhi border on Wednesday. Many others left on Thursday from Mansa, Bathinda, Barn and Sangrur districts.


Arhityas (commission agents), packed in two buses, headed for Delhi on Thursday from Sangrur. A large number of jathas will leave for Delhi from Amritsar on Friday after paying obeisance at Golden Temple.


Rattan Singh, general secretary of Border Area Sangharsh Committee and in charge of Attari, Majitha, and Jandi assembly constituencies, said a group of nearly 100 farmers returned from Delhi on Thursday. “Everybody has commitments to meet but at the same time we need to keep the struggle alive. So we have decided to rotate the duties,” he said.

边境地区Sangharsh委员会秘书长Rattan Singh说,有将近100名农民周四从德里返回。他说:“每个人都要履行承诺,但与此同时,我们需要继续进行斗争。所以我们决定轮班抗议。”

Asked about the cost of sending a group of presters to Delhi, he said that diesel worth Rs 15,000-Rs 18,000 is consumed on a round trip to Delhi on a tractor-trolley. A bus trip donated by people costs around Rs 19,000-Rs 21,000. However, a hired bus costs around Rs 45,000-Rs 50,000 return trip within a week in addition to Rs 500 per day for the driver.


“We are happy that people from all walks of life are voluntarily donating for the farmer agitation,” he said. Although farmers are worried about the longdrawn struggle, they are optimistic about the outcome.



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Sampi Mukherjee

What is this prest all about? I believe this bill is for pan india and not for a state; i bet they are not educated well on this bill. Farmers will get better price and propspect with these bill. These are all middle man who wants to profiteer from other states crops are presting in Delhi.





Toi Subscriber

unfortunate energy and resources are wasted in futile exercise



Vaibhav Maheshwari

Farmers are losing Sympathy very fast...they should not remain adnt and swiftly negotiate with Centre...else all their prest will go in vain...




Ego of modi will start his downfall. This farm bill brought to help ambanis n adanis.



Gary S

Creating Problems for Common Man by halting public services should be dealt with force.



Rlingam Ambalraj

Hahahahahha , optimistic about the outcome !!!! my foot .




Martian Gorilla

These farmers should also give in writing to the Govt that if any farmer in any part of the country commits suicide due to harassment by middleman then they will take responsibility and pay monthly amount to it's family.



Kailash Chatterjee

Why only punjabi sikhs?



Sreekanta Swamy

Farmers are busy in their farm activities in the field. Only non farmers affiliated to some po itical are in agitation for daily wages.

Let Modiji deal them with iron hands like Lion. 100 Crore citizens are there to support him.




Rounak Shah

Except Punjab & Haryana. Rest of India farmers are working peacefully in their own backyard. Farmers of Punjab and Haryana doesn't mean entire farming community is staging prest.



anand sharma

let them brings thousand more govt shouls not budge from its stand. those presting are mot farmer rather they are anti aocial elements.



Madan Singh

farmers are not heralding the French Revo tion. They must be dealt with very firmly and all of them arrested. They are part of the the movement to destabilise India, nobody should tolerate it



Apurva Vinod

This is not a farmer agitation. This is a middleman agitation.




Why these farmers have swords?



Common People

the whole nation should pray to God so that they can win the battle




But Modi is busy inaugurating new buidlings when farmers are shivering in cold.



Vikas Jain

i still dont understand farmers problem these all bills will benefit them this prest is only po itical


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