Delhi lockdown: Migrants rush to catch bus, train home, fearing repeat of last year



NEW DELHI: Apprehensive of losing their jobs again and being left to fend for themselves, many migrants working in the city began heading for the bus terminals and railway stations within a couple of hours of the lockdown being announced by the chief minister. The Anand Vihar bus terminal saw chaotic scenes with people jostling for space on the foot overbridges and scrambling to take the first bus out or board a train.


The weekend curfew had set the return journey to their homes in motion but on Monday it acquired an urgency. This time, however, they didn’t need to trudge it back home. The trains are running, albeit for those with confirmed tickets, and buses too are available.


The Anand Vihar terminal became the epicentre with thousands of people turning up to leave the city. There was barely any space to plant your foot on the stairs and overbridges. The mad rush at Kaushambi, from where buses leave for UP towns, across the road from Anand Vihar, only added to the chaos. Home-bound people there were seen scaling the walls to enter the terminal and grab a place on a bus. All Covid precautions were thrown to the wind.


Numb & number: Migrants get sense of deja vu as scores rush for home


Migrant worker Rajesh, who had his wife and daughter with him, said he was returning home since a lockdown had been announced and the panchayat ions were also scheduled to be held. “They are saying one week now but we really don’t know, so it’s better that I return home. At least my family will survive and get food,” he said, before catching a bus to Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh.

带着妻子和女儿的农民工拉杰什说,自从宣布封锁,村务委员会选 举也计划举行之后,他就准备回家了。他说:“他们说目前是封锁一个星期,但我们真的不知道是不是这样,所以我最好回家。至少我的家人还能活下来,有饭吃。”他说着就搭上了去北方邦法特普尔的巴士。



Giant Frog

This situation happened in 1st wave. This same repeated in 2nd wave. We will never learn.



Guest Login

Some of them were saying they will be dor modi again.




Yes you can't believe feku at all! A person who was more interested in ion rallies instead of leading covid control efforts is a fake person!


他是一个更关注选 举集会,而不集中精力抗疫的总理,他就是一个骗子!


Rakesh Mitra

But Kachrawal had said Delhi has the best Healthcare. SOB did the repeat of last year. He washed off his hands and dumped the responsibility to UP and Bihar.




Total mismanagement and panic created by the go nment. Learnt nothing from past.



Vyom Sharma

India should have LOCKDOWN for all it's Netas for a month atleast..

It will certainly save humans



Shivkumar Mohite

Most migrant laboureres do not have a home, live alone, sleep any place and eat out. Some with families also do not have a home and move around. For these people, when the lockdown is announced, they cannot have even a cup of tea leave alone meals. They will have to starve in spite of having money in their pockets. No option left except to go to their home villages.







Kejriwal driving out migrants and yet some morons are blaming Modi for it.



John Abraham

Plz dont go guys.. kujiwal will help you .. everything is free in delhi .. even your life ..




Best lockdown will be to put all po iticians in lockup for 30 days.. save humanity

为了拯救大家,最好是把所有政客监 禁30天


Prakash Kumar

Lockdowns don't work. Washing hands often don't work. Infact both these will do more harm than good. Wearing masks offers some chance of prection... but that theory is questionable too.



Guest Login

This clearly say sonething that india is a poor country.



Saurav Subrata Chatterjee

This is why India Needs a Dr. Indians not fit for de acy .



rajan menon

Why big mouth CM cannot stop these migrants to go to their village, it shows Delhi Govt's failure in all fronts.




UP and Bihar need a temporary 0 child policy



Vivek Bharti

A perfect example of lack of trust in the govt by poor. India will be a 5 trillion economy, but only for rich.




These idiotic migrants come to earn in big metros and blame the state govts if things go wrong . If they feel that UP and Bihar can do do better in providing livelyhood , then should stay be in their states .



Nation First

Goes to show how little fa th they have in the po itical sy em.



HappyTimes User

The situation will turn worse than last year. Already Delhi is having higher no of Corona positive people than last year.



swq2 swq2

Govt must pay min sry to migrants until the corona ends.


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