Bajrang Dal heckles inter-faith couple, cops arrest ‘groom’, kin



BAREILLY: A woman, 22, and a Muslim man, 24, who had been living together for the last five months and had come to a court in Moradabad’s Kant town to get their marriage registered, were heckled and hauled to a nearby police station by Bajrang Dal men who also told her that UP’s new ‘love jihad’ law was brought for “women like her”.

巴雷利:一名22岁女子和一名24岁穆 斯林男子在一起生活了五个月,他们来到莫拉达巴德康德镇的一家法院办理婚姻登记,却遭到了印度青年民兵成员的质问,并被拉到附近的警察局。他们还告诉女方,北方邦新的反“爱情圣战”法就是为“她这样的女人”而制定的。

A day after the incident, the man, Rashid, and his brother were booked on Sunday under the new law and sent to jail.


The woman, all this while, kept on asserting that she was an adult and married. In one of the videos recorded at Kanth police station, she can be seen showing a copy of the ‘nikahnama’, suggesting that she was already converted and married according to Muslim customs. The woman was also seen showing a copy of an advertisement in a newspaper as evidence that she had also changed her name in kee with official rules.

女方一直声称自己已经成年,而且已经结婚了。在Kanth警察局录制的一段视频中,可以看到她展示了一份“nikahnama”,表明她已经皈依并按照穆 斯林习俗结婚。这名女子根据官方规定改了名字,并且登报为证,她还出示了报纸的复印件。

The Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020, nullifies a marriage if it is done for religious conversion. But it is not likely to apply retrospectively — in cases where the religious conversion took place before the law came into force.


Rajesh Kumar, Bajrang Dal leader, said, “We came to know that a man from another community has come with a woman for conversion and registration of marriage. We followed them and informed police for taking action as per new law.”


The woman, unperturbed by the Bajrang Dal men, had told mediapersons on Saturday evening that she got married to Rashid on July 24 in Dehradun.



Dev Babu

Marry inter-religion no problem without conversion.




If people who come from two different religions want to get married then they should both become Atheist first and stop believing in silly superstitions like religion. There is no God. And there is no afterlife.



avijit hi

..... After 5 years, this 22 Year Girl will become 27 Year and the Picture Will be completely Different.She will complain with her children to the Police that she was converted forcefully



Pawan Pratap

Awesome ... Good job Bajrang Dal.



Gita P

BJP, RSS, BAJRAG DAL, VHP etc have all become a Metastatic CANCER for India and our Beloved Country is on way to become like Afghanistan in next 30 years.



Vipul Sharma

Very very poor law. It will make India closer to Afghanistan



Dalbir Singh

If a person can't marry as per his n or her choice then there is no more de ocracy in the country.




Are Bajranj Dal Goons the savior of society? Where is the law here. Are Police not responsible for these actions?

印度青年民兵暴 徒是社会的救世主吗?





Feku, aka Surrender Modi, and his RSS stooges know nothing about marriage. It's an open secret that Feku dumped his child bride like trash after the honeymoon. And then, he soon joined RSS, and the rest is history.. But ironically enough, they always try to dictate whom we can/cannot marry.





Vipul Sharma

This is shame to society. A step in backward direction. Shame on these goons.



Nishith Maheshwari

Seeing the comments makes me more worried about Future India. cant believe people are happy with what happened, i voted BJP for development not for this. Indians must really understand rights and must stop drama over caste otherwise no wonder Bangladesh,Vietnam,Sri lanka , is taking over us in development.





so now bhakts want retrospective interfaith couples to be put in jail? ridiculous



A Common Man

Mockery of de ocracy in our country and jokers have taken over the rein of the state.

这是对民 主的嘲弄,小丑们控制了这个国家。



US state should brand RSS bajranfg bla as terrorists..they have a base in US...



Umapathy Rao Kasturi

Unwarranted. if two adults want to marry or live together they should be left to their wish.


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