Bodies pile up in hospital lobbies in Delhi as India's 'under-prepared' capital struggles to contain the pandemic amid a surge in cases – as workers convert railway carriages into makeshift care centres


Dead bodies have reportedly piled up in hospital lobbies as India's capital fast runs out of hospital beds and struggles to contain the pandemic amid a surge in coronavirus cases.


It comes after critics said it did too little to prepare and reopened shop malls and temples too soon.


Some families of people infected with COVID-19 have complained about having to hunt for beds for their relatives after hospitals turned them away.


Others said patients had been left unattended in corridors of government-run hospitals, while local media reports of dead bodies in a hospital lobby prompted the Supreme Court to order the state administration to get its act together.


'I don't think we expected that cases would rise this much,' said a lawmaker of the Aam Aadmi party that runs the capital, who asked not to be named. 'We were so over-confident.'


The office of New Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the city's health authorities did not respond to requests for comment.


In a novel way to create beds for coronavirus patients, India has been transforming out-of-action trains into Covid-19 care centres.


At the start of the pandemic, Indian Railways pledged to convert as many as 20,000 train carriages into isolation wards, fitted with curtained-off beds, a nurses' station, doctor's cabin and space for medical supplies.



As many as 5,231 coaches have so far been converted into Covid-19 care centres, according to Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav.


Less than a month ago, Kejriwal said the city's hospitals were well equipped to fight the virus as the lockdown had given authorities enough time to prepare. 'Delhi will win, corona will lose,' he said.


While Delhi had around 10,000 novel coronavirus cases at that time, the number had jumped to 41,000 on Monday. India's total numbers stood at 332,424, with Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai fueling the rise in infections.


A lockdown is set to be reimposed on 15 million people living in the Indian city of Chennai from Friday until the end of June, as cases rise in the region.


'Full Lockdown from 19th for Chennai, Thiruvallur, Chengalpet & Kanchipuram districts,' the Tamil Nadu state government tweeted.


Cases in the capital are set to surge. The government estimates it will have 550,000 COVID-19 cases by the end of July, around 13 times current numbers, and will require 150,000 beds by then.


On Monday a government mobile app showed that of Delhi's 9,940 COVID-19 beds, almost 5,500 were occupied. Of the 108 private and public hospitals listed in the app, 25 had no beds available.




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cghipnfe, London, United Kingdom

Virus is obviously not killed off by hot weather then.



PatLanc, Manchester, United Kingdom

Just one of the many reasons we need the 2 week quarantine rule in the UK.



macca123us, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

India under 10,000 deaths from the virus with a much higher population compared to near 50,000 in Britain tho



DelBoy lytham, lytham, United Kingdom

And they still managed to ring me the other day about my Amazon prime renewal!



JohnConnor6.6.6, Bouvet island, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba

What a mess that country is under the surface



Households, Uk, United Kingdom

Yet they spent billions going into space..


henryford1958, Manchester, United Kingdom

But that was using our Foreign Aid.



Moskin, Devon, United Kingdom

I expect we still have incoming flights



JG66, Padstow, United Kingdom

1.4 Billion ... which is 21 X the size of the UK of 66 Million ...what could go wrong in that nation ?



Rays of San, Richmond, United States

India being one of the most populous countries would always be at a risk from a pandemic of this scale. Hope they are able to come out of the peak relatively unscathed.



golferman, oxford, United Kingdom

Still 9000 deaths in a billion population,, cmon ..stop with this BS ..



Dailyrag22, Brentwood, United Kingdom

I bet the official count is a fraction of the real number. It will be interesting in the future when this crisis is analysed in forensic detail. I bet the official death count will only be a tenth of the real figure



ShandyDrinker, Swindon

Perhaps they should spend money looking after the population rather than having a space programme.



RabD, Glasgow, United Kingdom

A country still not telling the truth,what is the death rate in the slums or have they just been ignored



Edknowall, Guildford, United Kingdom

Are we still getting flights from India to the UK?



pfbulmer, Milan

India has a population of over 1 Billion people the death rate apparently is below 10,000 this is minute compared to the UK of a death rate of 40,000 on a population of 65 Million !!



Jim Merganser, Raganor Illinois, United States

Didn't know they had any unused rail carriages there.



Dave F, Burnley, United Kingdom

This is the country which spends millions on nuclear weapons and space exploration, a country which we give foreign aid to.



SW66Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

Anyone surprised?



mark16, wirral

Why don't we bring all the covid victims to the uk? Our Nightingale hospitals are empty and under utilised.



thevoiceofreason72, Swansea, United Kingdom

This is where the 2nd wave is going to come from! Why doesn't the WHO and CHINA step in to help?


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