Scores of presters set off flares in central London as they brand Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a 'murderer' over new laws that will hurt farmers



Scores of people gathered at a demonstration in central London on Sunday in solidarity with farmers presting new laws in India.


The Metropolitan Police warned people at the Indian High Commission that they risked being fined if they break coronavir s restrictions, and urged presters to leave the area. One arrest was made.


The Sikh UK Federation tweeted a video of the prest, showing dozens of people outside the Indian High Commission waving flags and chanting.


Photos showed crowds of people holding signs in support of farmers, bearing messages such as: 'No farmers, no food, no future' and 'India's farmers are sold out by Modi,' referring to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


New laws introduced that will remove prections for farmers selling, storing and pricing their produce have caused outcry in India.


In the tweet, the Sikh Federation UK described the prest as a 'siege of the Indian High Commission in London in support of farmers peacefully presting in Delhi.'


The go nment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leaders of presting farmers' unions have held several rounds of talks but have yet to make any progress in breaking the deadlock over the set of laws passed by parliament in September.



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bill p., Plymouth, United Kingdom

So WHY are the police not dealing as harshly with this crowd as they do OTHERS.



Tom, Newcastle

So how many farmers in the crowd? None



taxpayer today, newcastle, United Kingdom

Scores of people, no, there were hundreds and the police did virtually nothing



joe public, exeter, United Kingdom

I watched the livestream and there were thousands. But unlike last week when there was a anti lockdown prest the police didn't go around with heavy handed tactics and arrest anyone for breaking the so called Covid restrictions.



Gurvinder Singh, Mississauga, Canada

Modi is a curse on India Indian people put on themselves by voting him



Kevin, Mellor brook, United Kingdom

These people are the most vulnerable to the Covid-19. Not the best thing to be doing in the current climate.



forestina, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

And what business is it of ours?



Lionel 70, Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Why not charter some aircraft and go there to prest?



silvercloud, Ashford, United Kingdom

Love the Sikhs, brave and loyal



Anti-masker, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

So last week the police waded in and arrested scores of anti-lockdown presters and handed out fines like they were going out of fashion - this week they stand and watch......



the retired one, Utopia, United Kingdom

More double standards from the Met last week at the anti lockdown prests the police unleashed the TSG who happily piled in with batons but this week they stand back and allow this illegal parade to take place



Houstonpm, Manchester, United Kingdom

Go over there to prest when it's the restrictions are lifted. Don't bother us or the police with something that has nothing to do with us or of interest to the nation.



Eugene Osmond, No a Town, United Kingdom

Why hold the demo in London?



vinolover, UK, United Kingdom,

Then go back and help, nothing you can do here but prest, that's not hel the farmers



Fibre wiz, Hartlepool,

Why prest in the UK, should be done in India to be heard.



Fooling no one, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Two large gatherings in London and police scared to act ag inst both, incredible.



Commonsenseman, Utopia

Modis reforms are needed for India. But clear that those that benefitted before (merchants that had exclusive buying s on produce) are not happy.



johnny09, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

What's it got to do with this country then



mikevienna, wien, Austria

Literally no masks and no arrests either



Robski1970, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Why are they presting here?



vinolover, UK, United Kingdom

No point presting here, go there and help the farmers,


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