Delhi has 3rd highest share of 15-year-old vehicles in India



NEW DELHI: Delhi has nearly 50 lakh registered vehicles that are over 15 years old and the national capital has the third-highest share of such vehicles in the country. Moreover, 70% of these are more than 20 years old. Karnataka tops the list among states with appromately 70.1 lakh 15-year-old plus vehicles, followed by Uttar Pradesh having nearly 56.5 lakh such vehicles, according to go nment data.


The details submitted by Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari to the Parliament last week show that at least four crore vehicles registered across states are more than 15 years old and nearly 50% of these are older than 20 years. The actual number would be more since this number has been collated from the digitised vehicle data from the central vehicle registration database of Vahan 4. Moreover, the centralised data doesn't include the details of three big states - Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana.

联邦道路交通部长Nitin Gadkari上星期向议会提交的细节显示,全国至少有4000万辆注册车辆的车龄超过15年,其中近50%车辆的车龄超过20年。实际会更多。此外,该数据不包括三个大邦——安得拉邦、中央邦和特伦甘纳邦。

The details of these vehicles become important in the light of the go nment's announcement to mandatorily de-register old vehicles - 15-years-old commercial and 20 -years-old personal vehicles - if they fail to pass the fitness test from June 1, 2024.


In its bid to discourage people to hold on to their old vehicles, the go nment has started taking a series of steps including the move to formulate guidelines for imposition of "green tax" on older vehicles by states and UTs. The road transport ministry has circulated the proposal to states and UTs for their comments. It has also issued draft notifications to increase the charges for renewal of registration of personal vehicles and fitness renewal charges for commercial vehicles which are over 15 years.



Ram bhakt

Many 25 year old Hondas and Toyotas are still operating in USA and many people like those over newer vehicles. It is the condition (including emissions) of a vehicle and not its age that should determine its usage. Current economy is already a drag on middle class people and businesses; many may not be able to purchase new vehicles.





I hv SUV bought in 2010 not even crossed one lakh km till now but my friend bought three years before crossed 1.75 lakhs km. which one need to be replaced? Don't create bullshi laws calculating years of vehicle & it need to be calculated no of KM it runs cos that kind of engine only pollutes more.pollution is mostly from cabs & cargo trucks carrying over weight and old go nment owned bus running without maintanence.

我在2010年买的 SUV到现在还没跑到10万公里,我朋友在3年前买的车,跑了17.5万公里。哪一辆车需要换?



Piyush Kumar

Not everyone can afford a car every 10 years.



Laxmi Pandit

Indians have no money to periodically buy new vehicles. The gt must recognise this fact and give substantial tax reliefs to replace old vehicles.



Anil Mehta

Does anyone in the go nment or the so called learned people know that how much pollution is created when manufacturing a new vehicle



Tridip K Pal

Why not allow to replace the old engine with a new one. Old vehicles in rural areas are used primarily for commercial uses to earn livelihood by common man. Please be careful. It may be an unintended surgical strike on the economy.





Jay Boro

Seems like modi is getting some omlette from auto companies




provide good roads and donot allow any vehicle on road which is having pathetic broken body and also emit black smoke




Go nment is not taking strict action ag inst the car owners.



Sanjoy Pandey

A concrete action plan is required to destroy all vehicles with higher emission.



shelendra chauhan

Mandatory call back of20 yrs old vehicle




The question is, if it is done by Auto manufacturing companies to get this bill passed.



Pratik Kubal

this scra policy should be made compulsory for every one after 5 year this way our automobile sector will boom


The Professor

why shouldn't you be made to buy a car every year instead.....




If one person has 15 years old vehicle and he don't want to continue with it what are the options he had.


Pratik Kubal

he should give the car to BJP




Delhi is a polluted place and people should consider buying new cars if they have enough money. But forcing them and putting them into financial burden is not . As I understand there are some incentives provided to reduce the burden.


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