Our way or the highway: Farmers say they're ready to camp through winter



NEW DELHI: The third day of the blockade at Delhi's five major borders saw more tractor-trolleys pouring into the capital from Singhu border, extending the already long line of vehicles on Delhi-Chandigarh highway for several kilometres.


On Sunday, the farmers said they were prepared to camp for a long period, possibly even spending the winter on the borders if their demands were not met. Farmers' groups said some would be sent back home after 11 days, following which others would arrive with more essentials.


"We won't budge until the Centre listens to our demands. We sat for 40 days in Punjab, but the Centre didn't pay any heed to us. The same thing will happen if we move to Burari," said Nirmal Singh, a farmer from Gurdaspur. He added, "Sending some people back home after 11 days will ensure more supplies are brought and farmers will not tire out in the cold. We will not vacate this highway."

来自古尔达斯普尔的农民Nirmal Singh说:“除非中央听取我们的要求,否则我们不会让步。我们在旁遮普静坐抗议了40天,但中央根本不理会我们。”

他补充说:“ 我们让一些人在11天后回家,去取更多的物资,这样农民们不会忍饥挨饿,我们不会离开这条高速公路的。”

While free langar was being served by Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee on one side of the road, the other carriageway housed thousands of trucks. As TOI took a long walk down the highway, farmers could be seen cooking meals and taking a nap on mattresses. Most trucks had been filled with essential items, including speakers for music.


Gurdyal Singh, another farmer from Gurdaspur, said each group had rations to last them several months. "We have made these tractors and trucks our homes for the time being. We are comfortable and won't move until the new farm laws are repealed," he added.

另一位来自Gurdaspur的农民Gurdyal Singh说,每组人都有足够吃几个月的口粮。“我们暂时把这些拖拉机和卡车当作自己的家。我们很放心,在新农业法被废除之前,我们不会回家。”他补充道。

Each member of the various groups, most being from the same village, had been assigned a specific task, including washing utensils or clothes.




Surprisingly these so-called-farmers have lot of resources!



Satishkomal Dhawan

Deserve no sympathy at all, ()since they are subjecting innumerable commuters to ransom nd (2) when the go nment is willing to negotiate, thos goondagardi should not be tolerated at all, they cant dictate their terms to go nment, it will set a very wrong precedent; coersion, if required, must be used to restore law and order.




Dev Shabong

They are not poor farmers , the have earned lakhs or crores that why they can sit without work



Gaana User

Punjabi farmers have been disproportionately benefitted by Govts MSP scheme. New farm laws aim to bring equality among the farmers of all states in terms of Govt subsidies. This is what these greedy so called farmers can't digest.



Rajesh Shenoy

Why should farmers from only one state ruled by opposition Congress should create ruckus.



Harish Kathpalia

Delhi not ready to let these presters

sit here. Their prest is yet another face of te rorm. Congress directky linked with the te rorts. We see no poor farmers among these presters. it is a sponsered game.



Ashok Kumar Lal

Supreme court should ban road shows and prest rallies till cororna problem is brought under control . on one hand prime minister is appealing to keep social distance .



Vinod Kumbar

govt should be aware of khalisitani people in this group of farmer's supported by Pakistan and



Rahul Singh

In Delhi there is a fine of Rs2000/- for not wearing mask.



Sanjeev Nandwani

another form of te roring the people and de acy . why can't they discuss with goverment and not te rorm the people




Hope they have brought toilets along with water.



Anil Mittal

Worst things os closing the highways whatever be the reasons.



jksinghchelsea jksinghchelsea

It has taken 6 months of rigourous planning by ISI hand in glove with Congress supported by think tanks to instigate and organise these prests.



India First

Undermining legislation through paid agitations is opposition's way of creating anarchy



sanjay kumar singh

The middle-men , the dls are masquarading as farmers



Rajesh Sachdev

why doesn't Supreme Court take suo motu action on this given the pandemic



Revres Yxorp

Govt should not give in to this blackmailing.Stop all support to these people. Let them die without water.


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