Dalits also Hindus, why separate burial ground for them: Madras high court



CHENNAI: When right of entry to temples, hospitals or any public office is equal to all, irrespective of religion or caste, why should there be a separate burial/cremation ground for dalits alone, wondered the Madras high court on Monday. It also directed the state government to explain the issue.

金奈: 周一,马德拉斯高等法院提出,进入寺庙、医院或任何办事机构的权利平等,不分宗教或种姓,为何要为达利特指定单独的火葬场,并指示邦政府解释这一问题。

A division bench of Justices S Manikumar and Subramonium Prasad directed the Vellore collector and Vaniyambadi tahsildar to explain ‘why dalit community is stated to have ‘air-dropped’ a dead body; and why a place is exclusively earmarked for the burial of dalits and the logic behind it, when all of them are Hindus’.


The bench made the observations and passed the interim directions while hearing a suo moto PIL initiated after taking cognizance of a news report published in TOI, exposing denial of right of way to dalits to their cremation ground on the banks of river Palar by two upper caste Hindus, forcing them to lower their dead from a 20-foot-high bridge.


On Thursday, the court initiated the suo motu proceeding after assistant solicitor general G Karthikeyan brought the issue to the notice of the bench. When the plea came up for hearing on Monday, the bench expressed shock over the submissions made by the tahsildar that a separate land has been exclusively earmarked for dalits to cremate their deceased.


Censuring the authorities for adopting such a discriminatory practice, the bench said that as per Article 14 of the Constitution, every citizen is entitled to equality before law or equal protection of laws within the territory of India, and wondered what was the need for a separate or earmarked space to bury persons based on their caste, that too when everyone falls under the category of Hindu.


The court posted the PIL to August 28 for the collector and the tahsildar to file their respective reports on the incident and earmarking separate space to cremate dalits.



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Javed Badshah•uae•3 hours ago •Follow

Because high caste even wont let the dalit pollute their cremation grounds leave the world.



Dilbag Rai•Chandigarh•3 hours ago

Very good comments by Madras HC that why separate burials for Dalits.,Upper castes Hindus should think that their corpses and other,s corpses after deaths are big Zero''s.,Then why to differentiate ?



Subhendu Basak•3 hours ago

All cast religion concepts are egged on for centuries by foreign perpetrator (English colonialism), then political people to get hold of power. All these minority reservation, SC/ST act , favoring minority classes must be stopped now. Implement and establish caste less India. Where every citizen is equally treated in life and after life. Every citizen should enjoy equal fundamental rights. No upper hand of Brahmin please........


Jack Saunders• Subhendu Basak•Mum Bhai•3 hours ago

Bhakt hindus say hinduisim is oldest so how could English created caste system now y ashamed of yr own religious teachings



VIJAY and ARUN•SURAT•4 hours ago

ME VIJAY BHAI VALA::::I am High Class Khatriya ,, But Never kept Caste Hatred in Mind .. My Daughter GITA & ANIL The Son of My Neighbour & Friend Arun Dhimar [A Dalit] By Caste Both 8yrs Class 4 ,, Same School .. They are Best Friends .. They Always Play Together ,, Cycle Together ,, Always Help each other in Studies & occasionally GITA-ANIL Hug each other & Kiss at the Cheek & Lips of each other ... My Friend Arun often Hug GITA & Kiss at the Cheek & Lips of GITA .. Which My Daughter reply back with Kiss

我是高种姓,但我从来没有把种姓仇恨放在心上。我的女儿吉塔和我邻居兼朋友阿伦 (达利特)的儿子阿尼尔都是8岁,在同一所学校上4年级。他们是最好的朋友,总是一起玩,一起骑车,在学习上总是互相帮助,偶尔他们还会互相拥抱,亲吻对方的脸颊和嘴唇…我的朋友阿伦经常拥抱吉塔,亲吻吉塔的脸颊和嘴唇,我的女儿也会亲吻他的脸颊。


Gautam Sharma•New Delhi•4 hours ago

Indeed, We all have being saying the say. but when people want reservation for admission, and jobs, they say they are different, so as they are also hindus, please give reservation to other hindu''s without the cast certificate. The very fact that the certificate were issued creating a rift in the society



Pinky•Location•4 hours ago

This is totally unethical. Ashes to ashes there is no difference. Show me one upper caste who will refuse to take blood when life is in danger from a lower caste !!



Vedhanta•oman•5 hours ago

If there are no NON hindus, whether all hindus will be united ????




I am Against Caste Hatred From Childhood



Suresh Kumar•Unknown•5 hours ago

In principal Hindus see every life as divine. To sum up Hindu philosophy: it sees everything as one; there is no duality : the great Advaita. In practice, however, we have created so many barriers. Caste, creed, regionalism and languages all make their own divisive role fueled by politicians and some other groups with vested interests



Santimay Basu•New Delhi•5 hours ago

Politicians are dividing the Hindus to benefit the non-Hindus. If they are providing separate cremation ground for dalits to-day, to-morrow they will provide separate cremation ground for Brahmans, Kayasths, Vaishya, rajput and so on. 、



Truth Prevails•SA•6 hours ago

To GOD all beings are the same. It is humans who create this for their benefits. Our body is from mother earth and when we die it goes back there, a means of transport for our Atma.


Jack Saunders• Truth Prevails•Mum Bhai•3 hours ago

Hindus dont bother about earthly mother. Their mother is cow



Ajit Leo•India•6 hours ago

After death also some of our brethren face atrocities. We earned freedom seventy years ago and still we face atrocities because of the apathy of our governments, no one tried to stop caste. All the political parties want caste and religion so that they can fool and play their political game.



Manu Sharma USA•USA•6 hours ago

IMO, the govt needs to fix everything. Take those daily put of reservation, who took it and provide equal rights to everyone n everywhere.


BIJOY BANERJI• Manu Sharma USA•ODISHA•6 hours ago

You are Right



Priyesh•7 hours ago

If they are the same then why give reservations for them? Plz scrap them



redsunbeer• Priyesh Sekar•Location•6 hours ago

It is because of discrimination that the Dalits need reservations. Otherwise they won''t be allowed to educate and work anywhere.


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