India warns Canada: Comments on farmers prest will have 'seriously dging' impact on ties



NEW DELHI: India on Friday issued a strong warning to Canada over the remarks made by some of its leaders including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the ongoing farmers prest in the country.


The go nment summoned the Canadian high commissioner and told him that the comments made by Canadian leaders constituted an "unacceptable interference" in the country's internal affairs.


The Canadian diplomat was warned that such actions, if continued, would have a "seriously dging" impact on the bilateral ties.


Trudeau had expressed concern over the farmers agitation in India and had said that Canada will always be there to defend the s of peaceful prests.


"We expect the Canadian go nment to ensure the fullest security of Indian diplomatic personnel and its po itical leaders to refrain from pronouncements that legitimize extremist activism," the MEA said.

外交部称:“ 我们期望加拿大政府确保印度外交人员和领导人的安全,避免发表使极端主义活动合法化的声明。”

In a terse message, the go nment asked the Canadian leaders to refrain from commenting on India's internal affairs and maintain the sanctity of diplomatic conversations.


Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and several other states have been presting for last nine days at the borders of Delhi ag inst three farm laws.


The go nment is in talks with the presting farmers to end the deadlock.



Dilip Kumar

Trudeau has crossed its limits and failed to understand that he is Prime Minister of Canada... he has nothing to do with the Indian internal matters....



Shriram Joshi

looks like he is as intelligent as RaGa



s s

Canada is another france in the making



Suhash Bose

Canadian P.M. is trying to utilise this opportunity of Indian Farmers Prest for his 2023 Election, to please the Sikh Community in Canada who are nearly 7 Lakhs and 2% of Canada's population. He has forgotten that this is poking nose in others area.



Sunil Kololgi

Trudolt, nobody know what the farmers' demands are. Do you ?



Rewarding India

please give such warnings to also...



lumteeng chapaktu

They are some SICK punjabi farmers( khalistanee terror convicts) presting in Delhi.



Ashwin Deshmukh

Kindly break the ties and tell all Indians in Canada to come back to India.................Close Canadian embassy and stop all flights to Canada.....




Canada should mind its own business and stop listening to Khalistani forces! Jai Hind!




peaceful prests by blocking highways



Paramjit Singh

Trudeau’s interest is only in ve bank of Indian Canadian. He must refrain



Moty Singh

What ties??? Indians are running away to Canada for a better life. Canada has nothing to lose from India

什么关系? ?为了更好的生活,印度人正逃往加拿大。和印度闹僵对加拿大而言没有什么损失


Ziva David

Modi is no different than dic ors in South America. Anyone who talks ag inst them are anti national. Poverty in India is all time high and these clowns measure progress in terms of taxes paid. Modi needs to do a press conference and answer question from small businesses, farmers and soldiers



Patitapaban Sl

Why 75% of agitating farmers are from Punjab .Why anti Modi people are agitating farmer .



Virumandi Keeripil

Why india not warning US when Trump has blamed India on pollution....



Jastin Trudeau should mind his own country's business. Being a PM of a country he should have known the basic principle of not meddling into the internal affairs of another country.



Greg Rodriguez

Who says Canada is relying on India. Due to the disastrous situation in India most of the Indians are running off to Canada, Australia and other countries.



Milan Edgar

Time to block Canadian apps. Also bycot Canadain Kumar..


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